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  1. 1. Hadouken! - Girls
  2. 2. Basic Idea• For our music video we have decided to go for a narrative based video with performance mixed into it to accompany our song choice. The story is that ‘Mike’ has just split up with his girlfriend and that throughout the video his friend is trying to set him up with someone using different methods, mimicking the lyrics on screen.• It is somewhat conventionally similar to other video in the genre with Hadouken!’s new video being a mix of narrative and performance that mimics the lyrics on screen.
  3. 3. Influences• There are no specific things that have influenced our video
  4. 4. Performers• For the video we will need to males to play Mike and the person trying to set him up with someone (who to make things easier we have named John) and 14 girls to play the part of … the girls
  5. 5. Costumes• The two guys would be wearing ‘normal’ fashionable clothing as they are meant to be portraying normal guys and the girls would would be wearing appropriate clothing to their description e.g. Laura, who likes the lads, may have more of a ‘chavvy’ appearance
  6. 6. Props• We would need a laptop of some sort for the to guys to use when they are looking up people’s profiles etc• The girls all have difference appearances and so they would need appropriate props. For instance Kelly, who does too much Ketamine, would need something that looks like K all over her face
  7. 7. Locations• There are two (technically three) main locations for the video so far; – In Mike’s room – Outside when Mike goes to meet a girl – A white/black/green screen room
  8. 8. Equipment• FOR THIS PROJECT WE WILL NEED:• A CAMERA• A TRIPOD• BASIC LIGHTING• Maybe a Dolly Track if we can get our hands on one but if not we can just stabilize a handheld track in post
  9. 9. Schedule• We haven’t planned a schedule as of yet but for the footage I think we need to get I think the filming will have to take place over day or two in the two different locations.• If all goes to plan then we should be able to do at least one location per day with more than enough coverage
  10. 10. Effects• The main compositing would probably be done mostly on Final Cut although some maybe done on Adobe Premiere Pro to allow switching between After Effects to put in some effects such as the PiP effects we are hoping to add in for the Facebook profiles