MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)


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One of the most asked questions is what skill do I need to develop to succeed in network marketing. Without a doubt the answer is get good at MLM recruiting. Here is the first of 5 tips that will give you the foundation you need to get good at mlm recruiting.

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MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)

  1. 1. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1) L.R. Hand Copyright 2013
  2. 2. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)MLM Recruiting Tips That Kick ASS For Your Business!These are VITAL mlm recruiting tips that you need to take notes on!
  3. 3. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)The number one skill set within the direct selling industry is mlm recruiting. Assuming you can only become great at one skill and absolutely nothing more, you have to become good at recruiting. The really good thing is, as you’re formulating the additional crucial skill-sets for your business, recruiting will certainly still assist you to earn while you learn.These five MLM Recruiting Tips can help you by saving you time and progressing your personal growth, however they will cause you to raise your recruiting goals.So let’s focus on the 1st tip and then after that, in the following two posts, we’re going to follow up with the remaining 4 tips!
  4. 4. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1) MLM Recruiting Tip 1: ConfidenceThere are some blessed people that are born with confidence or that come into the MLM industry with it. However, the greater part of us, me included, did not come with a large amount of confidence.Nonetheless, it’s essentially one of the most crucial qualities to acquire when it comes to MLM recruiting.
  5. 5. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)* Why do we need it?To start with, confidence, like recruiting, is really a process.In just a few seconds, your potential customers are going to determine if they are going to focus on what you may have to talk about or that they are tune you out completely. It’s all depending on the confidence you express to them.Keep in mind that, as your confidence progresses, it’s got the capability to strengthen, not only your MLM recruiting, but your overall MLM posture also.* Where can we get it?As I mentioned above, confidence is really a process that is a by-product of information.This is the very first thing I recommend my students do is to get into the practice of reading and listening to success-oriented books and audios.The more you know and can apply means the greater confidence you’ll project to your prospective distributor.
  6. 6. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)I additionally recommend that those who are a novice to the industry be sure and use the confidence of your upline.While you continue to read and study so that you can increase your confidence, you’ll need to use your sponsor for 3-way calls, coaching and asking a great deal of good questions. This can help you start building your internet business quickly as your confidence develops.
  7. 7. MLM Recruiting – Kick Ass Tips (Part 1)I’ve actually sponsored a couple of heavy hitters into my business in the past who relied on me to answer questions for them until they got the pay plan and product knowledge down. After that, their mlm recruiting took off and they surpassed my volume and I could not have been more proud of them!It truly is ALL about supporting each other no matter what level one is at.In part two of my MLM recruiting series, I will be going over the qualities that your prospect needs to have to qualify for your time and attention. ******************************************************** P.S. >> Learn from the ‘Inner Circle’ Badasses what it takes to make $1,000 Daily Online HERE ********************************************************