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One of the most important questions people ask is where can I find content for my blog? Even the most seasoned writer has times they just can't come up with something to talk up. Here are just three basic ways to come up with content when you get stuck. Find out more at http://www.empowernetwork.com/LRHand/blog/where-to-find-content-for-your-blog-the-easy-way/

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Where To Find Content For Your Blog

  1. 1. February 22nd, 2013 Published by: LRHandEasy Ways To Find ContentFor Your Blog I must admit, I write quite a bit andWhere To Find sometimes even I have trouble findingContent For Your content for my blog from time to time, and while most of us dream about writing someBlog {the easy awesome blog post that goes viral and brings in a TON of readers in no time, I’ll admit thatway} | L.R. Hands it’s getting more difficult to find content. But it’s out there.Empower NetworkBlog Here are ways to find content for your blog I. Share What You Already Know One of the most powerful ways on how to find content for your blog is to know your audience and see what interests, problems or questions they have andFinding content for your blog can be address accordingly.frustrating. Trying to come up with unique Example #1: If you are in Networkand relevant topics for your audience day Marketing/MLM, your readers might haveafter day can be time consuming and lead to questions on:procrastination in your blogging. • Getting people started correctly • Duplication within their organization 1
  2. 2. February 22nd, 2013 Published by: LRHandIf you have particular skills in these ares, II. Who is Searching For Whatthen you automatically have content for yourblog for at least 2 or 3 posts or a couple ofvideos that you shoot to put on your blog to In today’s fast-paced world, it seems we are“humanize” your post. increasingly more interested in Hot Topics from the world of fashion, celebrities, sports, music, etc.Example #2:If you are an Internet marketer If your niche is in any of the mentionedand generate leads online, maybe you could above, here are a few places to garner someblog on some of the more “technical” aspects content for your blog:of internet marketing such as “how to setup your Aweber autoresponder” or “how to • Google Trends (see what is beingbuild a sales funnel” – Again, try to think of searched and how many searches perwhat solution you can offer to their problem. topic) • Now.msn.com (similar to Google Trends only updated more often with arrows)Here are a few other • Twitter (current topics…search for yourideas for content for your keyword, pay attention to “Top Tweets”)blog: • Message Boards (really helpful if yourWrite a review of a product or service blog is in a particular niche)Write about a company in your industry • Magazine Covers (a great way to getWrite about an online tool you use headlines, ideas & topics to write about)Write about a leader you admire in yourcompanyWrite about the 10 best leaders in yourcompany  CLICK HERE <<< To Take Your Blog To The NextBy remaining on top of the questions andconcerns that others have asked in a certain Levelniche, you’ll generate ideas which will helpyou consistently publish relevant content for III. Follow Other Bloggersyour blog. Another method you can use to find content for your blog is to follow other bloggers. Reading other blogs that are related to your niche is a terrific way to generate ideas for You can have everything in life you your own blog. want if you will just help enough other people get what they If you think you have something valuable want ~Zig Ziglar to add to their thoughts or if you have information that they have not yet touched 2
  3. 3. February 22nd, 2013 Published by: LRHandon, then simply rewrite it from another angleor viewpoint.Many of my own content ideas come fromreading other bloggers’ content. If I don’tagree with their take on something, I’ll blogabout it with my own take or spin.The blogosphere loves controversy and agood argument. How can you stir things upand encourage your readers to interact visityour blog again?Creating content for your blog is one ofthe biggest challenges that many internetmarketing & niche bloggers are faced with.I’ve also seen seen of bloggers quit afterthe first 2 to 5 months of blogging mainlybecause of content creation, but what youmust understand that where there is a needthere is always a market for it.While you are giving value, providinginformation & solutions to your niche, youshouldn’t have any problems with creatingcontent for your blog.Find Out How MuchMoney You Can MakeWith Our BloggingPlatform 3