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PD Assignment EDU 6720


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Elements of a Professional Development Assignment.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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PD Assignment EDU 6720

  1. 1. In-Service/PDAssignmentEDU 6270
  2. 2. • Target Group clearlydescribed• Goals mapped tostandards• Outcomes mapped tostandardsTarget Group & OutcomesCreative Commons photo by marubozoCreative Commons photo by marubozo
  3. 3. Create a Web Site forPartcipants
  4. 4. Organize a Schedule
  5. 5. Workshop Outlines
  6. 6. Provide SupportingResources• Five ResearchArticles• One Webinar• Tutorials• Five Blog Sites Cameron Plommer Evernote Tutorial 1Cameron Plommer Evernote Tutorial 1
  7. 7. Make Your Own Webinar!Make Your Own Tutorial!Creative Commons photo by Pete Gray 1Creative Commons photo by Pete Gray 1
  8. 8. Provide a Line-item Budget