MASA Part 1


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Presentation on Challenge Based Learning for MASA

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  • I am passionate about teaching the Third Man.
    Pair up with one other person. Express your passion in a few sentences.
  • Let’s look for a new passion or discover an old.
    First, write down the topic or subject your department has surfaced.
    Write it down! Now, watch any write down any other that grips you.
  • MASA Part 1

    1. 1. Challenge Based Learning MASA 22 January 2014 Slide design by Susan Smith
    2. 2. Presenter Associate Principal, Mercy High School Adj. Asst. Professor, Madonna University Apple Distinguished Educator Blog: Larry’s Opinion Drive-thru* Twitter: @labcbaker *Slides available at Drive-thru
    3. 3. Key Resource
    4. 4. Resources on iTunes On iTunes “iMercy” On iTunes U “Resources for Challenge Based Learning” “Becoming a Digital School Administrator”
    5. 5. Confessions of a Former Group Work Hater!
    6. 6. A Different Kind of Project
    7. 7. CBL is . . . Agile Remixable Scalable (including access to tech) Creative Commons Photo by TheAlieness GiselaGiardino²³
    8. 8. CBL Fosters Collaboration
    9. 9. CBL Provides Authentic Audiences
    10. 10. CBL Teaches Networking Staff Parents Alumnae Community
    11. 11. Applying CBL to Common Core Standards Slide remix from tdlynda slideshare
    12. 12. Applying CBL to Common Core Language Arts College & Career “Portrait” Students become self-directed learners, effectively seeking out and using resources to assist them. . . . Students set and adjust purpose for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language use as warranted by the task. Students tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline.
    13. 13. CBL Produces Unanticipated Outcomes Used with permission
    14. 14. CBL is “ACTIONABLE” Interdisciplinary Engaging Student Directed Important to students and impacts the larger society.
    15. 15. The CBL Model
    16. 16. The Challenge
    17. 17. My first CBL Challenge: “Create an Authentic Medium for Improving our Democracy.”
    18. 18. Guiding Questions
    19. 19. Establish Shared Doc I like Google Docs Distinctive colors Share with all members Share with me I drop in & out
    20. 20. Guiding Activities
    21. 21. Guiding Activities Research contributions go here (no links without commentary) Group self-assigns roles Milestones are posted Specific expectations are noted (i.e each of us will bring 3 slides) Share with me I drop in & out
    22. 22. Guiding Resources
    23. 23. Guiding Resources
    24. 24. Solution - Action
    25. 25. Solution - Action
    26. 26. Solution - Action
    27. 27. Assessment
    28. 28. My Euphemisms Teams instead of Groups Challenge instead of assignment Milestones instead of Goals Reflection instead of self-assessment
    29. 29. Group or Individual Rubric Assessments
    30. 30. Group Assessment- Narrative
    31. 31. Presentation as Assessment
    32. 32. Presentations as Group Assessement The presentation shall describe your group’s internal challenges. The presentation should indicate what you learned from your challenge. The presentation should indicate what you would have changed if you had a “do over” or more time.
    33. 33. Authentic Audiences for Assessement
    34. 34. Assessment by “Experts”
    35. 35. Reflection Prompts
    36. 36. In Process Prompts Individual Individual ✤What kinds of surprises have you encountered in your research? ✤How would your teammates describe your contribution thus far? ✤What can you do to become an effective leader in your group? ✤What skills can you inquire and sharpen through this project?
    37. 37. What has your role been in the group’s quest for a solution?
    38. 38. Final Reflection your learning your learning
    39. 39. Unexpected Outcomes
    40. 40. Mercy CBL Professional Development “Our” Big Idea Preparing students for a rapidly changing global society
    41. 41. August 26, 2010 The Essential Question How can we help our students develop Tony Wagner's "Seven Survival Skills" ?
    42. 42. The Seven Survival Skills for Careers College and Citizenship 1. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving 2. Collaboration and Leading by Influence 3. Agility and Adaptability 4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism 5. Effective Oral and Written Communication 6. Accessing and Analyzing Information 7. Curiosity and Imagination
    43. 43. Our Staff Challenge Collaborate departmentally to design a challenge based learning project which develops "Survival Skills" for at least 15% of the students that your project team serves.
    44. 44. Document!!! Project Groups need a shared resource spot PG process should be archived on wiki We will learn from each other!
    45. 45. 2. Transparency Flickr CC Photo Courtesy of litopomuschiatio
    46. 46. September 27 -October 4 SEE-THROUGH CYCLE Photo from MorgueFile
    47. 47. Sign-Up at Wiki “SEE-THROUGH CYCLE” Photo by Kind Permission of Jud Turner
    48. 48. Essential Questions Floating on the Wiki! 9/20/10 • How can we reimagine Detroit? • What's the value of reading literature? • How can we gain diverse perspectives on our world? • How do the teachings of Jesus guide a 21st century lifestyle?
    50. 50. INTENSELY FELT CHALLENGES Photo from