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Social Media Workshop - Fredericksburg Chamber


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On March 10th, Lisa Pecunia of Avarra Solutions and Russell Lawson of Sands Anderson presented a 2-hour workshop to local businesses in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Sponsored by the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce.

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Social Media Workshop - Fredericksburg Chamber

  1. 1. FRCC Social Media Workshop Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Social Media Workshop March 10, 2011 Presentation collaborators: Avarra Solutions, LLC – Lisa Pecunia Sands, Anderson, LLP – Russell Lawson1
  2. 2. FRCC Social Media Workshop Agenda Start with Planning Brief Overview – Big Five What are Benefits? What are Issues? Let’s Look at some Case Studies2
  3. 3. FRCC Social Media Workshop Social Media Revolution Video or
  4. 4. FRCC Social Media Workshop Planning: Finding Your Sweet Spot4
  5. 5. FRCC Social Media Workshop Four Analytical Steps to Finding Your Sweet Spot Your Business Your “Buyers” E-Marketing Channels Business Resources5
  6. 6. FRCC Social Media Workshop Your Business Your Buyers E-Marketing Channels Business Resources6
  7. 7. FRCC Social Media Workshop The Business Profile Has Three Major Inputs Your Offerings The Businesss Physical Presence Current Marketing Efforts7
  8. 8. FRCC Social Media Workshop Your Business Your Buyers E-Marketing Channels Business Resources8
  9. 9. FRCC Social Media Workshop Get Inside Your Buyers Head 1. Understand their problems, using their language. 2. Focus your message on solving their problems, using their language. 3. Know where your buyers go to look for solutions to those problems. ? ? ? 4. Be there. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?9
  10. 10. FRCC Social Media Workshop Business vs. Buyer-Focused Problem Statement Business-Focused: The client is struggling because their business has poorly structured policies and procedures that create inefficiencies. The owner needs to work longer hours to make up for it. Buyer-Focused: My spouse is complaining because I work too many hours on my business and Im never home. Sometimes I even have to miss my kids sports events because I work Saturdays to try to catch up. I can never seem to get out from under this pile.10
  11. 11. FRCC Social Media Workshop Your Business Your Buyers E-Marketing Channels Business Resources11
  12. 12. FRCC Social Media Workshop What is a Channel? A “Channel” is a communication mechanism, a way to distribute your marketing message. There are many!12
  13. 13. FRCC Social Media Workshop What Channels Are Available? Traditional Internet Marketing Social Media Marketing A professional website Social networking Pay-per-click advertising Ratings and reviews sites E-Mail marketing Social bookmarking Article marketing Blogging & micro-blogging News releases Local directories Online shopping directories Coupon sites E-commerce Mobile advertising Affiliate marketing Professional online networking Search engine marketing Multimedia / Video Specialty directories Answer Sites Local directories Online groups /communities How do I decide which ones will work for me? Research!13
  14. 14. FRCC Social Media Workshop Your Business Your Buyers E-Marketing Channels Business Resources14
  15. 15. FRCC Social Media Workshop Determining Your Time Commitment How much time and/or money are you willing and able to commit? Most online tools dont cost (much) money, but hiring someone to do the work does. Different activities take different amounts of time.15
  16. 16. FRCC Social Media Workshop Put It All Together Look at each channel and ask these questions... 1. Does my current business profile/culture/climate fit with this channel? 2. Are my buyers using this channel to solve their problems/fill their needs? 3. Can I consistently invest the amount of time needed to successfully leverage this channel? 4. Does it fit with the other channels I am using or considering? + + +16
  17. 17. FRCC Social Media Workshop Build A Roadmap17
  18. 18. FRCC Social Media Workshop Create a 6-Month Plan It takes 3-6 months for a new program to show results. Throttle – introduce one new thing each month. Prioritize. Define specific time blocks. – Weekly – Daily – Monthly18
  19. 19. FRCC Social Media Workshop Measure ROI19
  20. 20. FRCC Social Media Workshop Tools for Measuring Success Google Analytics Google Alerts Landing Pages Comments Followers & Fans Likes, Forwards and Shares20
  21. 21. FRCC Social Media Workshop Social Media The Big Five21
  22. 22. FRCC Social Media Workshop The Big Five • Facebook → 600 million • Twitter → 200 million • Blogs → 133 million • LinkedIn → 100 million • YouTube → 85 million22
  23. 23. FRCC Social Media Workshop Facebook • 1 out of every 12 people on earth, half log in daily – 46% men, 54% women • 35+ demographic represents 1/3 of user base • 18-34 year olds – 48% check FB right when they wake up, 28% on mobile phones before getting out of bed • 71% of U.S. web audience on FB Source: Mashable.com23
  24. 24. FRCC Social Media Workshop Twitter • 1 out of 36 people on earth – 48% men, 52% women – 60% outside U.S. • 52% update status daily – 37% login through mobile device • 25% follow a brand, 67% will purchase that specific brand • 48% of user base is “in college” – but ony 8% of teenagers report use Source – and Pew Internet & American Life Project24
  25. 25. FRCC Social Media Workshop Blogging • Key tactic in “owned media” and website search engine optimization • May be declining in use among teens (about half as many bloggers since 2006) • Use appears to be growing in 35+ demographic • Mobile – 47% of American adults use cell phones and tablets computers to get their news Source - Pew Internet & American Life Project25
  26. 26. FRCC Social Media Workshop LinkedIn • Replacing the Rolodex and email lists • 44 million U.S., 56 million non-U.S. • 17 million in groups, 1.2 million posts and comments per week • 6 million+ sales professionals; 4 million+ engineers; 4 million+ IT professionals; 2.5 million+ finance professionals; 1.4 million+ accounting professionals Source – LinkedIn.com26
  27. 27. FRCC Social Media Workshop YouTube • 38 million daily visitors – about 100 million visits per day – 2 billion views • 62% of visitors in 35+ demographic • Average user spends 15 minutes a day watching • Second largest search engine on internet Source – Google Adwords and YouTube.com27
  28. 28. FRCC Social Media Workshop Facebook and LinkedIn Up-Close & Personal28
  29. 29. FRCC Social Media Workshop • Facebook – strengths and weaknesses • Now nearly 700mm, granular to user and operator • Friends – social activity and messaging • Fans – word of mouth • Like – more word of mouth across platforms • Ads – highly specific targets, these are your friends29
  30. 30. FRCC Social Media Workshop • Facebook – How To • Status update is key – 90% of Facebook users interact via the news feed (“Home”) • Offers and interests must go together • Friends and Fans are the main distribution channels • If you are in other channels, automate your updates30
  31. 31. FRCC Social Media Workshop31
  32. 32. FRCC Social Media Workshop32
  33. 33. FRCC Social Media Workshop Using LinkedIn Tactics For Growing Your Network33
  34. 34. FRCC Social Media Workshop Picture Professional-looking headshot of you. Headline 5-second elevator pitch.34
  35. 35. FRCC Social Media Workshop Job Title(s) Use skills, not a role. “Expert E-Marketer,” not “CEO / Founder” Links Use all three. Title them with keywords.35
  36. 36. FRCC Social Media Workshop Summary This is your “story.” Dont be boring, be memorable.36
  37. 37. FRCC Social Media Workshop Your Network Grows Exponentially 3 degrees.37
  38. 38. FRCC Social Media Workshop How Does Your Network Grow? November 2010 May 201138
  39. 39. FRCC Social Media Workshop LinkedIn Search Use this powerful feature to find the people with whom you want to do business.39
  40. 40. FRCC Social Media Workshop Example40
  41. 41. FRCC Social Media Workshop41
  42. 42. FRCC Social Media Workshop42
  43. 43. FRCC Social Media Workshop LinkedIn Groups Extremely useful for joining discussions and getting your name out there. Groups gives you access to people who are members, but are NOT in your network. Find groups where your target audience is. Can join up to 50.43
  44. 44. FRCC Social Media Workshop Using Groups for Networking and Market Research Introduce yourself to people in your groups. Join discussions & add relevant comments. Dont sell. Listen to your customers: What do they want? What are their problems? Scan the digests regularly for active discussions.44
  45. 45. FRCC Social Media Workshop Proceed With Caution45
  46. 46. FRCC Social Media Workshop • Cautions and precautions • Unbreakable laws? – Listen – Focus content and connections – Compound interest “Earned” – Influence – follow it, earn it – Acknowledge – Publish and participate – Reciprocate • Mistakes • Netiquette46
  47. 47. FRCC Social Media Workshop Real World Examples47
  48. 48. FRCC Social Media Workshop48
  49. 49. FRCC Social Media Workshop49
  50. 50. FRCC Social Media Workshop50
  51. 51. FRCC Social Media Workshop51
  52. 52. FRCC Social Media Workshop52
  53. 53. FRCC Social Media Workshop53
  54. 54. FRCC Social Media Workshop54
  55. 55. FRCC Social Media Workshop55
  56. 56. FRCC Social Media Workshop56
  57. 57. FRCC Social Media Workshop57
  58. 58. FRCC Social Media Workshop Q&A58
  59. 59. FRCC Social Media Workshop Keep in Touch Lisa (540) 645-6910 (blog) Russell (804) 783-6799 (blog)59