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University powerpoint of ucsc


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this is my powerpoint of UCSC

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University powerpoint of ucsc

  1. 1. My freshman year plans at UCSC Damian Figueroa AVID Student # 206 3-28-12
  2. 2. Why I chose UCSC• Reason #1: Because it has the major I want In the future.• Reason #2: And according to the UCSC website they are in the top 10 best in Video Game Designing.• Reason #3:I discovered that it is close to home and I wont have to travel that much.
  3. 3. Basic Facts about UCSC• The website is• It is located in Santa Cruz, California• It is 36.6 miles away from Salinas• it was founded in 1965• There Are 15,945 undergraduate students.• Blue and Gold are the school colors• Banana Slug is the mascot• It is a Public university
  4. 4. Additional Basic Facts About UCSC • You need a 2.0 GPA to do to ucsc • 14,832.36 is the cost for the university • I wanna joinBaseball Club • And I also wanna join the Soccer Team
  5. 5. My freshman year academic plans for UCSC• My major will be Video • Good places to study in game designing are: – Library• Some examples of – Computer lab classes in the major of video games are: – Computer science – Graphic designer • A club/activity that I can – Computer software join to meet other video game majors is: Game Appreciates and Media Enthusiasts Society
  6. 6. My freshman year extra-curricular plans for UCSC • I plan on joining the football team • Some clubs that interest me include: • An interesting place nearby UCSC that I would like to visit is The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  7. 7. Sources•••• http://