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Harvard [recovered]


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Harvard [recovered]

  1. 1. My freshman year plans at Harvard Brianna Unique Lovato AVID Student 113 3/25/12
  2. 2. Why I chose Harvard• Reason #1: Harvard was out of state• Reason #2: I believe Harvard University is right for me because if I want to become a Lawyer I have to go to the top school• Reason #3: I new I wanted to go to Harvard ever since I wanted to be a Lawyer so nothing changed my mine while I was looking at other Colleges/University’s
  3. 3. Basic Facts about Harvard•• Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.• 1636• 7,181 undergraduates• Crimson• Crimson• private
  4. 4. Additional Basic Facts About Harvard • Full time student 38,480.00 • Tuition 1 27,488 • Music • sports • arts drama • 41 Varsity Teams Ivy League NCAA Division
  5. 5. My freshman year academic plans for Harvard• My major will be Law and • Good places to study in are: Government – Harvard Law School Library – Lamont Basement – Law Libary• Some examples of classes in the major of Law and Government are: • A club/activity that I can join to meet other Law and – History Government majors is : – Foreign Language music, or visual arts. – English•
  6. 6. My freshman year extra-curricular plans for Harvard• I plan on joining Basketball• Some clubs that interest me include: – Visual arts – Music• An interesting place nearby Harvard that I would like to visit is Harvard Square
  7. 7. Sources•• ty• /09/harvard_square.jpg• s/611_harvard%20university.JPG