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Reserch referencing[1]

  1. 1. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 1 HLTEN514B Apply research skills within a contemporary health environment
  2. 2. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 2 Referencing
  3. 3. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 3 Why do we need to reference? • Credit where credit is due • So others can go back and find the same information • Avoid plagarism • Gives credibility
  4. 4. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 4 Referencing Styles • There are many different referencing styles from many sources • Two common styles • Note system - using a number in text • Parenthetical systems – using author/date in text – e.g. Harvard Referencing System
  5. 5. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 5 Reference List vs In Text What’s the difference? •A reference list is an alphabetical list at the end of a document that shows all readings referred to within the document. •In text reference is within the body of text that acknowledges the source
  6. 6. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 6 Reference List vs Bibliography • A reference list refers ONLY to journals, books, websites etc that are referred to in the body of the text • A bibliography is a list of everything that is read in preparation of writing
  7. 7. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 7 In Text Referencing • Quote, copy, summarise or paraphrase someone elses work in the body of an assignment, essay etc • Use surname, year of publication, page number
  8. 8. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 8 An in text reference may look like… • Brown (2008 p63) states that… OR • Research is the most interesting unit undertaken at diploma level (King 2010 p96)
  9. 9. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 9 Citations • Referencing an author who is referenced in the original article E.g. • Jones (2005) cited in Pink (2011 p45)
  10. 10. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 10 Reference List • Must be in alphabetical order, according to author’s surname • Types of publications are not separated e.g. journals, websites etc • Use the same format for each reference • Personally, I am not concerned about the presence or absence of puncutation marks, more interested in content being correct
  11. 11. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 11 Multiple Authors? • One Author Blakesley, R.P., 2006, The arts and drafts movement, Phaidon Press, London • Two or three authors Dalrymple, J & Burke, B, 2003, Anti-oppressive practice:social care and the law, Open University Press, Maidenhead • More than three authors Arthur et al., 2005, Programming and planning in early childhood settings, 3rd edn., Thomson, South Melbourne
  12. 12. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 12 Referencing an edited book • In text use only the author(s) name that has written the chapter e.g. Thomson 2009 pg 99 • Reference list will look like • Thomson S 2009 ―How to support learners‖ in Hinchliff S 2009 The Practitioner as Teacher, Elsevier, London
  13. 13. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 13 Referencing a Website • Need to use the name of the organisation, plus the weblink and date of viewing needs to be included • Link needs to take the reader to the article, not a log in page etc National Library of Australia, Libraries Australia: a world of information, Canberra, viewed 11 May 2007,
  14. 14. Document Title (Editable via ‗Slide Master‘) | Page 14 Websites ctd • On a Reference List Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council, ―Standards and Criteria for the Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Courses Leading to Registration, Enrolment, Endorsement and Authorisation in Australia—with Evidence Guide.” Canberra. Viewed September 20 2011 64D8228D3AC1/FinalDownload/DownloadId- 05C835F528ADB2C857E20A8EE5826840/FB900804-785B-4DF6- B2D6-64D8228D3AC1/userfiles/file/ANMC_Enrolled_Nurse(1).pdf • In Text (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Accreditation Council 2009 p9)