The Sounds of L'Oréal Deutschland


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Discover what life is like at L'Oréal Deutschland: hear from our employees working across our international brand portfolio about the challenges they face in the German beauty market and how they overcome them, the digital beauty revolution and what you wouldn't know unless you worked here...

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The Sounds of L'Oréal Deutschland

  1. 1. The sounds of L’Oréal Deutschland
  2. 2. Meet our employees
  3. 3. Why choose L’Oréal?Why choose L’Oréal?
  4. 4. What makes skin care rewarding?What makes skin care rewarding?
  5. 5. L’Oréal Deutschland going digital
  6. 6. Life as a Group Product Manager
  7. 7. AnaInspired by: building the future
  8. 8. What you would know if you worked here