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  • Destiny is our new Library Automation Management System. With Destiny, students, teachers and parents will have enhanced access to school library and District resources .
  • The Destiny Library Management System provides a substantial upgrade in functionality supporting increased both accountability of instructional materials and enhanced collaboration and curriculum alignment leading to increased student achievement.
  • Destiny can be accessed simultaneously by many different patrons. For example… The students in the library media center can be conducting searches… … while a student at home can be doing the same. Also, you can be putting together a bibliography while your students search Destiny on the computers in your classroom… just looking for books to check out. I, at the same time, can be creating reports - even from a remote location. Additionally, parent s at home can be creating booklists to help their child select reading materials, while at another home, a home-bound student can link from Destiny to the online databases.
  • Destiny is compatible with both the Mac and PC platforms and with different web browsers . So…whether you are using Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Safari, you should have no problem accessing Destiny – anytime or anywhere . Need IE 7.0 or highter
  • In addition to enhanced searching In Destiny ….your school library will also have a media center home page that can host curriculum resources, links and pathfinders to District resources. Check your media home page for links to resources posted by your media specialists and classroom teachers. Customizable Home Page features: Benefits span across entire learning universe Enhances library resources…go beyond basic library automation….your library can become a powerful knowledge center for 21 st century teaching and learning Body of the homepage Can be customized at each school to communicate any information to your students or the community, including the services you offer in your media center, your library policies and other helpful information on available resources Can highlight teacher resources Copyright and sourcing references info and more Links to teacher assignments that parents can access
  • All Broward County Public School Libraries are available on Destiny. What you see here is the District Destiny home page. You can always access it typing the word destiny when at school. .no www To access your school library, scroll down and select your school.
  • Destiny may be accessed several ways. Most likely, your media specialist will assist teachers with book marking the URL specific to your school library site on school computers, which will allow students to go directly to the school media center online catalog. Destiny may also be accessed through BEEP.
  • Teachers may access Destiny from home or school through the BEEP portal
  • Teachers will use the same login and password to access Destiny as they do BEEP. Login: p + 8 digit number Pw: 8 digit p number (no p) Teachers who do not login with P number on Destiny will get the default guest access Destiny Quest) that allows basic searching.
  • By clicking on “online school media center” a drop down list will appear providing choices for the online catalog, AV guidelines and District databases.
  • This is an example of the default interface for guests, students and teachers. To exit Destiny Quest and see the regular Destiny default interface, users need to click on the link “exit Destiny Quest”
  • This is a screen shot of Destiny Quest—this is our student default interface. students can search via the “Find box, see the top ten books at their school, see new arrivals, and create lists. Students may login to have advanced utilities such as saving lists and rating books. This program is designed to be highly interactive for the user. Students that log in can customize the colors of their interface and save items in lists. Guests are users that do not log in; they do not have user names or passwords. A Guest would be anyone that can reach Destiny’s web site. By default, Guests are always able to search the catalog.
  • Students may click on the top ten books checked out from the school library to check availability—teachers and students can easily track reading trends through the top ten-This data is pulled automatically from the circulation system.
  • Students may narrow a search by author, subject, reading program, awards, and page count. In Destiny it is important to use BREADCRUMBS NOT THE BACK BUTTON to return to previous pages. By looking in the corner of a book you can tell whether a book is in—available for check-out or out—not available. Students that login into Destiny may also search all District databases through One Search. This allows students quick and easy access to credible and reliable resources.
  • Quick details shows title quiz information and an icon for students to add to a list
  • Subject tab allows for further exploring.
  • Students can also search collections by genre, such as mystery, biography etc..
  • Destiny also allows students and teachers to quickly and easily identify Accelerated Reader books electronically. Students simply adjust the toggles by reading level or by points.
  • You can see that once we click apply those resources within the AR range selected appear for the student to retrieve the item.
  • Another great feature is the “virtual shelf” in Destiny. Want to see what other titles are physically nearby on the shelf… move the cursor on your virtual shelf. This is very helpful for teachers and students that want to see the number of resources available on a topic or from a specific author. This feature allows users to browse the library from home or school.
  • This is an example of the annotated booklist . The brief summaries assist library users as they find materials from a pre-determined list of books that is provided by their teacher or by their library media specialist. Remember to check with the media specialist if you need any assistance in creating booklists for your units.
  • Share opinions by recommending titles to others: In Destiny, Media Specialists and Teachers can post reviews to encourage and motivate reading. Teachers and students that login can rate books. Teachers and students can also write reviews for books that will appear in the school’s online catalog. Before a review is posted the Library Media Specialist must approve the review. This provides an authentic opportunity for students to talk and write about books in your school.
  • An exciting feature for Media Specialists and teachers is the ability to add audio and video reviews. Add Audio or video to book reviews Give a new voice to your students and staff. Destiny lets your patrons spruce up their book reviews by uploading their own audios, streaming videos and podcasts. Like text reviews, the audio/video content must be approved before it is made viewable by patrons. The administrator has the rights to delete the files.
  • An exciting feature for Media Specialists and Teachers is the ability to add audio and video reviews. Add Audio or video to book reviews Give a new voice to your students and staff. Destiny lets your patrons spruce up their book reviews by uploading their own audios, streaming videos and podcasts. Like text reviews, the audio/video content must be approved before it is made viewable by patrons. The administrator has the rights to delete the files.
  • To begin One Search… type a key word into the FIND box. For this presentation we will use the word “Everglades”
  • By default all of the library books and materials will display. To activate One Search, which which will automatically search the district’s academic online databases, click on the globe icon next to the book in the left hand corner. Immediately, the screen will populate with search results from our districts databases, which are selected by appropriate level for elementary, middle and high. Clicking on one of the hyperlinks, such a GALE kids infobits will take you right to the resources.
  • On this screen we see that GALE found 168 results for “Everglades.” Note we can add these items to a list that we have created. If we select the link, “ An Idea taking Flight” we will access the magazine article.
  • On this screen we see the Kids Infobit interface. Note the Adobe PDF icon. Whenever you see this icon, that means that you can access an article that looks exactly like the print magazine. When we click on the title of the article, we go into this screen.
  • On this screen we see the online version of the article. It is important to note that for all GALE resources, users have a download MP3 and read aloud feature. These information rich materials could be embedded into core content areas as listening stations or as additional resources for projects. Here’s an example of the read aloud. This feature allows teachers adapt complex material for ESOL and ESE students. Teachers may also want to collaborate with the media specialist to create Unit and project resources lists. Teachers may share these lists through Destiny.
  • On this screen we see the PDF version of the article. Since GALE allows you to download the MP3 file, note how easy it is to put them together to provide scaffolding for students. Your media specialist is wonderful resource for helping you and your teachers use technology to differentiate resources .
  • One other key resource within Destiny is the Standards Search Feature. To access this feature, teachers will need to exit Destiny Quest to the standard interface. Remember to exit Destiny Quest, you will simply click on the exit link in the above the login link in Destiny Quest. Note the tab that is green is “catalog” . On the left side you will want to select “Standards Search”
  • This screen shows the websites that are aligned to the website. By selecting the “Titles” sub tab, library books related to this benchmark can be identified.
  • This screen shot shows the school’s library materials aligned to the benchmark.
  • For students that use their Destiny login, a comprehensive record of instructional materials can be displayed. Parents can view the items a student has checked out when the student logs in to Destiny from home. Only items currently checked out will display ..
  • Destiny is a great school resource tool that provides increased access from home and school to library media materials located in the library media centers of Broward County Public Schools. It also presents new opportunities for us to plan and work together to enrich instruction and increase the use of information resources. Students and teachers can create lists of resources for student use that support core curriculum and projects. Students can easily select AR books electronically and browse the shelves of the their library anywhere they have an internet connection. One Search allows safe searching within authoritative and credible databases. Standards search allows teachers to quickly and easily identify school and district resources aligned to standards. With Destiny, we can help our students develop their knowledge of information literacy skills, as well as increase access to and use of the District’s information resources that can improve student learning and contribute to lifelong learning.
  • Contact Information: Lynne Oakvik Specialist, Media Learning Resource & Instructional Materials [email_address] 754-321-3320
  • Destiny reading coaches2

    1. 2. <ul><li>Destiny Library Management System </li></ul><ul><li>Supports Accountability </li></ul><ul><li>Facilitates Collaboration </li></ul><ul><li>Enhances Student Achievement </li></ul>
    2. 3. Library Media Center Home Access Staff Professional Materials Classroom Access Remote Manager Parent/Community Access Independent Research
    3. 4. Compatible with different browsers Destiny is the web-based SBBC online library catalog system Compatible with different platforms
    4. 5. Supports the Library Media Center as the “Learning Hub” of the school!
    5. 6. How to get to DESTINY --Go to URL
    6. 7. How to get to Destiny from BEEP At school, students will navigate directly to the school media page Destiny may also be accessed from BEEP
    7. 8. How to get to Destiny from BEEP 1. Through Beep, students should click on the student portal 2. Then click on the highlighted yellow box.
    8. 9. Destiny on BEEP Look for Destiny and click on school or home access depending on where you are
    9. 10. Teacher Access Teachers may access Destiny through the BEEP Teacher Portal
    10. 11. Teacher Access via BEEP 1. Teachers login to BEEP teacher portal with p number and password Teachers use the same login ands password for DESTINY . 2. Click on Online Media Center
    11. 12. Note the old link to Savvy Cat-will now show Destiny Other resources include links to online databases and the District AV policy regarding movies, etc… Teacher Access via BEP
    12. 13. Destiny Quest
    13. 14. Basic Search Grade K-12 students can login to Destiny or use Guest access which requires no login. Student Login : 10 digit student number PW : Birth date 00/00/0000
    14. 15. Destiny Quest
    15. 16. Search Results This is a breadcrumb
    16. 17. Quick Details
    17. 18. Narrowing a Search
    18. 19. Narrowing a Search
    19. 20. Narrowing a Search
    20. 21.
    21. 22. Shelf Browsing
    22. 23. Bibliography can be created by teacher as a reading list.
    23. 24. Encourage Collaboration, Recommend a Good Book
    24. 25. Encourage Collaboration with Reviews
    25. 26. Welcome 21 st Century Learner! Attach Video and Audio to Reviews
    26. 27. One Search
    27. 28. One Search
    28. 29. One Search
    29. 30. One Search
    30. 31. One Search
    31. 32. One Search
    32. 33. Standards Search
    33. 34. One Search
    34. 35. One Search
    35. 36. One Search
    36. 37. One Comprehensive Record
    37. 38. Library Media Center Home Access Staff Professional Materials Classroom Access Remote Manager Parent/Community Access Independent Research
    38. 39. Questions?