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Lotus new product list


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Full Line of Lotus Lubes products available

Published in: Automotive
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Lotus new product list

  1. 1. LOTUS LUBES PRODUCT INDEX AUTOMOTIVE & SMALL ENGINE COMMERCIAL LUBRICANTS INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS Premium Motor Oil - Syn Blends Heavy Duty Motor Oil Premium Turbine Oil (R & O) Premium- Blend 5W20 (GF-5) HD Fleet Hydraulic SAE 10W Prime Turbine 32 Premium-Blend 5W30 (GF-5) HD Fleet Hydraulic SAE 10W Prime Turbine 46 Premium-Blend 10W-30 (GF-5) HDD Fleet 30 API SL/CF-CF-2 Prime Turbine 68 Premium-Blend 10W-40 (SN) HD Fleet SAE 30 (CF-2/SL) Prime Turbine 100 Premium-Blend 20W-50 (SN) HD Fleet SAE 40 (CF-2/SL) Prime Turbine 150 SUPER Synthetic Motor Oil - Full Syn HD Fleet SAE 50 (CF-2) Prime Turbine 220 SUPER SYN 0W20 (GF-5) HD Fleet SAE 50 (CF-2/SL) Prime Turbine 320 SUPER SYN 5W20 (GF-5) HD Fleet SAE 15W-40 (CI-4) Prime Turbine 460 SUPER SYN 5W30 (GF-5) ULTRA SAE 15W-40 (CJ-4) Misc Industrial Oil SUPER SYN 10W30 (GF-5) BLEND SAE 15W-40 (CJ-4) Gas Compressor Oil 333 Euro SYN SAE 5W-40 (SN) Syn. Blend API CJ4 10W30 Gas Compressor Oil 444 Full SYN 5W30 (DEXOS) SYN SAE 5W-40 (CJ-4) Gas Compressor Oil 555 Full SYN 0W20 (DEXOS) BLEND SAE 10W-30 (CJ-4) Prime Drip Oil Full SYN 5W20 (DEXOS) Gasoline Engine Oil Prime R&O High-Mileage Motor Oil GEO LA SAE 40 MINING INDUSTRY Oil High-Mileage 5W30 (GF-5) GEO LA SAE 15W-40 Rock Drill 68 High-Mileage 10W30 (GF-5) Sub Zero GEO LA SAE 5W-30 Rock Drill 100 High Mileage Oil Boost GEO Ashless SAE 40 Rock Drill 150 Small Engine Oil Fleet VGEO 15W-40 (CNG) Rock Drill 220 TS JASO FB 2-Cycle Premium Tractor & Hydraulic Rock Drill 320 UNIVERSAL 2-Cycle Universal Tractor (J20C) Industrial Gear Lubricants TS JASO FD (Air Cooled) 303 Tractor Fluid Industrial GearTech EP 68 2-Cycle BLEND JASO FD 6000 Hydraulic AW 32 Industrial GearTech EP 100 Marine 2-Cycle (TCW-3) 6000 Hydraulic AW 46 Industrial GearTech EP 150 Automatic Transmission Fluid 6000 Hydraulic AW 68 Industrial GearTech EP 220 Global SYN Trans Fluid 6000 Hydraulic AW 100 Industrial GearTech EP 320 TS Global SYN ATF SKYBlue Hydraulic AW 32 Industrial GearTech EP 460 Trans Fluid (DIII/M) SKYBlue Hydraulic AW 46 Bar & Chain Oil Transmission Fluid Type A SKYBlue Hydraulic AW 68 Hi-Tec Bar & Chain Oil AUTOMOTIVE & SMALL ENGINE Prime Hydraulic AW 32 INDUSTRIAL LUBRICANTS Automotive Chemicals Prime Hydraulic AW 46 Metal Working Fluid Power Steering Fluid Prime Hydraulic AW 68 HD 32 Brake Fluid (DOT 3) COMMERCIAL LUBRICANTS HD 68 Engine Oil Flush Hydraulic, Transmission & Final Drive Fluid HD 100 Oil System Cleaner TO-4 Fluid SAE 10W HD 220 IN TAKE Petrol System Cleaner TO-4 Fluid SAE 30 Quench Oil HS 32 Fuel Injection Cleaner TO-4 Fluid SAE 50 Rolling Oil 180 Transmission Flush Non-Detergent Motor Oil Prime Saw Guide 46 Transmission Sealer/Conditioner Non-Detergent SAE 30 Prime Saw Guide 100 Power Steering System Flush Non-Detergent SAE 40 Prime Saw Guide 100 PBS Power Steering Fluid Treatment Non-Detergent SAE 50 Premium Grease Motor Oil Treatment Synthetic HD Transmission Fluid RED HD Grease EP 2 Diesel Treatment Additive HD SYN Trans Fluid (TES-295) MP Lithium Grease EP 2 OCTANE Booster 2 pt (gasoline) SYN Trans CD SAE 50 MolyCAT 3% Grease EP 2 OCTANE POWER Booster 5pt (gasoline) Gear Lubricants Antifreeze & Coolant Speed Up Gasoline Gear Lube 80W-90 (GL5) (Limited Slip) AF 50/50 GREEN IN TAKE Diesel System Cleaner MP Gear Lube 80W-90 (GL-5) AF Concentrate GREEN Coolant System Flush Gear Lube 85W140 (GL5) (Limited Slip) GOLD ELC 50/50 Coolant System Treatment MP Gear Lube 85W140 (GL-5) GOLD ELC Concentrate FullSYN Gear Lube 75W-90 (LS) HD ELC 50/50 RED FullSYN Gear Lube 80W-140 HD ELC Concentrate RED FullSYN Gear Lube 75W-140 Premier GL 1-90 Gear Lube 90 (GL-1) Gear Lube 140 (GL-1) USA Contact: 10301 Northwest Freeways, Ste 312 Houston TX 77092 (USA) Ph: 7136862007 Dubai Contact: Jumeirah Bay Tower (X3) , Ste 3203 J.L.T DUBAI (UAE) Ph: 971552267602