Case studies for ad age award


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Case studies for ad age award

  1. 1. Welcome to
  2. 2. Agency Introduction.LONDON is a new type of global agency with one office in London.Established in November 2008 it now has 8 full time employeesand works with a virtual network of talent in 151 countries.Top three clients are Mandarin Oriental, Alliance Boots and Wedgwood.The Founders, Michael Moszynski (CEO) and Alan Jarvie (CreativeDirector), have previously worked together for 18 years setting up officesin Hong Kong, New York, London and Middle East for the Saatchi Brothers.In 2010 Lord Davies, CBE (former Chairman of Standard Chartered andUK Business Minister) and Oliver Pawle (former vice-Chairman ofStandard Chartered) invested in the company and joined the Board.
  3. 3. Agency Introduction.Michael and Alan left senior, comfortable positions two weeks after thecollapse of Lehman Brothers. They took no staff or clients fromM&C Saatchi and had no confirmed revenue on day one.Despite the challenging economic climate the Agency secured clients onevery continent in their first three months of operations.LONDON broke-even in its first year and in 2010 delivered an impressive25% net profit margin.
  4. 4. Thought Leadership.LONDON has created a new way of working, via the internet, to replacethe expensive, cumbersome bricks and mortar traditional network agencymodel.At the heart of its new model is Textappeal, a virtual network of over 1,000strategic planners and copywriters across the globe. This, combined with apowerful online Campaign Management System, means LONDON cancreate, produce and supply any type of communication, in any medium, inany language to any country in the world.LONDON pioneered transparency by being the first agency in the world topublish a single production price list on its website and a „cost savingcalculator‟ to allow clients to view the savings they can
  5. 5. Thought Leadership.To demonstrate its new model in action LONDON initiated a review withits global talent network of best practice in marketing in the recession.This resulted in a major article in Ad Age, a 3 minute feature onLONDON on CNBC that aired globally as well as coverage in mediafrom NY Times, Expansion in Spain and others from Russia to India.The irony was lost on the top 10 traditional agency networks,who despite having offices across the globe, all emailed MichaelMoszynski to request a copy of the report.
  6. 6. Thought Leadership.LONDON has secured clients on every continent: UK: bmi, Circle Health, W&O Travel, Wedgwood Hong Kong: Mandarin Oriental USA: Fox International Australia: South Australia Government Malaysia: St Giles Hotel Group Holland: Nolets Distillery, ABN AMRO Private Bank Africa: Glo, Conoil, Equitorial Trust Bank Middle East: Majid Al Futtaim, Pro bono: Mosaic Charity; The Deflina Foundation Poland: Pro bono: Polish Heritage Society, Polish War Veterans AssociationThe agencys pitch winning idea for Fox International to support the biggest TV launch in historyran in 120 markets and 33 languages.LONDON successfully pitched against agencies in the USA, South America, South Africa andEurope, as well as 20 client creative teams across the globe, to win the assignment.
  7. 7. Four examples of creative work that delivers business results for our clients.
  8. 8. 1. Alliance Boots –launching No7 brand in Finland.
  9. 9. Background. LONDON‟s challenge was to create a single global campaign idea to launch No7 as a standalone fmcg brand in new markets. Initial task was to test market the approach in Finland by overcoming a number of local challenges: - No existing anti-ageing category - Finnish women‟s entrenched attitudes to „natural beauty‟- Only 25% of the budget of L‟Oreal or local market leader, Lumene
  10. 10. Straight-Line Thinking. PRODUCTThe only anti-ageing product proven scientifically to work. STRATEGY Invite Finnish women to test it for themselves. ONE BRILLIANT IDEA It works.
  11. 11. Pre-launch ad to recruit test panel
  12. 12. As it appeared in Finnish.
  13. 13. The ad after one appearance out-performedbenchmark scores for all other ads in Finland.
  14. 14. The ad directed women to visit the No7 website.
  15. 15. Generating over 16,000 website visits from all over Finland.
  16. 16. Broke the first two month‟s target to recruit 1,000 testers on the first day.
  17. 17. 1,500 women sent product and askedto blog about their experiences on Facebook.
  18. 18. In the first month 964 women blogged on the site generating over 31,000 Post Views.
  19. 19. Testers were asked if they would like to takepart in launch ad campaign and if so to submit a video on No7 YouTube channel.
  20. 20. 20 women were invited to Helsinki to bephotographed and filmed for the campaign.
  21. 21. Press ad. Headline: “It works”.Body copy: a verbatim taken from comments on Facebook on how it worked for them.
  22. 22. Press ad.
  23. 23. Press ad.
  24. 24. Press ad.
  25. 25. Press ad.
  26. 26. Press ad.
  27. 27. Press ad.
  28. 28. Press ad.
  29. 29. Press ad.
  30. 30. Sampling press ad.
  31. 31. Influencer blogs.
  32. 32. Influencer blogs.
  33. 33. Competitions.
  34. 34. TV ad (one of 13).“This amazing product has reduced my laughter lines and the lines on my forehead” . “Wow!”
  35. 35. Traditional media kick started the campaign.
  36. 36. Highly cost-effective campaign.Working with one of the leading beauty photographers from New York, shooting in the most expensive market in Europe, we were able to deliver for less than $250,000: 2 brand films 13 TV ads 19 press ads(The average cost of one 30” TV ad in the UK is $700,000.)
  37. 37. Business Results.• First ad achieved 67% recall after one insertion• Brand awareness up 50% after Phase 1 (19% to 28%)• Active online community on Facebook• Campaign launched last month so no sales data available, but follow-up study of over 500 testers shows:  7 out of 10 women actively considering buying  8 out of 10 say “it works”  9 out of 10 would recommend to a friend (38% already had)
  38. 38. 2. Mandarin Oriental. Fan campaign.
  39. 39. Background.The Mandarin Oriental fan campaign was created by Alan Jarvie to helptransform what was a small Asian hotel group of only 7 properties into theworlds leading luxury hotel brand.In 2010 three new fans Harry Connick, Jnr. Helene Grimaud andSa Ding Ding were photographed and ran.
  40. 40. Print.
  41. 41. Print.
  42. 42. Print.
  43. 43. QR Code.Links through to client’s website to video of the fanexplaining why they are a fan of Mandarin Oriental.
  44. 44. Online.
  45. 45. Outdoor „Fan Males‟ – April 2010.
  46. 46. Outdoor „Film Fans‟ – May 2010.
  47. 47. Outdoor „Music Fans‟ – September 2010.
  48. 48. Events/PR.
  49. 49. Integrating the idea.The creative idea of leveraging the client‟s iconic „fan‟ logois integrated by LONDON to support local hotel openings and tactical activity in all forms of communication. Here is a selection of some of the work from 2010.
  50. 50. China.
  51. 51. Middle East.
  52. 52. France.
  53. 53. Gift Cards.
  54. 54. Festive Breaks.
  55. 55. Weekend Breaks.
  56. 56. Summer Breaks.
  57. 57. Business Results.Mandarin Oriental has grown 500% since the campaign launched andbased on its tracking survey is well on its way to achieving its corporategoal of being widely recognised as the best luxury hotel group in the world.The 2010 marketing activity has helped the Group exceed analystsexpectations for how fast it would recover from the economic downturn.This has helped secure a 50% increase in its share price in the last 12months.The client‟s 2010 brand tracking survey conducted by Synovateshowed spontaneous ad recall of 58% across the US, UK and Hong Kong.According to Synovate this is almost double the highest level of ad recallthey have recorded for any client, in any country, ever.
  58. 58. Business Results.
  59. 59. 3. Mandarin Oriental Tactical. Summer Breaks.
  60. 60. Background.Mandarin Oriental Summer Breaks tactical campaign was designed toincrease guest numbers during the recession but without compromisingthe brand values of the hotel.The core idea, as with all our work for the brand, leveraged MandarinOrientals iconic fan logo and was integrated across press, direct mail,EDM, trade marketing and website.
  61. 61. Print. .
  62. 62. Online.
  63. 63. DM. .
  64. 64. EDM. .
  65. 65. Website. .
  66. 66. Business Results. Summer Breaks online campaign delivered aclick-through rate double the benchmark figure for the travel sector and a record 621% ROI for our client. .
  67. 67. 4. Fox International –The international launch of „the Walking Dead‟
  68. 68. Background.Our challenge was to launch The Walking Dead, a new TV series aboutZombies to an audience who wouldnt be seen dead watching a Zombieshow.LONDONs solution was to focus on making the first air date an event initself with the line "Stay in" tied to the first air date in each market.The campaign ran in 120 markets in 33 languages making it the mostglobal campaign for a TV show ever.
  69. 69. Print.
  70. 70. Different Languages.
  71. 71. Outdoor.
  72. 72. TV.
  73. 73. Business Results.Delivered 5.3 million viewers which is the highest ratings for any premiere on any cable network in 2010.
  74. 74. Summary.
  75. 75. LONDON: A small agency with global reach.
  76. 76. LONDON – A small agency that thinks big. We believe LONDON is worthy of consideration of winning Ad Age International Small Agency of the Year for the following reasons: a. We took the risk to set up at the height of the economic downturn with no known revenue b. We had a clear vision to create a new type of international advertising agency c. We launched a Brand – not a vehicle for our egos with our names on the door d. We have attracted clients from every Continent to work with us e. We have beaten agencies on every continent in competitive pitchesf. We have produced effective work that consistently outperforms that of our clients‟ competitors g. We are building an international profile via PR and have attracted visitors to our website from over 150 countries h. Despite the challenges of setting up a new business our focus on doing charitable works is undiminished with two pro bono clients in the Middle East and assistance to Polish war veterans
  77. 77. The first ad man to be awarded the Order of Merit by the Knights of Malta?This honour was awarded for charitable works for Polish War Veterans.