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Slovakia - comics


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Published in: Education, Travel, Business
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Slovakia - comics

  1. 1. Legends of my town Legends of the Slovak students from Spojena Skola Martin Name of legend How we were learning about historical European legends Comenius- LOMT
  2. 2. Once upon a time in small town called Martin were two friends. They were very curious, they liked travel around the world and meeting great people. They were interested about history and cultures of European states. In 2011 started Project Comenius and story full of fun...
  3. 3. Sex: Female Occupation: Student Actual status: Working on LOMT Comenius Project Personal characteristic: kind, curious, like to explore new thinks, interested in legends VICTORIA:
  4. 4. Sex:Male Occupation: Student Actual status: Working on LOMT Comenius Project Personal characteristic: traveler, friendly, interested in history Patrick:
  5. 5. This is their school...
  6. 6. They had a friends from:
  7. 7. Hi, Patrick! Have you ever heard about Project Comenius who is running in our schol right now?
  8. 8. Hello Victoria, yes I have, and i think it is a good opportunity to visit new places and meet new people!
  9. 9. Sure, all we need to do is write about legends from Slovakia and then present it.
  10. 10. Well, we can work together on it.
  11. 11. Yes, it is good idea! Let’s go!
  12. 12. One month later
  13. 13. Meeting in Croatia
  14. 14. The first meeting was in Zagreb, where we presented our schools, towns and countries. We have visited Medvedica.
  15. 15. Meeting in Slovakia
  16. 16. We were looking for Janosik‘s hidden treasure in Tatry. We have visited Slovak National Library, Skanzen and Matica Slovenska.
  17. 17. Meeting in Spain
  18. 18. Meeting in Poland
  19. 19. Meeting in Romania
  20. 20. Meeting in Latvia