Poland - My legend, Marene


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Poland - My legend, Marene

  1. 1. At the dawn of time, many people died at sea due to human anger, revenge and greed. People killed each other, filling water, which should give life, with crimson.
  2. 2. One morning Zeus, who loved to watch the solar disc emerging from the waves, saw the sea littered with wrecks of ships and stained with human blood. He got very upset about it because they spoiled the peace and harmony of the waters. He summoned Poseidon and ordered him to restore order in the waters.
  3. 3. Poseidon created the Water defender, who he called Marene, which is the Latin name of the sea. She was made of his saliva, a very rare underwater plant called Integritat, the hair of Athena and Aphrodite’s tears.
  4. 4. Marene was a very beautiful creature. Her skin was pearly shade that glowed in the dark. She was slim and had delicate facial features. Her eyes shone like diamonds, and her hair was so long that it covered Marene during her sleep. Marene looked like a human woman but she had a membrane between her fingers and a blue hue of hair.
  5. 5. She smelled of sea water and resin. Marene’s skin was very thin and prone to injury, which is why Zeus made, especially for her, a cover of sea plants hard like steel. Now, the Defender of the Seas and Oceans always put it on in the morning and nothing could hurt her anymore.
  6. 6. Marene loved chatting with animals and people, laughing brightly and shaking her hair. She was very sociable and able to get out tactfully of any situation. She could do many things singing sea shanties at the same time. She was a bit scatterbrained and her cave, densely planted with different types of sea plants was often in a mess.
  7. 7. Marene loved collecting pearls, beautiful stones and amber.
  8. 8. All the Greek gods loved her honesty, gentleness and simplicity. Hermes was so enchanted with her beauty and goodness, that he wanted to marry her. Zeus, however, did not agree on it because she was to focus solely on purifying water from evil.
  9. 9. Marene’s unusual abilities amazed everyone who heard about them. Poseidon gave her strength to sink ships with a crew that benefited from killing people. He thought that his idea was very brilliant and effective so he was very surprised when Marene, horrified with the very thought of killing people, proposed a different solution.
  10. 10. Every time the two hundredth man died on the board of a ship, she was to surface and tear a hair out. Then all the men on the ship turned into the gentlest and smartest creatures in the world- women. Poseidon, who initially was not happy with the fact that Marene did not like his idea, quickly realized that the next murders would not improve the situation in the waters. In the end, he agreed with Marena’s idea.
  11. 11. Since then, thanks to Marene, men on the ships sometimes turned into women during their deadly struggles. Men’s oily hair with bald patches were replaced with tasteful hairstyles, rags turned into beautiful dresses and knives and guns, in the blink of an eye, were converted to embroidered fans.
  12. 12. Fighters, out of the sudden, began to smile gracefully and compliment other women's clothing. Suddenly most people on the ship felt an incredible predilection to jewellery and beautiful fabrics, demanding an immediate change of ship course.
  13. 13. In such situations Marene always smiled in her characteristic way, and hid in her underwater cave. She knew that if two hundredth person died once again because of the men's anger, the world would have another female crew.
  14. 14. The Author of The Legend: Urszula Sikora The Drawings: Sara Redlarska