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Legend2 brochure

  1. 1. WHY Should you prefer KOKSAL ERSAYIN ANATOLIAN HIGH SCHOOL (KEAL) Because You should prefer KEAL in order to avoid environmental risks and to have an education in the circumstances of Penthesilea , Amazonian queen, the happiness and peace of mind in the natural area, be away from the humming, Penthesileadaughter of Ares and Otrera] and thesister of Hippolyta, Antiope and crowd of city center which influencesMelanippe the education You should prefer KEAL in order to turn Penthesilea kills Hippolyta with aspear when they are hunting deer; this your learnings into behaviour and in order to win one of your first 5 choises at university exam andaccident causes Penthesilea so much Achillesgrief that she wishes only to die, but, as You should prefer us just we have experienced staff who are in greata warrior and an Amazon, she has to do efforts and struggle to educate theirso honorably in battle. She therefore is students well and we should be youreasily convinced to join in the Trojan preference as we focus on the bestWar, fighting on the side of Troys academic targetdefenders. You should prefer us not only to pass university exam but also to get KOKSAL ERSAYIN behaviours that society respect. ANATOLIAN HIGH - SCHOOL Legend 2 Penthesilea and Achilles Contact Kalkanca Avenve 295 Street No:1 Ilkadim/SAMSUN Tel: 0362 445 12 23 - Fax: 0362 445 12 22 www.keal.meb.k12.tr
  2. 2. Penthesilea arrives in Troy at the She arrives with twelve companions start of Posthomerica the night before. and promised the Trojans that she The fighting is due to recommence for would kill Achilles. On her first, and only, the first time after Hectors death and day of fighting, Penthesilea kills many funeral. She comes to Troy for two men and clashes with Telamonian Ajax, reasons: firstly, to prove to others that although there is no clear victory, she her people, the Amazons, are great defeates him . warriors and can share the hardships of war and, secondly, to appease the Gods after she accidentally kills her sister, Hippolyta, while hunting. AchillesAmazon Woman When beautiful and brave But due to the power of Greek’s Penthesilea starts to fight with her strong attack Troys are defeated. heroic warrior , Greeks has great Achilles finally kills Penthesilea but surprise . The success of Amazons Ba t t l e b e t we e n A c h i l l e s a n d causes to boost Troy’s morale. Penthesilea are unforgettable As Penthesilea is wearing shiny moments in the war . armor and shield shaped in sickle , she is like a leader of Troy’s not Amazons. By Achilles turns to war area and sees the help of Amazons, Greeks are her beauty and falls in love , and gets so defeated . sad.