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El Nuberu


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Technology
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El Nuberu

  1. 1. EL NUBERUBy Sarah Castro Núñez
  2. 2. EL NUBERU• . “El nuberu” is the man from the clouds. He has big ears, long arms, and has one blind eye. He dresses in animal fur (sheep or goat) ,and he wears a funny hat.
  3. 3. EL NUBERUEl nuberu is a badperson; he is theking of the storms.He is Zeus for theGreek and Jupiterfor the oldRomans. He is verywell known inEgypt, where he iscalled John BillyGoat.
  4. 4. EL NUBERU• He usually creates winds and storms all over Asturias. He moves from one place to another riding on the clouds.
  5. 5. EL NUBERU• El nuberu is careless and sometimes he loses his clouds and he has to stay in somebody else’s house. If people are kind , el Nuberu will give them a good crop and will kill all the snakes.• But if you are not nice to el Nuberu, he will take some snakes from his bag and will produce storms and thunder on you.
  6. 6. EL NUBERU• He gets up very early in the morning to make storms and collect lizards. At lunch time, he returns with his wife, and they have lizards for dinner.
  7. 7. EL NUBERU• El nuberu hates local priests because they pray to eliminate him. That is why he escapes from church bells or candles.
  8. 8. THEEND