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Prado Launches Logos PR Agency in Miami to Further Connect Clients with US Hispanic and Latin America Audiences


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Prado Launches Logos PR Agency in Miami

Boutique Agency Connects Clients with U.S. Hispanic and Latin America Audiences

MIAMI, FL -- October 13, 2010 – After many years working in the communications industry and recognizing a unique opportunity to further help clients connect with U.S. Hispanic and Latin American consumers, Silvia Prado launched Logos PR Inc. The small, yet agile, public relations and communications firm is focused on utilizing newer technologies which can be more targeted, cost-effective and efficient to cater to this growing and dynamic market.

Logos PR ( is a results-driven agency specialized in the Hispanic and Latin America media markets. The firm develops integrated communications programs drawing from a broad range of disciplines including public relations consulting and strategy, branding and advertising, PR 2.0 - online and social media, media relations, events and promotional support. Logos PR helps clients in a variety of industries expand their brand awareness, reach new audiences and broaden their client base via focused communications campaigns.

“There are 937 million people living in the Americas*, half of which are internet users. Latin America alone is home to 500 million people and usage is growing rapidly, outpacing that of many of the developed nations. Similar trends are seen among U.S. Hispanics, who now surpass 50 million people and have overtaken African-Americans as the number one minority in the U.S. With these figures, it is no wonder that Latin America and U.S. Hispanic audiences pose such a great opportunity for companies who are trying to find new and more effective ways to reach them,” said Silvia Prado, Managing Partner for Logos PR.

“At Logos PR, we pride ourselves in working closely with each customer to understand their business and communications objectives in order to build strategic, value-driven and creative campaigns, utilizing a mix of traditional and new media strategies, that maximize visibility and results.”

About Silvia Prado:

Silvia is a bilingual and multicultural communications professional with vast experience working with clients across multiple industries in Florida, Latin America, the Caribbean and the U.S. Hispanic market. Having worked for various companies including HBO Latin America, Cisneros Group of Companies, SouthFlorida CEO Magazine, Televisa Publishing+Digital and Marketwire, Silvia brings a unique professional background that combines business development, multicultural advertising and public relations, with an emphasis in the Hispanic and Latin America media market and a strong focus on incorporating new media and digital technologies, such as Spanish SEO and social media.
She is a Board Member of the Miami Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and Leadership Chair of the Hispanic Market Committee which is responsible for educational outreach programs. She is actively involved with various organizations including the Social Media Club of South Florida, Miami Marketers, the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies, and the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT-South Florida), among others. Silvia holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and International Business from the University of Louisville, KY.
* Includes: North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean
Connect with Logos PR:
Logos PR Facebook Page
Logos PR Linkedin
Logos PR Twitter

Silvia Prado
Logos PR
(305) 505-4793

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Prado Launches Logos PR Agency in Miami to Further Connect Clients with US Hispanic and Latin America Audiences

  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION    Prado Launches Logos PR Agency in Miami    Boutique Agency Connects Clients with U.S. Hispanic and Latin America  Audiences  MIAMI, FL ‐‐ October 13, 2010 – After many years working in the communications industry and  recognizing  a  unique  opportunity  to  further  help  clients  connect  with  U.S.  Hispanic  and  Latin  American consumers, Silvia Prado launched Logos PR Inc. The small, yet agile, public relations  and  communications  firm  is  focused  on  utilizing  newer  technologies  which  can  be  more  targeted, cost‐effective and efficient to cater to this growing and dynamic market.     Logos PR (http://logos‐  is a results‐driven agency specialized in the Hispanic and Latin America  media markets.  The firm develops integrated communications programs drawing from a broad range of  disciplines  including  public  relations  consulting  and  strategy,  branding  and  advertising,  PR  2.0  ‐  online and social media,  media relations,  events and promotional support.  Logos PR helps clients  in a variety of industries expand their brand awareness, reach new audiences and broaden their client  base via focused communications campaigns.    “There  are  937  million  people  living  in  the  Americas*,  half  of  which  are  internet  users.  Latin  America  alone  is  home  to  500  million  people  and  usage  is  growing  rapidly,  outpacing  that  of  many of the developed nations. Similar trends are seen among U.S. Hispanics, who now surpass   50 million people and have overtaken African‐Americans as the number one minority in the U.S.  With these figures, it is no wonder that Latin America and U.S. Hispanic audiences pose such a  great opportunity for companies who are trying to find new and more effective ways to reach  them,” said Silvia Prado, Managing Partner for Logos PR.    “At  Logos  PR,  we  pride  ourselves  in  working  closely  with  each  customer  to  understand  their  business  and  communications  objectives in  order  to build  strategic,  value‐driven  and  creative campaigns,  utilizing  a  mix  of  traditional  and  new  media  strategies,  that  maximize visibility and results.”     About Silvia Prado:     Silvia is a bilingual and multicultural communications professional with vast experience working  with  clients  across  multiple  industries  in  Florida,  Latin  America,  the  Caribbean  and  the  U.S.  Hispanic market.  Having worked for various companies including HBO Latin America, Cisneros  Group of Companies, SouthFlorida CEO Magazine, Televisa Publishing+Digital and Marketwire,  Silvia  brings  a unique  professional  background  that  combines business  development, 
  2. 2. multicultural  advertising  and  public  relations, with  an  emphasis in the  Hispanic  and  Latin  America media market and a strong focus on incorporating new media and digital technologies,  such as Spanish SEO and social media.  She  is  a  Board  Member  of  the  Miami  Chapter  of  the  Public  Relations  Society  of  America  and  Leadership  Chair  of  the  Hispanic  Market  Committee  which  is  responsible  for  educational  outreach  programs.  She  is  actively  involved  with  various  organizations  including  the  Social  Media  Club  of  South  Florida,  Miami  Marketers,  the  Association  of  Hispanic  Advertising  Agencies, and the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT‐South Florida), among  others. Silvia holds a Bachelor of Science in Management and International Business from the  University of Louisville, KY.   * Includes: North, Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean  Connect with Logos PR:   Logos PR Facebook Page     Logos PR Linkedin     Logos PR Twitter      MEDIA CONTACTS:  Silvia Prado  Logos PR  (305) 505‐4793  sprado@logos‐