Noman Ali - LOGIN Conference 2012


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Noman Ali - Monetization: The Social Grappling Hook - LOGIN Conference 2012 - 9/26/2012

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Noman Ali - LOGIN Conference 2012

  1. 1. Monetization:The Social Grappling Hook Noman ALI CEO, Peanut Labs
  2. 2. The Future of Monetization is in Flux • FB Credit System change • Solomo revenue potential • Leveraging gamers to monetize real world actions
  3. 3. Take Alternative Monetization to the Next Level In Spite of The Uncertainty • Get to know your audience • You have a large group of users interacting with your site • They are engaged • They have opinions, interests and time • Target and Optimize Offerings • Provide A Better user experience for improved results
  4. 4. Target to maximize monetization opportunitiesMMO Gamer: Average Casual Gamer• Male • Female• 15-30 Years Old • 16-45 years OldWhat we know about them: What we know about them:• Most 20-30 year old males have an income • This group usually makes the purchasing but no children; spend more on themselves. decision for the household, brands want to• 15-20 year olds might not have an income hear from them! yet, but will be joining that group. • This group has resources to participate in• Many are still in school, so they often don’t high paying offers. have access to a credit card. • Brands are eager to advertise their products and offer special deals and sales.So What?:Monetize with free options, like surveys, since So What?:users don’t have credit cards. This is an Monetize with exclusive deals and funopportunity to monetize users who otherwise shopping experiences for high RPU.couldn’t pay.
  5. 5. Add Alerts and Notifications For Even Better ResultsMajor Sports-Related Game Publisher ExperienceAfter Placing A Targeted Survey Alert on their GameLauncher (25 days before and after an alert)- Traffic up 33%- Total Revenue up 27%- Total Clicks up 29%- Completes up 30%
  6. 6. Alert example:
  7. 7. Measure, Learn and Optimize with Direct Offers Publisher Direct Offer Experience
  8. 8. Replace underperforming assets such as banner ad space• Dynamic banner showcases the top CPA (cost per action campaigns) and gives users the opportunity to earn virtual currency for free while participating in-game.• Content is based on a call to action with a relevant reward.• This better user experience means better results.• One of our clients, a major gaming portal, experienced a 120% uplift as compared to impression based ad banners.
  9. 9. Banner Ad Space Examples
  10. 10. Conclusion – Amp up your alternativemonetization and see meaningful results Know your audience Target for relevance Measure, Learn and Optimize Use Alters and Banners Replace underperforming campaigns
  11. 11. THANK YOUFor more information please contact me: Noman ALI CEO, Peanut Labs