Margaret Wallace - LOGIN Conference 2012


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Margaret Wallace - The Quantified World: When Gaming and Reality Intersect - LOGIN Conference 2012 - 9/26/2012

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  • The Gaming Industry in focus.
  • Understanding the motivations and psychology of everyone you encounter as an entrepreneur is crucial.
  • The Gaming Industry in focus.
  • The Gaming Industry in focus.
  • If we accept this premise….
  • In Shadow Government, you are using the actual statistics of the united states to see how your country grows. You can make decisions about that country and policy decisions about that country that reflect things that are actually going on around the world. And that ability to emulate what the US does is something that we consider really unique to our experience. And we also want to do that by giving you access to world news events. So, if given the opportunity to run the United States, would you bail out Wall Street or the auto industry? You have the opportunity to play out your decisions and see what the ramifications would be. You can investigate how you could re-make the United States if things ran the way you wanted to see them go. This gives you the ability to not only run your own country but compare your own country to the United States as it runs today. So, if you do, for example, choose not to bail out Wall Street, you can just run a model of the country – and compare your results to the real world and to what your friends did. That’s what we want to do with Shadow Government.  
  • Margaret Wallace - LOGIN Conference 2012

    1. 1. The Quantified World When Gaming & Reality IntersectPresented at LOGIN Conference – September 26, 2012 By Margaret Wallace, CEO, Playmatics.
    2. 2. Entrepreneurs Must Juggle Many Things.
    3. 3. …and people. Board MembersInvestors Employees Friends & FamilyPlayers
    4. 4. GamingIndustry Data
    5. 5. From: The Matrix
    6. 6. Merging ofGaming &The Real- World
    7. 7. A game is aform of playwith goals andstructure.-- Kevin Maroney
    8. 8. Trend:The Quantified Self
    9. 9. “To help designmy gamified life, Ienlisted NickFortugno andMargaret Wallace,the co-founders ofPlaymatics, aNew York game-development firm.Together wecreated a plan forthe week….”
    10. 10. Gamification
    11. 11. “The use of game mechanics, feedback loops, and rewards will become more embedded in daily life by 2020.”Source: The Future of Gamification on The Future ofGamification, May 2012
    12. 12. “Self-tracking may provide a glimpseof the future of health care, based onmonitoring and prevention.
    13. 13. Can Treating Your Life As a Game Make You a Better Person? One full week of keeping track of absolutely everything, to see if gamification can net you a win in the game of lifePopular Science, February 2012
    14. 14. iPod Nano
    15. 15. Trend:The Quantified World
    16. 16. ShadowGovernment
    17. 17. Trend:The Quantified Universe