Orc Trading For Arbitrage


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Orc Trading For Arbitrage

  1. 1. ORC TRADING FOR ARBITRAGE AUTOMATED ARBITRAGE FOR GREATER PROFITABILITY Detect asset price differentials across multiple markets. Trade electronically. Reduce trading risk. Market participants interested in taking advantage of asset price differentials in one or more markets use Orc Trading for Arbitrage for strategies involving exchange listed instruments. The most popular strategies include futures spreading, ADR vs. stock, multi-listed stocks, index futures vs. basket, statistical arbitrage, and cash vs. futures. ORC TRADING FOR ARBITRAGE GIVES FIRMS: • Customizable, fully automated trading system via Orc Liquidator • Single screen, multi-asset class arbitrage system • Low-latency, multi-market access to 100+ markets • Server-based trading system for high performance • Flexible, open Orc Protocol • P&L and risk management tools • Both member and non-member access to markets • Real-time access to market data • Java based trading strategies ORC TRADING TAKE ADVANTAGE
  2. 2. WHO NEEDS SOPHISTICATED ARBITRAGE TOOLS? HEADS OF TRADING at proprietary TRADERS at proprietary trading IT MANAGERS at proprietary trading trading firms looking to capitalize on firms that need to increase profits firms working to minimize architecture short-lived arbitrage opportunities to and capture price discrepancy-based complexity for improving integration generate greater profits. arbitrage opportunities they are between front-end trading systems currently missing due to lack of and needing to introduce a scalable • When trying to capture short-lived op- automated execution process. trading system. portunities on different fast markets, would you have greater success if you • When looking for arbitrage opportuni- • When managing the company’s had access to automated tools that ties, would profits be increased if you technology architecture would you enabled you to write and monitor your could convert your market-specific reduce IT complexity if you had a own strategies? knowledge to strategies that can be flexible system that could easily easily tuned and applied to multiple integrate with internal systems? • When executing cross-border markets? arbitrage opportunities would profits • When managing the company’s be increased if your traders could • When looking for arbitrage opportuni- architecture would a fully scalable use a single screen for trading ties, would you be able to better find trading system produce greater instruments on multiple markets price discrepancies with a trading benefits and save resources? simultaneously? system that monitors prices and automatically executes logic on Orc Solution → Orc Trading for Orc Solution → Orc Trading for multiple markets simultaneously? Arbitrage offers an integrated, Arbitrage offers a single trading scalable system with the flexible platform with multi-market access. Orc Solution → Orc Trading for Orc Protocol for additional integra- Arbitrage offers the capability to tion advantages. monitor prices and apply logic on many markets simultaneously. “ Arbitrage strategies are most successful when run by trading firms that have mastered low-latency and can leverage their success in one market onto new markets. Futures spreading, statistical arbitrage, and other arbitrage strategies require sophisticated solutions that are fast AND smart. One without the other can leave firms exposed and ” vulnerable. Trading benefits when using Orc Trading for Arbitrage. Arbitrage Fundamentals, Product Management at Orc Software
  3. 3. ORC TRADING FOR ARBITRAGE SOLUTION FEATURES BUSINESS LOGIC UNMATCHED MARKET ACCESS PROVEN TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE • Trading engine • Connectivity to all major cash and • Java-enabled, server-based futures markets globally including algorithmic trading engine - Manual trading engine based on click direct market data trading in Orc Trader • Reliable • Co-location possibilities - Automated trading engine in Orc Trader • Scalable • Optimized for low-latency - Customizable automated trading engine based on Orc Liquidator • Connectivity to FX and bond markets • Robust to hedge exposure either directly as a • P&L and risk management tools • Fast member or through a broker - Position keeping and P&L analysis in Orc Trader - External position keeping and P&L analysis system using positions from Orc Protocol 1 Monitor and adjust strategies 1 2 Post-trade risk and position information to support trading 3 Quickly trade directly from order ladders 4 View executed trades 2 5 Customize your trading logic 6 Design your own trading strategies in Java 3 3 4 5 6
  4. 4. ORC TRADING FOR ARBITRAGE SUCCESS STORIES A TRADER AT A PROPRIETARY TRADING FIRM THE HEAD OF TRADING AT A PROPRIETARY TRADING FIRM A trader was using three trading platforms to perform The Head of Trading at a proprietary trading firm wanted to arbitrage manually on futures, across multiple markets. He expand the business and begin trading the Nikkei 225 in wanted a system that would monitor multiple markets to look Osaka. He was also aware of significant arbitrage oppor- for price discrepancies and when detected, automatically tunities on the SGX. Utilizing Orc Trading for Arbitrage the execute successful strategies. By using a system like this he firm was able to achieve direct market access to both Asian would also save time, freeing him up to search for new exchanges via a hosted Broker service with market mem- market opportunities. In addition, if the system could also berships. They began successful automated trading on both access additional sources of liquidity, this would provide even markets without the need for market memberships, local greater value. Utilizing Orc Trading for Arbitrage he was able presence or additional traders. to minimize the number of disparate trading systems he relied on, while benefiting from multi-market access via the Orc platform. ORC TRADING TAKE ADVANTAGE Take Advantage Orc is a leading global provider of technology for advanced derivatives trading and connectivity. Customers include leading banks, Orc Trading is used by leading financial firms worldwide for enhanced trading and market-making firms, exchanges, brokerage houses, trading, pricing and risk management on electronically traded derivatives. institutional investors, hedge funds and software vendors. Orc Trading provides the competitive edge to trade from a single platform, on any listed instrument, across all asset classes, on 100+ markets. sales@orcsoftware.com Orc Trading comprises market leading applications including among www.orcsoftware.com others Orc Trading for Algorithmic Trading, Orc Trading for Arbitrage, Orc Trading for Market Making, Orc Trading for Risk Management and Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Orc Trading for Volatility Trading. Moscow, New York, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney, Vienna