Orc Trading For Algorithmic Trading


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Orc Trading For Algorithmic Trading

  1. 1. ORC TRADING FOR ALGORITHMIC TRADING AUTOMATED TRADING FOR GREATER PROFITABILITY Detect price changes. Make fast trading decisions. Trade automatically. With today’s markets moving at such a rapid pace, many traders rely on algorithmic trading to automate their trading and capture microsecond market opportunities while reducing risk. Orc Trading for Algorithmic Trading helps traders profit from short lived opportunities by deploying and modifying strategies as dictated by changing market conditions. Success- ful trading strategies are easily replicated and deployed from one market to another helping firms take advantage of the latest market opportunities. ORC TRADING FOR ALGORITHMIC TRADING HAS HELPED FIRMS: • Deploy latency sensitive strategies rapidly • Expand trading into new markets • Trade faster and with more confidence • Reduce costs by automating trading and improving trader productivity • Leverage an industry-standard programming language to develop strategies • Deploy proven trading strategies quickly to new asset classes and markets • Scale their business as trading opportunities grow ORC TRADING TAKE ADVANTAGE
  2. 2. WHO NEEDS SOPHISTICATED ALGORITHMIC TRADING TOOLS? TRADING STRATEGY DEVELOPERS HEADS OF TRADING DESKS at IT MANAGERS at proprietary trading who need to quickly create and deploy proprietary trading desks working desks that need to reduce support automated trading strategies to take to increase market share and effort while providing technology to advantage of changing markets. improve productivity. allow the business to grow. • When creating proprietary trading • When executing trades, would you • When supporting trading applications, strategies, would you be able to better be able to win more trades at the would you be able to reduce sup- implement your trading ideas if you best market price if you could rely port effort if you could leverage the could use an industry-standard, on a trading engine that monitored same algorithmic trading platform powerful coding language? the market and executed your trade across multiple exchanges and asset almost instantaneously using your classes? • Would you be able to reduce your own trading strategy? strategy development time if you could • Could you meet demands to increase easily reuse strategies developed for • Could your trading desk execute trading by providing a scalable trad- one market across new markets? more winning trades if they could ing platform that can grow as your automate their trading logic on an business expands? Orc Solution → Orc Trading for ultra-low latency trading platform? Algorithmic Trading’s Java-based Orc Solution → Orc Trading for development environment provides Orc Solution → Orc Trading for Algorithmic Trading’s server-based a powerful and flexible language for Algorithmic Trading’s ultra-low trading environment with over 100 trading strategy development. This latency algorithmic trading engine market gateways. development environment is coupled with an open trading strategy with the ultra-low latency Orc Trad- development environment using the ing platform for extremely rapid industry-standard Java program- response to fast markets. ming language. More information on www.orcsoftware.com “ Successful automated trading requires not just a high- performance trading engine, but also an ability to leverage trading strategies that have been proven in one market onto new markets where new opportunities lie. Smart trading is the key to successful automated trading where only the best ” trading ideas will survive. Trading benefits when using Orc Trading for Algorithmic Trading. Product Management at Orc Software
  3. 3. ORC ALGORITHMIC TRADING SOLUTION FEATURES BUSINESS LOGIC UNMATCHED MARKET ACCESS PROVEN TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE • Trading engine • Connectivity to the major global • Server-based algorithmic trading derivatives markets engine - Ultra-low latency trading environ- ment for rapid trade execution • Co-location possibilities • Java strategy API - Java-based development environ- • Optimized for ultra low-latency • Reliable ment for rapid strategy deployment • Connectivity to alternative markets • Scalable - Scalable platform for reduced costs and exchanges either directly as a and easy automation of trading • Robust member or through a broker - Integrates with Orc’s full-featured • Fast click trading front end • P&L and risk management tools - Position keeping and P&L analysis - Multiple and custom volatility models for accurate pricing 1 Monitor and adjust strategies 1 2 Post-trade risk and position information to support trading 3 Quickly trade directly from order ladders 4 View executed trades 2 5 Customize your trading logic 6 Design your own trading strategies in Java 3 3 4 5 6
  4. 4. ORC TRADING FOR ALGORITHMIC TRADING SUCCESS STORIES HEAD OF TRADING DESK AT A PROPRIETARY TRADING FIRM MANAGING DIRECTOR AT A HEDGE FUND The Head of Trading Desk at a proprietary trading firm was The Managing Director at a hedge fund that was looking for using a point and click trading application which resulted in new market opportunities selected and deployed Orc Trading missed trades and reduced profits. Orc Trading for Algorith- for Algorithmic Trading to develop an ETF quoting strategy mic Trading was deployed giving the firm automated trading that could be leveraged by their many traders. Each trader strategy capabilities resulting in a dramatic increase in profit- was able to leverage built-in strategies for further on-the-fly able trades. customization, while monitoring a greater volume of contracts. The traders could then pool their hedging requirements resulting in greater productivity and profitability for the firm. ORC TRADING TAKE ADVANTAGE Take Advantage Orc is a leading global provider of technology for advanced derivatives trading and connectivity. Customers include leading banks, Orc Trading is used by leading financial firms worldwide for enhanced trading and market-making firms, exchanges, brokerage houses, trading, pricing and risk management on electronically traded derivatives. institutional investors, hedge funds and software vendors. Orc Trading provides the competitive edge to trade from a single platform, on any listed instrument, across all asset classes, on 100+ markets. sales@orcsoftware.com Orc Trading comprises market leading applications including among www.orcsoftware.com others Orc Trading for Algorithmic Trading, Orc Trading for Arbitrage, Orc Trading for Market Making, Orc Trading for Risk Management and Amsterdam, Chicago, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, Orc Trading for Volatility Trading. Moscow, New York, Paris, Stockholm, Sydney, Vienna