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Meet AdTech Jess by L. Malik Anderson


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A brief background on one of my role models, AdRoll Operations Specialist Jessica Matos, in the tech and communications industry.

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Meet AdTech Jess by L. Malik Anderson

  1. 1. Meet Jessica Matos AdRoll Operations Specialist Twitter: @adtechjess Images by Yemi Adewunmi
  2. 2. What is Ad-Tech? What does Jess do? Definition: “Ad operations is typically a department within a digital content publisher, adnetwork, ad technology provider (such as a rich media vendor or an ad server) or adagency. They may fall under sales organization, information technology, or may be a separate entity.” ● Jessica is currently a Global Ad Operations Lead for Netflix. ● She would describe herself as a “Bi-lingual Media enthusiast with a strong passion for digital marketing solutions, Ad Operations and Media.”
  3. 3. What others have to say about Jessica?
  4. 4. What others have to say about Jessica?
  5. 5. @AdTechJess and @lmalikanderson Similarities: ● Both Black and in communications ● Both active on Twitter, trends ● Easy to talk to/ collaborate with ● Versatile, collaborative ● Similar interests- Blackness in tech, Afro-Latinidad ● Both follow Zahira Kelly- Cabrera on Twitter Differences: ● I identify as a man and/or fluid in gender. Jessica identifies as a woman. ● Jessica is more detail oriented while I am more vision oriented. ● I am great at getting involved but Jessica is way better at managing her time than I am. ● Jessica is more focused on strategy while I emphasize creation
  6. 6. What I learned from following Jess on Twitter? ● Before following @AdTechJess, I did not know what Ad-Tech or AdRoll Operations was. ● The communications sector of tech still isn’t diverse. ● Communicators and content creators are a large part of the tech industry too! ● Lastly, I need to develop a consistent routine for myself and stick to it.