Xloudia Beacon lets you call your client by her First Name


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Xloudia Beacon integrates image/color recognition to beacon in-store interaction on a smartphone leveraging the cloud and all its benefits: real time management, analytics, cost reductions,...

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Xloudia Beacon lets you call your client by her First Name

  1. 1. Beacon BX
  2. 2. copyright 2014 LM3LABS Corporation ! all contents in the following pages is copyright LM3LABS Corporation and is protected by copyright laws
  3. 3. What is Xloudia Beacon? BX
  4. 4. A beacon is a small emitter which broadcasts its ID every 1 second in a 20 meter range. It is compliant with the Bluetooth 4.0 standard. Apps with Xloudia recognises this beacon ID and associates smartphone action to it. What is a beacon? Beacon
  5. 5. Hey Sheena, Welcome back ! You’ve got Coupons at Boutik Boutik beacon With Xloudia Beacon retail owners, museums, event organisers create proximity interaction between their shop, their products and customers. ! By approaching a beacon zone, customers receive message on their smartphone. ! For couponing, discount opportunities, games,… better customer engagement. Beacon
  6. 6. Beacon ID 1234567 @ 3 meters ID 1234567 ID 1234567 ID 1234567 @ 5 meters Hey Sheena, Beacon emitter broadcasts its ID every second in a range of about 40m. Xloudia’s mobile module measures distance and checks with Xloudia’s cloud for action. When the right beacon ID is in the right range it triggers a pre-programmed action on smartphone. ID 1234567 @ 5 meters ID 1234567 @ 3 meters no action action 10: greetings to smartphone owner How works Xloudia Beacon?
  7. 7. Xloudia Beacon Geo-Fencing BX
  8. 8. Beacon 1 beacon per shop triggers messages when a specific client enters the shop Hey Sheena, Welcome back ! You’ve got Coupons at Boutik Boutik beacon
  9. 9. Xloudia Beacon Islands BX
  10. 10. Interactive zones or “Islands” are created around products. When a visitor enters a zones, it triggers an action on her smartphone. Beacon -15% -20% -30%
  11. 11. Applications BX
  12. 12. Beacon 3 Application Markets Retail personal welcome custom couponing loyalty programs product specific marketing analytics interactivity
 personalised messages social linking between guests analytics interactive guides
 personalised path social sharing localisation analytics Events Museums
  13. 13. Xloudia Seamless Integration BX
  14. 14. Let’s bring back Shoppers to Stores Beacon BX Xloudia Image Recognition magazines, prints, products Xloudia Color Recognition real products, similarities Xloudia TV TV programs, Commercials Xloudia Beacon in-store interaction Xloudia Beacon integrates seamlessly with other Xloudia modules to bring shoppers back to store from magazines, real products, TV programs, thanks to the cloud. Individual clients are engaged in a seamless experience which starts from home and brings them to the product shelves. + cross channels + cross media + seamless interaction + seamless relationship + unified analytics
  15. 15. Xloudia Beacon Dashboard BX
  16. 16. Beacon Thanks to Xloudia’s dashboard, the retail manager can: 1. create shops 2. create “islands” 3. define beacons’ active radius 4. associate actions 5. link with other Xloudia modules Xloudia Beacon Dashboard
  17. 17. • Complete view on operations • Analytics • Alerts • Forecasts • Loyalty analytics • Graphical views • Export in CSV, PDF • API (REST) Action-oriented Analytics
  18. 18. Crafting Experience BX
  19. 19. Beacon Whatever the Application, LM3LABS’ consultants will assist you in crafting the best personal experience Craft 10+ years crafting the best interactions for the best clients e/m/t-commerce pervasive events hybrid retail next-gen museum smart education we
  20. 20. BX http://bit.ly/1pO7lORXloudia Beacon Movie: Xloudia web site: http://xloudia.com More…
  21. 21. LM3LABS Corporation K's Place 202  6-43, Kagurazaka Shinjuku-ku 162-0825 Tokyo, Japan  
 http://lm3labs.com ! info@lm3labs.com BX