CIMAP membership information pack 2012


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CIMAP membership information pack 2012

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CIMAP membership information pack 2012

  1. 1. The Chartered Institute for Management ofAssessment Practice (CIMAP)CIMAPCIMAP Membership Introduction PackCIMAP VISION:To promote the highest standards of professionalism, quality, competence and integrity in Assessment,Moderation, and ETD Practice.
  2. 2. Thank you for becoming a member of CIMAP!Message from the Chairperson: D. E Damons  Professional profile match to queries from vetted(CEA) U.K. organisations including training providers with the consent of members; The Chartered Institute for  A Channel for fostering a culture of Lifelong Learning by awarding professional designations; Assessment Practice (CIMAP) is  A dedicated website where members can manage their appreciative of your efforts to own professional development and network with other professionalise the assessment ETD Practitioners; practice industry. We have reached the proverbial tipping CIMAP is a professional body that is dedicated to supporting point that dictates the need to the needs of everyone involved in assessment, moderation, organise ourselves into a facilitation, and ETD Practice. CIMAP is focused on creating a coherent representative body. voice for these critical players in education, training, and development field in South Africa.CIMAP strives to ensure that professional standards aremaintained and that the advancement of ETD Practitioners and CIMAP commits to maintaining standards of best practice asprivate providers are the central theme of our efforts. for the professionalisation of assessors, moderators, and ETD Practitioners in South Africa. CIMAP offers a professionalCIMAP seeks to explore fair and transparent practices that recognition pathway, Code of Professional Conduct and theensure maximum benefit to practitioners by creating a credible management of the Continuing Professional Developmentand respected professional framework, which has (CPD) programmes.accountability and competence as its central theme.Our board members and regional committee members have CIMAP further seeks to:invested their time and personal resources to establish a  Ensure the highest possible standards of excellence;professional body for the benefit of the entire community of  Achieve and sustain self-regulation in the industry;expert practitioners. CIMAP values our vision, mission and values.  Promote equitable contracting regimes;  Provide the framework for training, certification,CIMAP Mission - To promote Quality Education and Training competence and recruitment; and topractice through voluntary self-regulation while assisting our  Support and sustain the industry;members to achieve success through the provision of relevant  Address industry transformation;expertise, educational opportunities, business resources and  Resolve industry issues; andsocial & business networking opportunities. CIMAP values  Promote co-operation across the industries.inculcate - Integrity, Ethics, Accountability, Credibility, andDiscipline. Possibly the greatest challenge in this vast educational landscape is to unify a group of professionals that are engagedIt is easy to be a critic, sitting ideally by whilst others resolve at different levels, with different elements of the frameworkindustry challenges. CIMAP realises that it is essential to and across different sectors. This is also the very reason forformulate a coherent integrated strategy to face the challenges creating a professional body that can take up this role andof private providers and ETD practitioners. bear the responsibilities involved in driving the professional behaviour of members to create credibility in industry.CIMAP service offering: Setting and maintaining a professional standard through high Leonardo da Vinci in his quote below reminds us that it is levels of involvement with the community of expert practice; those individuals that actually did something in life that will be A Channel for CPD activities , events, seminars and counted. “It had long since come to my attention that people workshops hosted by approved training providers to assist of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to members to keep their professional knowledge current; them. They went out and happened to things“. Regular communication with individual members via the CIMAP website, electronic mail and other social networks; Yours in assessment excellence! Formulation of a personal development plan & verified skills passport; Deonita Damons (MSc, FCIEA, CEA U.K) 1|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  3. 3. 1Benefits of CIMAP Membership CIMAP Board MembersCIMAP promotes improvements in quality, transparency, and CIMAP Board Members came together as an industrytechnical standards through the publication of guidance and interest group. The initial engagement was to discussinformation notes, codes of practice, and by other appropriate current challenges and the lack of formal representationmeans. and consolidated submissions regarding legislative amendments.Among the benefits of membership are: Membership skills passport - based on members’ Members of the interest group agreed to establish an cumulative global experience; industry professional body that would lobby relentlessly for Regular updates, with opportunities for input into the the interests of our members. development process; Regular newsletters, briefing notes on technical issues, Members have volunteered their time and financial regulatory developments and appropriate events; resources for the benefit of all professional practitioners Access to a secure website, with beneficial downloads; and providers. The site also includes discussion forums, facilitating Regional structures will become the lobby groups, as communication between members and progressing the national position papers are prepared on behalf of CIMAP. Association’s overall work programme; Quarterly regional forums to tackle local issues; Structure and Activities Seminars and workshops on numerous topics of interest; ‘Single voice’ lobbying on regulatory matters, with client The CIMAP Management Committee, with direction and organisations and representation with other related support provided by CIMAP Board representatives, leads bodies; CIMAP. A platform to report unscrupulous and unprofessional behaviour from providers, assessors, moderators and other bodies; CIMAP Board Members CIMAPs work programme is set out on our extensive website at  Chairperson: Ms. D. E Damons MSc; (FCIEA U.K)  Vice-Chairperson: Prof. M. C. Mehl,Dissemination of Member Profiles  Prof. W. Goosen, (FCIEA U.K) (Convener StrategicCIMAP values the importance member privacy. CIMAP will not Alliances)compromise credibility of our members or distribute their  Mr. T. Tshabalala (Convener: SMME Development);personal information without their consent.  Dr. W. Guest-Mouton (Convener: Provider Forum);Members may elect to have their personal profiles shared withproviders and employers will be reflected in the member  Dr. M. Serfontein, (FCIEA U.K) (Convener: Professionalsection of the CIMAP website. Bodies and Associations);  Mrs. T. Moshoeshoe: (Convener Transformation)An updated list of constituency status will be provided toverified organisations on request and with your consent as set  Dr. K. Deller (Convener: CPD activities);out in the membership application form.  Ms. R. Pillay (M.Ed.) (Convener: Ethics andPlease note that CIMAP is a professional body that ascribes to Accountability);excellent professional standards.  Dr. L. Meyer, (FCIEA U.K); (Convener: Designations, Membership and International Relations);Please be vigilant when making your personal informationavailable to individuals that have no affiliation to the  Mr. P. Mathebula (MA); (Convener: Statutory Bodies);professional body.  Ms. A. Roode B.Comm. (Hons) (Convener – Quality Standards) 2|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  4. 4. Message from the Vice-Chairperson: We have in place a government that spends an inordinate amount of its budget on education. Prof. M. Mehl, Additionally it has signaled very clearly that education is a WHAT HOPE FOR OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM? major priority of government. From the didactic side is the fact that we now know more about how the brain works and how proficiency and competence develops in any area of human endeavour, than at any time in human history. In the last 20 years we have learnt 95% of what we today know of the human brain. Recent books on the subject propose a very seductive message: every human is born with unimaginable ability and capacity. We are capable of achieving anything we want if we go about it properly.The statistics are dismal. In January 2000, around 1.2 millionchildren enrolled in Grade 1 full of hope of a bright future. 12 This does not mean that the opportunity to achieve is theyears later in 2011, some 50 % of them only write the same for everybody – obviously, it is not – but rather that wematriculation examination. Around 50% of those who write are all born with stupendous potential. Some titles thatdo mathematics, not mathematics literacy – generally illustrate this by drawing on recent research include:regarded as a dead-end subject.  The genius in all of us: David ShenkOf those who write mathematics, around 30% only achieve  The Talent Code: Daniel Coylemore than 40% of the marks while just 12% of them get more  Talent is Overrated Geoff Colvinthan 50% - around 36000 in all. So, of the 1.2 million who  Outliers Malcolm Gladwellstarted 12 years ago, just 3% of them pass mathematics with  The Myth of Ability John Mightonmore than 50% of the final mark. to indicate but a few.That this is a disaster is obvious. Its impact plays out further The challenge, of course, is to translate this research intoup the line when we compare the number of engineers our reality in the lives of every individual. Few people getuniversities produce in comparison, per capita to a country anywhere near to realizing this potential and, in fact, thelike India, or indeed any of the rapidly emerging economies. majority of people in all likelihood, do not even believe it!While we need not lionize mathematics, it is a fairly good How can this be changed?gold standard for some measure of quality in educationprovision. While everybody can read the research, some of the ideas we all hold about talent, intelligence, genetic endowment andAnd in truth we seem to constantly be going in the opposite creativity of individuals are so deeply entrenched, that meredirection. The pass mark at school level is now 30%. Imagine reading is unlikely to change it.that! A learner can be blissfully incompetent in 70% of asubject and can still be deemed competent enough to “Pass”. We all have the experience of schooling with its inherent intellectual hierarchy that firmly embeds the idea that “someI notice in a recent copy of the QCTO Newsletter that the (few) have it but many do not”. It is surprising how manyissue of Fundamental learning – mathematics and people carry this measure of “relative cleverness” with themcommunication – in SAQA qualifications (as minimalist as through their life.these were in the first place) has been “refined” and a partqualification – “Foundational Learning Competency” – is now Very few people regard themselves as capable of genius ininterposed. any field will have begun.Why do we always keep lowering the bar instead of raising it We have a unique opportunity in South Africa to do this on aand developing the methodologies that enable? national scale. The advent of CIMAP is an important contributor to the effort at re-conceptualization and renewalThe irony of the situation in South Africa is that we are now of our prevailing system of education.better equipped than at any time in our history to bringabout dramatic improvements in the situation. 3|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  5. 5. The centrality of dynamic assessment, carried out within a Message from Dr. W. Guest-Moutonframework of intensive, sustained and knowledgeableendeavour focused on improving not only the capabilities of (Convener – Provider Forum);the individual, but of the nation as a whole, should not be Registered DHET FET Provider Forumunder-estimated. The Chartered Institute for the Management ofTo change individual perceptions, people need to experience Assessment Practice (CIMAP) is committed to taking thetalent development in their own case. This means that lead in the process of professionalisation of the sector.individuals need to be enabled to do something, which theydeemed impossible for themselves. However, not only Stakeholders established CIMAP during 2011 anddoes each individual need to be enabled, he/she must practitioners, including DHET registered FET providers,understand the mechanism used that made it possible. So assessors and moderators now have a platform tothe methodology for talent development must be made articulate collective needs in a democratic structure.explicit so that it never appears to be some magic available Our immediate priorities are:only to a few. • Providing professional membership for practitionersThe research is unanimous in identifying “Deliberate and stakeholders, including assessors, moderators,continuous assessment with immediate feedback that and DHET registered FET providers (corporateenables persons to “try-fail-try again” with success at ever membership). (Accredited providers will be eligibleincreasing levels of competence in fields as diverse as to join CIMAP if they have proof of registration withmathematics, sport, music, art etc. Even within a much DHET as corporate members), (providers in theshorter timeframe than years individuals start seeing phases of their registration process as corporatesignificant indicators of improvement in their competence affiliate members).levels. • Constructively addressing the challenges facing private providers operating within the SETA ETQAIf this process can be initiated in areas in which the environment. These challenges include protractedindividual has always struggled, then the enabling process payment complications, securing programme approval and external moderation dates fromProfessor M C Mehl ETQAs, ineffective communication channels etc.10 April 2012 • The imperative need to strengthen the formal relationships with the regulators, industry professional bodies, and collective and representative bodies must be lobbied immediately.CIMAP Annual Industry ETD Awards; We must embrace the opportunity to stand together asTraining Providers may apply for CIMAP blue, bronze, silver, professionals and participate as active members for ourgold and platinum status awards. collective sustainability!A rigorous validation process is applied. The awardcategories include: Please send all provider input on green papers and regulatory policy frameworks affecting our industry to Dr  CIMAP top 50 Training Provider Awards; Wilma Guest-Mouton  Assessor and Moderation Awards;  Annual ETD Practitioner Awards. LIST OF DHET FET COLLEGES: We can no longer afford to sit idly by – vUySM%3d&tabid=36 hoping that someone will look after our interests! 4|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  6. 6. Message from Dr. L Meyer Members will be required to attend at least three CPD activities per annum to retain designations. The Professional Body will(Convener Designations, Membership and provide a register of approved providers and activities. It will beInternational Relations) up to individual members to select their own activities in relation to their personal development path. Every reform was once private opinion. Ralph Waldo Emerson All members that are constituently registered Assessors and Moderators may progress to the Practitioner level onCIMAP membership and designations are an important application once they have attended three CPD activities.differentiator when engaging the services of an ETD Modules offered by the Chartered Institute of AssessmentPractitioner. Organisations making use of Assessors, Practice U.K are very specific and will allow members toModerator and ETD Practitioners will have a credible level progress to different status levels on the successful completionof assurance in relation to individual’s capacity, of modules by submitting a Portfolio of Evidence.qualifications and experience.Most individuals that complete Assessor, Moderator or Qualifications and experience are central to the awarding ofETD Practice training are not provided with adequate professional designations. Applicants will be expected tomentoring and support. Said individuals are placed in a prepare a portfolio and may be requested to meet with members from the designation committee to present reflexiveuntenable position of attending training for a week, and competence.then being expected to participate in a complexenvironment with limited support. CIMAP values credibility Membership Designationsin assessment, and stands by our value proposition thatconfirms quality in assessment, moderation and ETD Members may use the following acronyms behind their namespractice. once the relevant CIMAP membership committee hasCIMAP Membership is available to: endorsed their applications in writing: 1. Student members  Student Member - Open to anyone with an interest in 2. Constituent Assessors assessment. 3. Constituent Moderators  Affiliate Assessor - Affiliate Membership is open to 4. ETD Practitioners anyone with an interest in assessment, and confirmation 5. Corporate Membership of achievement of the national assessor standard 6. Private FET and HET Training Providers (ACIMAP).  Practitioner Assessor - 1-3 years experience inMembership Designations educational assessment, and must have achieved a 1. Affiliate Members National Diploma (NQF 5) (PCIMAP). 2. Practitioner  Fellow Assessor - Fellowship is available to the most 3. Fellow experienced and expert practitioners in educational 4. Chartered Assessor assessment and a NQF 6 level qualification (FCIMAP). 5. Master Assessor – Top Award  Chartered Assessor (CCIMAP). Master’s degree and five years of educational assessment experience. Membership Articulation Path  Master Assessor (MCIMAP). Doctoral degree and extensive assessment and moderation experience. Affiliate Assessor Applying for evaluated membership designations: Applications for membership status reassignment will be Master accepted by CIMAP. Please apply on the CIMAP website and Practitioner Assessor supply supporting documentation to ! Chartered ‘Does anybody really think that they did not get what they Fellow had because they did not have the talent, the strength, the Assessor endurance, or the commitment?’ Nelson Mandela 5|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  7. 7. 1 CIMAP Professional Designation Progression ‘Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world’. Nelson Mandela6|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  8. 8. THE CHARTERED INSTITUTE FOR The CPD website allows you to analyse your own skills, to analyse the skills of those members of the team with which youEDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT (U.K) work and to look for advice and guidance to support those specific skills or to improve them.CIMAP has a working relationship with the CharteredInstitute for Educational Assessment U.K. The CIEA website is the most comprehensive source of educational assessment information available online. Here youThe Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors is a can search through over 8,000 periodicals, articles, researchprofessional body dedicated to supporting the needs of reports and other documents about educational assessmenteveryone involved in educational assessment. from all over the world.CIEA members include everyone involved in assessment, from Members can access the full range of information by loggingsenior examiners, moderators and markers to individuals with into the members area in the box on the top right of thean interest in or responsibility for assessment in primary screen. Non-members and visitors to the site will be able toschools, secondary schools, colleges, universities, training view abstracts of articles and journals only.centers and other educational organisations. The CIEA campaigns on behalf of members are designed toMembership of the Chartered Institute of Educational provide a voice for the assessment community and raise theAssessors will cement your position as a member of the profile and relevance of effective educational assessment, asassessment community, providing you with access to a well as the contribution it makes to of likeminded professionals as well as the latestthinking in educational assessment and a range of exclusive Through the campaigns, the CIEA aim to engage with a varietyproducts and support services. of leading stakeholders, including the education community, government, the media and the public."It is the Institutes ambition to confer recognised status onits best practitioners. The integrity of the examining process The CIEA has developed a matrix, or framework ofand the credibility of the results it produces depend upon the competencies, known as the Professional Framework, based onoften unrecognized and underestimated skills of examiners. It the current activities performed by educational assessors. Thisis timely to recognise, help develop, and make official the Professional Framework will help to inform our thinking of thecontribution they make to the educational life of this types of courses and support that educational assessors requirecountry." - Dr Julian Pattison, Deputy Head, Wolverhampton in order to fulfill their role more effectively.Grammar School Members may access a number of educational routes in assessment including:CIMAP Members qualify for the following discounts from  CIEA Post Graduate Diploma in Educationalmid June 2012: Assessment could be for you. R 120.00 per year ostgraduate_diploma.aspxMember: R 145.00 per year  Master’s Degree in assessment. The ProfessionalFellow: R 280.00 per year (Must meet requirements) Masters Programme fees vary according to the academic year and status of the applicant.Normal fees directly paid to the CIEA are: The first step in formulating the relationship between the CIEAAssociate: £25.00 per year and CIMAP was for a selected group of Assessors to completeMember: £45.00 per year the Chartered Assessor Training. Candidate CEAs had to submitFellow: £80.00 per year a Portfolio of Evidence over a twelve-month period. Five South African candidates were awarded the converted CEA statusCIEA Continuing Professional Development (CPD) related after their PoEs were assessed as and resources are extensive and provide an in-depthview of the skills and competencies associated with the The CIEA and CIMAP will be presenting a number ofProfessional Framework. interventions in South Africa for CIMAP members. 7|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  9. 9. Message from Dr. Karen Deller Message from Mr. Tsidiso TshabalalaConvener on CPD Activities (Convener SMME Development) & Dr. L. MeyerThe basic premise of Continuing Professional Development Entering the market place as a new provider does not(CPD) is that professionals have to make a commitment to mean you are a “fly by night”. Without proper supportcontinually update their skills and personal and professional structures, and a coherent structure for engagement andcompetence. CPD is most critical in professions that face evolution, the ETD system is geared to set individuals andconstant change and have a huge impact on the well-being of SMME organisations up for failure.others. Providers and ETD Practitioners must actively sculpt theirPart of the CIMAP philosophy is that assessors and future. Individuals and organisations entering the privatemoderators are the backbone of the skills revolution. We provision space have very different needs than providersliterally make the difference between a successful and and practitioners that have been working in the system formeaningful skills development initiative that encourages a number of years. Transformation, BBBEE opportunitieslifelong learning and a weak and demotivating one. The and development agendas must be supported in astarting point of the typical three day assessor course is coherent and structurally defined manner, as we drive thesimply not enough to create sufficient technical competence agenda of make informed decisions about a learner’s level ofcompetence. Providers in the FET space that have a record of accomplishment of excellent assessment and provisionMembers will be required to attend at least three CPD practice must be afforded a level of trust and the ability toactivities per annum to retain their CIMAP designations. progress as is evident in the HET sector.Potential CPD providers will be required to submitprogrammes to the CIMAP CPD board for inclusion onto the Peer review mechanisms are a global norm, and welllist approved developmental opportunities. In addition, developed in the SA HET sector. A cautious aversion isformal higher education qualifications will also be considered however evident in the FET sector, as many providers thatwhere their content is deemed by the CPD board to offer lack maturity are not aware of the benefits of sharing bestcontinuing professional development for assessors or practice mechanisms with peers.moderators. An inadequate mentoring system exists to ensure thatAll members that are constituently registered Assessors and providers and assessors can be supported in the bestModerators may progress to the Practitioner level on possible way, and within the realm of their respectiveapplication, once they have attended at least three CPD requirements.activities. CIMAP will play an active role in ensuring that differentThe CIMAP board plans to keep the CPD system simple and as categories of members and organisations affiliated to usinexpensive as possible, while retaining the absolute need to are supported in the best possible way. CIMAP will activelyensure that all assessors and moderators who are members seek to engage with ETQA’s, SAQA, the QCTO and otherdiligently spend time enhancing their professional skills so relevant statutory and regulatory bodies to ensure that thethat training and development in South Africa continues to go playing field supports our members in the best possiblefrom strength to strength on the back of quality assessment way.practices. CIMAP appreciates all member input in this regard, and weAny provider wishing to apply to have courses registered for look forward to your active participation as a CIMAPCPD should please contact or with their proposal and letter of intentto provide CPD courses. One can never consent to creep when one feels the compulsion to soar. Helen Keller 8|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  10. 10. Dr. M. Serfontein In the event that one applicant is the member of a professional body, employers will view this in a positive light.(CEA U.K) (Convener – Professional Bodies and Members of profesional bodies are regulated by aAssociations); & Dr. L Meyer professional code of conduct and professional standards of excellence.Professionalisation of industries through the development ofprofessional recognition frameworks has been a pivotal More importantly professional bodies regulate and enforceprocess in systemic change. Professional certification of member conduct, and may sanction members that fail tonumerous industries in South Africa has seen the evolution comply with prerequisite standards of ethics and professionaland structuring of industries including payroll, marketing, conduct.labour recruitment, beauty, health & skincare and realestate, financial services etc. Embracing A New ParadigmCIMAP values the pioneering work done into the registrationof professional designation instruments onto the NQF. The Assumptionchallenges the current definition of "professionalqualifications" has posed systemic historic challenges.CIMAP believes that Professional Bodies must be afforded an Reinforce Values Quality ofopportunity to play a momentous role in representing their and Truths Conversationconstituencies. CIMAP will play a national, collaborativevoice within the given constituency, in relation to educationand training. For too long professional bodies have had tobecome accredited as training providers to gain some kind of Quality Thinkingidentity within the education and training environment inSouth Africa. To gain maximum benefit from your membership to aIndustries need their professional bodies to play the role of professional body, you must must:referee, rather than player. This implies that professionalbodies should be moderators and standards setters for  Become involved and actively participate in theeducation in their industries, and be supported and have an professional body;active membership base.  Access the network of professionals;  Educate yourself on member benefits;Critically embracing change requires an industry to embrace  Participate in CPD activities.a new paradigm, critically engage with assumptions and thefacilitation of quality conversations. This will consequently CIMAP memberships provides access to qualifications, theallow for the facilitation of quality in thinking processes. The use of membership designations, discounted education andconsequence will permit growth or reinforcement of historic training opportunities, admission to a wide knowledge base;beliefs. and the chance to network with concurring professionals. CIMAP allows members the opportunity for keeping abreastThe main objectives of Professional Bodies and Association of recent developments in assessment; moderation and ETDhave always been to originate and promote the general Practice. As a member, it is important that you get involved inadvancement of individual industries and the fortification of regional structures or steering committees, contributingmember’s interest. Professional Bodies are normaly not-for- directly to the running of CIMAP.profit organisations formed for a particular profession thatfurthers the interests and development of its members and Taking control of your career and your professionalof the profession itself. development, displays to your employer that you are ambitious and dedicated to advancing yourself professionally.Employers that are faced with screening job applicants areable to differentiate very little from presented CV’s. Each In a global climate where many well-qualified individuals arepossesses the same category of information in a generic competing for limited employment opportunities, no one cancontext. New incumbants often display analogous placement afford not to take advantage of every opportunity to add tocapabilities and lack “real-world working experience.” your skill set and make you stand out as a professional! 9|P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  11. 11. Message from: Ms. A. Roode Message from Prof. W. GoosenB.Com. (Hons) - (Convener - Quality Standards) (FCIEA U.K), - (Convener Strategic Alliances)Quality is the backbone of assessment and moderationprocesses whilst values form the foundation.Quality in assessment means: Competent and productive candidates who are able to reflect and committed to their life-long learning journeys; Ethical and mindful assessors and moderators who are vigorous in their quest for credible assessment practices; Outcomes that encompass knowledge, skills, attitudes The development of strategic alliances and protocols for and values that are linked to personal effectiveness reciprocity promotes the advancement of international and national goals; best practice in assessment. Assessment practice globally Processes and practices through which assessors and has the opportunity to develop in both the educational moderator skillfully apply outcomes-based sphere as well the field of performance assessment. Much methodology with well-designed materials for work is still needed to consolidate thinking to present credible recognition and growth. assessment as a uniform practice for both learning and workplace achievements.Vision: Creating a common picture of quality assessments and Assessment is the basis of adding norms and value to achieving it through teamwork. human life, thus at the core of creating recognition. Recognition however enables human motivation, as itOur immediate goals are: allows the individual the opportunity to quantify To develop quality standards and best practice achievements and subsequently understand his or her own guidelines for Assessors and Moderators; achievements and challenges so much better. To develop a Competence Framework for Assessors Through the clarity the individual can plan, the skills set and Moderators. and develop a personal vision for future achievements. Assessment enables us to see what where we are, so thatSome challenges in our system include: we may plan where will go! Insufficient guidance at national level; Lack of trust between stakeholders;. Limited professional development. Complexity creates confusion, simplicity focus. Edward de BonoOur approach: We appreciate the system with its challenges and complexity. Regional Conveners We value the collective effort and recognize the need to collaborate at national level. . Please contact CIMAP for the name of your closest regional We apply lateral and systems thinking in our approach representative. – to planning and problem solving. Regional Conveners:Stakeholder input: S. Louw, N. Khumalo, P. Lala, P. Oaks, C, Kekana, M. Your contributions in the development of the quality Billington, D. Van Rooyen, D, Padayachie, P, Mugumo. standards are needed and appreciated because it is the right thing to do.I am looking forward to working with individuals andorganizations that are passionate about quality standardsand believe that together everyone achieves more! 10 | P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  12. 12. Membership Benefits Advocacy A professional body can only lobby to the extent of its Professional Recognition and membership support. All professional assessors, moderators Designations and ETD Practitioners should join CIMAP. Once members have demonstrated that they have A group of industry practitioners that recognised the need for the requisite experience, a cohesive and credible voice has started CIMAP. CIMAP is a qualifications and skills, you professional body that will lobby government and regulatory may join CIMAP and add the institutions for tangible benefits to our members. appropriate letters behind CIMAP opportunitiesyour name known as designations. Designations confirmyour status against predefined criteria that must be CIMAP will focus on finding career advice and uncover newcomplied with. Designations also confirm the levels of industry resources. Getting the most out of any professionalexpertise and qualifications of practitioners. association membership is like anything else in life -- you are going to get out of it as much as you put into it! CIMAP wouldCredibility and uncompromising quality are at the heart of like members to actively participate in all structures and driveCIMAPs existence. the industry forward.Information, Advice and Communication CIMAP Memberships opens a pathway to join the rapidlyCIMAP offers member’s access to industry news, surveys, expanding world of the professional; national members andreports, updates, career information, jobs, and details of an international community of like-minded individuals andevents. CIMAP communicates regularly with members organisations. Membership presents opportunities forthrough communiques and newsletters. competition, professional recognition and access to educational forums.Networking OpportunitiesCIMAP has regional networking and professional Referral Servicedevelopment events that members may attend to confirm As a core benefit to CIMAP members, is that CIMAP willcurrent developments in our sector. CIMAP conferences will maintain an online database of members and their areas ofoffer tremendous networking and research opportunities. expertise / specialisation (with their permission).Career Development Corporate referrals for prospective clients looking forContinuous Professional Development (CPD) is essential to assessment, moderation and ETDP services will be done forforge a successful career. Professional development will members.include access to local and international experts. Support systemPublic Relations and Marketing CIMAP Members can take advantage of formal coaching orCIMAP will actively market to stakeholders on the scope and mentoring relationships with assessors that are morebenefits of CIMAP and our industry. experienced, moderators and ETD Practitioners.CIMAP will seek to ensure the expansion of opportunities Mentors will provide guidance and useful insights. Suchfor or members. By investing in research and building relationships can be a source of answers and solutions whenalliances, CIMAP will focus on building credibility and you’re facing a challenging situation. Mentoring will allowposition. members a support network behind you can boost your confidence when problems arise.Professional bodies are growing their membership globally.The value of professional bodies cannot be overstated. Yours in assessment excellence! You may feel like a voice in the wilderness, but it is your CIMAP Board and Members. voice we are waiting to hear…you are the determining factor. Neale Donald Walsh Author 11 | P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2
  13. 13. CIMAP SUPPORTS WOZA ONLINE – A DTI INITIATIVE – FREE PROFESSIONAL WEBSITE FOR SMME COMPANIES PREDEX LMS: “Whatever your business, with our simple to use tool you can get your own website up and running in under DEAR TRAINING PROVIDERS, an hour - for FREE! MAHALA! GRATIS! No catch.  Do you require a seamless process to upload to SETA’s, with no delays due to failure to adhere to Simply choose your template, add a few details about your business, tell people how to contact you and press SETA specifications? publish. It’s time to Woza Online!  Do you require a simple, effective alternative to tracking learner programme information? Heres what you get:  Are you wasting your valuable time on calculating learner achievement credit values? FREE easy-to-build professional website  Do you require a streamlined searching, assimilating, FREE sub-domain name on FREE hosting and administrating accreditations? FREE access to training materials and workshops  Design, print, and administrate your own certificates. FREE custom domain name for the first 10 000  Print professional learner achievement reports with participants for one year**” the click of a button.  Do you want to control who has access to your data with an effective security system? Childs Play - Parent Involvement  SMS your students notifying them of their latest Programme assessment results.  Predex LMS offers all of the above-mentioned Your child’s mind-set stems from her beliefs and this functionalities and many further advantages in a cost influence her thoughts. Her thoughts determine her effective manner. actions. Her actions have a positive or negative result. Andrew – 0823859047 Beliefs are the assumptions that we make about ourselves, about others in the world and about how we expect things to be. Beliefs are about how we perceive things. Our values stem from our beliefs. Negotiated Member Benefit  BEE Exemption Letters – R 860.00 (Ex Vat) Their vision and mission also determine a person’s self-  Full BEE compliance audits (dependent on size of esteem and confidence. A vision is a statement of who organisation). you are and who you can become. It is the framework for the process of creating your life, based on your  Full accounting services (including invoice beliefs and values. preparations, SARS compliance etc. requirements from R 1800.00 per month. A child who knows and understands her uniqueness and  Please contact: Dirk on / who has a DREAM will be inspired and remain focused. / 012 546 8622 Some parents live their lives through their children because they have not taken responsibility to create their own dreams when they should have done so. This is UNISA FREE AFRICAN LANGUAGE very selfish and the child will not value ‘care – and - COURSES – OFFERED ONLINE – respect’ as a result thereof. Contact us: Amanda - 082 551 049712 | P a g e © C I M A P 2 0 1 2