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APA Presentation at CCALD Meeting 5/4/2012 at Middlesex Community College

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Ccald rev.

  1. 1. APA Databases Global Links to the World ofPsychology and Behavioral Sciences CCALD Rob Kolton Neil Lader May 2012
  2. 2. Discussion Topics• APA Background & Mission• APA’s Newest Family Members• Family of Electronic Products• Librarian’s Resource Center• Questions & Answers
  3. 3. American Psychological Association• Founded in 1892• Its mission is to advance the creation, communication, and application of psychological knowledge to benefit society and improve people’s lives• The largest psychological organization worldwide
  4. 4. For APA as a Society, Two Major ConstituenciesAPA Members Libraries• 137,000 members, • Very supportive of affiliates, and APA publications student members • Partners in delivering• 46% academic professional knowledge• Subscribe to journals to researchers, students, in large numbers and others• Now buy access to electronic products
  5. 5. APA’s Family of Databases• PsycARTICLES ®, full text of essential journals• PsycBOOKS ®, full-text scholarly titles from APA and other publishers• APA Books® E-Collections, full-text scholarly titles from APA only-ownership model• PsycCRITIQUES ®, APA’s database of book reviews• PsycEXTRA ®, APA’s gray literature solution• PsycINFO ®, the discovery and finding tool• APA Handbooks in Psychology™, a new reference series covering emerging subdisciplines
  6. 6. New and Now Available• PsycTESTS™, a research database that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, and other assessments as well as descriptive and administrative information for each instrument• PsycTHERAPY™, a database of more than 300 therapy demonstration videos featuring master clinicians working with individuals, couples, and families
  7. 7. PsycTESTS ™
  8. 8. PsycTESTS Comprehensive Test Coverage• Primary focus is on unpublished tests—those developedby researchers but not made commercially available• Covers not only tests in psychology, but those in relateddisciplines such as education, social work, humanresources, marketing/advertising, and others• About 76% of the content contains full text of tests• Commercially available tests indexed by APA are alsoincluded, with links to purchase the instrument from thepublisher
  9. 9. PsycTESTS Comprehensive Test Coverage•Now providing access to over 3,300 actual testinstruments from more than 4,700 total records. APA isnearly halfway to its goal of 10,000 records by the end of2012.• Most records link to a variety of materials describing thetest in peer-reviewed literature, technical reports, ordissertations as well as links to related peer-reviewedliterature describing test development, review, or use• All records include a summary that describes the test,with its purpose and some history of its development
  10. 10. PsycTESTS High-Quality Records and Search Features• Each record includes data on the scope of the test, testimplementation, a high-level overview of the testsdevelopment, and reliability and validity data (when available)• Browse tests using the test name or acronym, author,construct, or year and get directly to the test record• Or, create detailed searches across a variety of customizedfields such as construct, index terms, author, format,population, and so on• Search results integrate with other APA databases, offeringa unified display for improved discoverability
  11. 11. PsycTESTS Authoritative Sources• Tests include those compiled from:  A systematic review of peer-reviewed journals published by APA, Hogrefe Publishing Group, and other large publishers;  Technical reports from PsycEXTRA®;  Contributions from individual test authors;  Collections from the Archives of the History of American Psychology;• Records are created by skilled indexers with deepknowledge of the psychology literature• Links provided for each instrument to source documentationcontaining a full citation, DOI for the full text, and a link to thePsycINFO® or PsycEXTRA® record
  12. 12. PsycTESTS Content CoverageSome examples of the diverse array of subject areas and the types ofmeasures, scales, inventories, questionnaires, and tests included:•Aptitude and Achievement • Personality AssessmentMeasures • Aggression, Coping, or•Neuropsychological Assessment Functional Status Questionnaires•Educational Measures • Occupational Measures•Intelligence Tests • Racial/Ethnic Identity Scales•Developmental Measures • Resilience, Anger Response, or•Competency Measures Substance Abuse Inventories • Military Testing•Scales for Beliefs,Relationships, or Expectancies • Tests from the Archives of the History of American Psychology (AHAP)
  13. 13. PsycTHERAPY ™
  14. 14. PsycTHERAPY Authoritative Content for Learning Excellence•Contains only unscripted, spontaneous therapysessions taped in the last 10 years• Designed for students, faculty, and professionals inpsychotherapy and counseling• Specifically developed to show how master therapistsuse different approaches and techniques with individuals,couples, and families• Includes both most frequently practiced approachescurrently and lesser-known therapeutic models•More than 300 streaming videos—230+ topics /
  15. 15. PsycTHERAPY Authoritative Publications• APA has produced highly regarded educational therapydemonstration videos since the mid-1990s• All videos in PsycTHERAPY were originally taped inconjunction with the APA Psychotherapy Video Series andwill only be available in PsycTHERAPY• Allows viewers to observe unique qualities each therapistbrings to applying a given therapeutic approach in aclinical setting, including his/her successes and near-missesin doing so
  16. 16. PsycTHERAPY Completely Searchable• Each video is coded with index terms and metadataabout participants, session content, and therapeuticapproaches demonstrated• Cross-searchable with other APA databases•MARC records can be downloaded from theLibrarian’s Reference Desk in the AdministrativeTools section of the platform. Growing Collection• Content to be added biannually
  17. 17. Synchronized Video TranscriptsEach video has a synchronized transcript that scrolls along as the session progresses, highlighting the content being spoken. Viewers can skip to desired sections by clicking on the corresponding text.
  18. 18. PsycTHERAPY Other Flexible Tools for Functional Content• Users can tag and customize content to create short clips• Playlists can be shared within a class or smaller group orthe user’s immediate institution Access•Available only to institutions via APA PsycNET•Access available only to authorized, authenticated users•Users will be required to enter a validating code orpassword for access
  19. 19. PsycINFO ®
  20. 20. What Is PsycINFO?• The largest resource devoted to peer-reviewed literature in behavioral sciences and mental health published worldwide• Over 3 million abstracts and nearly 50 million cited references• Updated weekly• Data from 1800’s to present• Virtually 100% of records from 1967 to present have abstracts
  21. 21. PsycINFO CoverageJournals Books• 80% of database • 8% of database• Nearly 2,500 titles • 3%: authored/edited books covered • 5%: edited book chapters – 99% are peer-reviewed • Psychological relevance – Cover to cover indexing of 1,500+ journals – Articles from remaining Dissertations & Other journals selected for • 12% of database psychological relevance • From Dissertations• 40 titles added Abstracts Intl. since 2011 (A and B)
  22. 22. Breadth of Coverage• Psychology • Linguistics• Psychiatry • Medicine• Business • Nursing• Criminal Justice • Social Work• Education • Sociology• Human Resources • Psychopharmacology• Law • Physiology
  23. 23. Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms• Foundation of all APA databases• Ensures precise retrieval• Annual update with new terms• Indexers & subject experts identify new terms• 8,400 + controlled terms and cross-references• Hierarchical, alphabetical, & subject arrangements• Emerging trends, new areas of research
  24. 24. PsycINFO Quality Standards• Careful evaluation – Relevance – Standards of presentation – Regularity of publication, etc.• Nearly 50% of journals submitted for inclusion in PsycINFO are rejected
  25. 25. PsycINFO Abstract Quality• Professional information analysts – PsycINFO staff write or edit abstracts to accurately reflect content – Indexers use of controlled thesaurus vocabulary that ensures precise retrieval – Rigorous quality-control checks
  26. 26. PsycINFO 2012 Reload•A new identifier will be inserted into the currentTests and Measures field in PsycINFO, allowingseamless transition from a test in the Tests andMeasures field in PsycINFO to the test records inPsycTESTS®•A new field has been created and PubMed IDnumbers will be added to PsycINFO records.
  27. 27. PsycARTICLES ®
  28. 28. PsycARTICLESPsycARTICLES is a database of full-text articlesfrom peer-reviewed journals published by the APA,Canadian Psychological Association, and Hogrefe & Huber – Covers 85 journals and contains more than 159,000 articles – Updated weekly as issues are released to the database – Average currency is about 3 days after print issue is mailed
  29. 29. APA Journals Program: ISI Impact Factor ®• 100% of all APA journals (peer reviewed) have Impact Factors – Psychology-Multidisciplinary: 5 journals in the top 10 of 111 journals – Psychology-Clinical: 3 journals in the top 10 of 93 journals – Psychology-Applied: 2 journals in the top 10 of 63 journals – Psychology-Educational: 2 journals in the top 10 of 44 journals
  30. 30. PsycARTICLES• New Titles added in 2011: -Law & Human Behavior -Peace & Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology -International Perspectives in Psychology: Research Practive & Consultation -Psychology of Popular Media Culture -Sport, Exercise & Performance Psychology -Psychomusicology: Music, Mind and Brain
  31. 31. PsycARTICLES• APA implemented its archiving policy in 2002 in response to libraries’ desire to retain access to digital repositories of journal articles• Customers retain the right to access only those articles added to the database during the years they licensed PsycARTICLES (but not access to any other content in the database)• In addition, the 1894-1984 archive collection that was added to PsycARTICLES in 2005 is not covered by the archiving policy
  32. 32. Portico Perpetual Access• APA has designated Portico as an official delivery platform to provide perpetual access to APA journals to participating libraries• APA journals available through PsycARTICLES are covered
  33. 33. PsycBOOKS ® orAPA Books ®E-Collections You Now Have a Choice!
  34. 34. PsycBOOKS or E-Collections• Single access point to a complete collection of authoritative titles in a subject area• A response to the growing demand for electronic book content, especially in library sector• Electronic access to content expands its research value
  35. 35. PsycBOOKS or E-Collections• All the content and functionality of each book as published—tables of contents, front matter, back matter, illustrations, look and feel of the printed page PLUS • All of the added value of a database classified and indexed by PsycINFO
  36. 36. PsycBOOKS or E-Collections• Indexed by PsycINFO information analysts using the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms• Classified with the same subject classification scheme used for other APA electronic products• Abstracts for all chapters are informative – Complete summary of major points• Licensees retain right to access new titles from the previous copyright year entered into PsycBOOKS during each year that the license was active, but not the backfile of releases from prior to active license period
  37. 37. APA Books PsycBOOKS E-Collections • 882 APA-published scholarly and professional books • APA-published scholarly • Nearly 2,300 classicContent and professional books resources in psychology • Exclusive electronic release of Encyclopedia of PsychologyFull-Text Yes YesPDFAnnual One-time purchase with Annual subscriptionRequirement renewable access fee
  38. 38. APA Books PsycBOOKS E-Collections • APA PsycNETSearch • EBSCO • APA PsycNETPlatform(s) • Ovid Technologies • ProQuestLicense Type Own LeaseTime Period Copyright years 2001 From 1620 throughCovered through 2012 2011 copyright year* *12-month embargo on content. Copyright year runs July 1 - June 30 of each year. Monthly updates to PsycBOOKS will include content from 2011 copyright year on a rolling month-to-month basis following the embargo period.
  39. 39. APA Books PsycBOOKS E-Collections12-MonthEmbargo on Newly No YesPublished BooksUpdates Annual (full copyright year) MonthlyMARC Records Yes Yes Single fee, site-based Tiered by institutionPricing Model pricing type and FTE levelConsortia Discounts Yes YesTotal # of Chapters Over 7,000 Nearly 46,000
  40. 40. PsycCRITIQUES ®
  41. 41. PsycCRITIQUES• Searchable database of full text reviews of current books and popular films, videos, and software, written by subject experts• Approx. 9-12 reviews released weekly, and more than 500 reviews published annually• Includes over 40,000 reviews from 1956 to present• Includes Contemporary Psychology backfile from 1956 to 2004• Licensees retain right to access books entered into database during the period license was active, but not the back file of releases from previous years
  42. 42. PsycCRITIQUESApplications• Use for collection development by librarians & course work by faculty• Introduce students to the literature• Track the impact of important books on the evolution of psychological topics
  43. 43. PsycCRITIQUESFunctionality• Links from PsycINFO record for the review to actual review• Searchable database provides access to bibliographic references, abstracts, and full-text reviews• Links from review to PsycINFO record to view table of contents
  44. 44. PsycEXTRA ®
  45. 45. PsycEXTRAGray literature is incredibly valuable to the researchprocess • Access to the increasing amount of scientific information now published outside of traditional peer-reviewed scholarly journals or books• Provides access to content for professional or lay audiences that might otherwise be missed• Materials include conference papers, research reports, policy statements, standards, newsletters, magazines, newspapers, brochures, fact sheets, annual reports, and more
  46. 46. PsycEXTRA• Scope – Covers psychology, behavioral science & health – Includes digitized content from the Archives of the History of American Psychology (AHAP) collection• Hybrid database – Includes abstracts, citations, and indexing, plus full text for a portion of the records (over 70%)• Selection standards – Providers and content evaluated for credibility and subject expertise
  47. 47. PsycEXTRA• Size of PsycEXTRA database – More than 247,000 records – 30,000 + records added yearly – Updated biweekly • PsycEXTRA is a complement to PsycINFO® and there is no overlap of records • Licensees retain right to access books entered into PsycEXTRA during the period license was active, but not the backfile of releases from previous years
  48. 48. APA Handbooksin Psychology ™ Series
  49. 49. APA Handbooks in Psychology Series • Industrial & Organizational Psychology— Available • Ethics—Available • Educational Psychology—Available • Research Methods in Psychology—Available • Addiction Syndromes—May 2012 • Counseling Psychology— June 2012 • Behavior & Analysis—August 2012
  50. 50. APA Handbooks of Psychology• Ideal resources for libraries and institutions• One-stop shop for both overviews and in-depth analyses of a variety of sub-fields within psychology.• Different purchase options for electronic and print versions are available to institutions• Contains vital resources and thoughtful analysis to satisfy educational needs of beginners as well as those more advanced in their studies.
  51. 51. APA Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology • Studying and affecting behavior within and between individuals and organizations • International group of contributors, thereby offering a global view of organizational development and work life • Theoretical and applied perspective • Relevant information in both core and emerging literature • One-time purchase of 3-volume set•
  52. 52. APA Handbook of Ethics in Psychology• Investigates the complexities of ethical behavior in clinical, educational, forensic, health, and “tele-” psychology• Reflects important recent advances in research and technology that present new opportunities and challenges for practice and scholarship• Takes a serious look into some burgeoning new areas such as life coaching and providing services over the Internet.• One-time purchase of 2-volume set
  53. 53. APA Educational Psychology Handbook• Includes state-of-the-science reviews of diverse critical theories driving education research and practice• Investigates in-depth the range of individual differences and cultural/contextual factors that affect student achievement, motivation, and beliefs• Closely examines research driving current assessment, decision making, teaching skills, teacher prep, and promotion of learning across life span and with special populations• One-time purchase of 3-volume set
  54. 54. APA Handbook of Research Methods in Psychology• Opens with the broadest questions related to research design, including which designs are most appropriate for which question, and how to think about research design ethicality and feasibility• Describes types of data most often collected and how to determine the best measurement techniques for the research purpose• Also covers issues of research design and design options, as well as techniques for data analysis• One-time purchase of 3-volume set
  55. 55. APA Addiction Syndrome Handbook• Background and History of Addiction• Distal and Proximal Influences on Addiction• Characteristics and Consequences of Addiction• Recovering from Addiction• Prevention of Addiction• One-time purchase of 2-volume set
  56. 56. APA Handbook of Counseling Psychology• Reviews traditional areas of counseling psychology including human strengths, well being and prevention.• Insight into new & emerging areas of counseling• Emerging areas include cultural context, dimensions of diversity and the role of work in people’s lives• Also covers expanded roles for counseling psychologists in new settings, contexts and with new populations
  57. 57. APA Handbook of Behavior Analysis• Reviews most important areas of contemporary laboratory research in behavior analysis• Comprehensive coverage of the logic, clinical utility and methods of single-case research designs• Guides the reader through design, data collection and data analysis phases• Also includes chapters devoted to particular behavioral/ development disorders with reviews of what works and where additional research is needed• Appropriate for students, researchers and clinicians concerned with best practice
  58. 58. APALibrarian’
  59. 59. APA Librarian’s Resource Center• Product descriptions, updates, & coverage lists• Licenses & policies (archiving, appropriate use, course packs, and ILL)• Pricing & vendors• Training & user support (tutorials, etc.)• Application guides provide database search hints & sample searches by topic—available in English and several other languages
  60. 60. Thank you!