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Waste Conversion


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Waste carbon to commercial carbon for greener society

Published in: Environment
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Waste Conversion

  1. 1. LLP Singapore run 4 Project Name: Waste Carbon to Commercial Carbon for Greener Environment 1 Project lead: Yao Zhiyi Team member: Babu Cadiam Mohan, Alvin Salim Mentor : Margaret Ong
  2. 2. Problem and Opportunity 2 LandfillCarbon black waste generatedOil refinery plant 2.74% Singapore oil production percentage to world’s total oil production 809 Amount of waste produced daily in Singapore (in tons) 2.54 Singapore oil production daily (million barrels) 29400 Amount of waste produced daily worldwide (tonnes)
  3. 3. Our Solution and Benefits 3 Nano carbon black Carbon black waste generated Vanadium Chemical Process Our Competitive Advantage 1 2 Turn waste to products with economic value Zero carbon emission
  4. 4. Key Insights from Interview Number of Interview : 37 4 6 START END INSIGHT Oil Company currently sell waste to cement manufacturer (low value product) INSIGHT INSIGHTINSIGHT INSIGHT Vanadium is economically unviable because of low yield and low market price Nano-carbon wholesale price S$ 500-600 /ton High value products have higher level of profitability (e.g solar panel fire retardant and tyre) Demand for carbon from tyre industry is high (1 company requires 6000 tons/month) High end product compositions are company intellectual property and differ by companies, requires extensive product testing for comparison INSIGHT Vanadium Option Nano-CarbonProcess formulation High value product
  5. 5. 5 Most Viable Option 11/15/2018 $ Singapore market potential (405 ton/day) Competitive price even for small scale production (30 tons/day). Current price is S$ 500-600 /ton Low-medium risk option Assumption
  6. 6. 6 End product manufacturers (e.g fire retardant coating) Wholesalers of raw materials of carbon related products (direct sell) Oil refinery plants Equipment Daily revenue vs cost (30 ton) Cost : S$ 4500– S$ 5500 Revenue : S$ 6000 – S$ 7000 Net profit percentage : 20% - 25% Sales of Carbon Lower cost carbon Business Model Canvas Market research (interview, market report) Lab work (product testing) Waste management conference & exhibitions Carbon-related products magazines Chemicals Manpower Zero CO2 emission Cheaper disposal rate Gate Fee Oil Refining Companies
  7. 7. 7 Our learning journey Tyre Fire retardant coating Carbon black waste Nano carbon products Vanadium products Water proof coating Activated carbon Low yields (15 kg/day) Small market size (US$6.23 million) Low profit margin US$ 0.87/kg Unfamiliar with the fabrication process Unknown competitor’s product specification Learning Challenge • Better at interview • How to analyse market data • Underestimate the effort required for LLP • Lack of organization for effectiveness
  8. 8. 8 What’s Next? VALIDATION Focusing on Singapore for further validation TAKE IT FURTHER OVERSEAS MARKET Participate in program such as GRIP to do concept proof Identify overseas market model by replicating the same framework or licensing formulation process
  9. 9. Thank You