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One Space


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One Space connects users based on shared interests. Users browsing the Web can communicate with each other
as well as with users located in the physical world. As a cyber-physical social network, One Space enables new
and enhanced services with the following features - adhoc socializing, social shopping, targeted advertising,
on-demand location specific information.

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One Space

  1. 1. OneSpace Cyber Physical Location based Services Mohan Ash Joe Ashraf Christian
  2. 2. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 3 TIME LINEQuest for a compellingValue Proposition Bootcamp F&B Discovery Platform We surely can live with out it. Travel Planning Local Guides Maybe we can live with out it.
  3. 3. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 4 TIME LINEQuest for a compellingValue Proposition On-Demand Location specific Information Retail Discover Local Products Challenges are business oriented not technological. Desktops are old school. Google and Facebook are killing the show.
  4. 4. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 5 TIME LINEQuest for a compellingValue Proposition Disaster Communications Licensing It’s not the end. Just the beginning. We build in-house.
  5. 5. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 6 To Summarize (Total 44 interviews) # Application Feedback Sample 1 Travel 14 2 F&B 18 3 Retail 7 4 Physical-Cyber 9 5 Licensing 3 6 Disaster 1 Key Insights • Cyber Physical is a feature not a product • Interactions need to be focused around a specific topic • Social needs to be supplemented with other validation mechanisms • In retail challenges are business oriented not technological
  6. 6. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 7 A simplified timeline of Opportunistic Matching on the Web SOCIABLE WEB VIRTUAL PLACES PALFREYMAN COBROW COCOBROWSE ODIGO GOOEY CSCW3 ICQ SURF T MESSENGER KALAS EPLACE GAMA MALL COCOBROWSE I2I LIVEMAPS LLUNA WEBLIN PAPAGELIS 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Commercial Systems, 900,000 + users at peak popularity 3 years after the creation of WWW Web Awareness Protocol Proposal The Golden Age Decline in Interest and Emergence of Online Social Networks 3 Million Users
  7. 7. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 8 Why social needs additional validation mechanisms? Would you want to share pictures of your daily activities online? Would you want to frequently post your thoughts or opinions online? Would you be open to answering questions from strangers online?
  8. 8. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 9 Why social needs additional validation mechanisms? Asking the “right” questions! More importantly OBSERVE don’t just ask “It is very difficult to ask the user base what they want” ~ about socializing, Dr Heinreich Wolf
  9. 9. LLP FINAL PRESENTATION 10 The Road Forward 1. Travel 2. Social • Develop API to evaluate feasibility of integrating with Tineri end of November • Validate other geographies • Evaluate if combining efforts with Travello is synergistic • Focus on research to enhance socialization aspect of OneSpace • Continue customer validation with addition mechanisms in parallel
  10. 10. THANK YOU