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A Sample TM Campaign Developed from a Live Event


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From a live event - a tournament luncheon - we created a transmedia marketing campaign involving a story, an e-blast and a social media platform. The story: sportsmanship.

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A Sample TM Campaign Developed from a Live Event

  1. 1. REAL EVENT
  2. 2. What is transmedia communications? Taking your brand, developing a story with it across multiple platforms - so that your audience can participate. BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS
  3. 3. Who is your audience? What do they care about? Need a POSTIVE emotional connection Go deeper than “saving money”
  4. 4. Story Bible: Story World EVOKE POSTIVE EMOTION • • • • Date of Event(s) – MICRO/MACRO Date of content release - TIMING What are the things your audience cares about? Do they have to overcome conflict/drama/adversity? • What goals do they want to achieve? • How does your product/service help?
  5. 5. LIVE EVENT Dogwood League matches EMAIL Weekly Tournament Reports Tennis Apparel LANDING PAGE Facebook FIAT online salesperson’s page
  6. 6. What happens next? What’s the most compelling story for this audience? What do they care about most (back to story Bible)? • Grand Slam? NO • The Game? NO • Team Spirit NO • History/Heroic Players NO • Coaches/Pros NO • Charity – giving back? YES • Looking good (apparel)? YES Create our weekly email reports to focus on the charity component and apparel. How does this sell cars? FIAT is sponsoring the e-blasts that their audience CARES about.
  7. 7. Measure Know Your Audience Analytics confirm what compels our audience to keep moving across channels and what doesn’t. • Constant Contact – Click Throughs (not opens) • Facebook Insights • Google Analytics on landing pages
  8. 8. What happens next? Contribute to branded entertainment and not the fractured noise. Start your “Story Bible” & Flow Chart Now