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How Public Relations Still Works


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Published in: Business, Education
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How Public Relations Still Works

  1. 1. L&LC2(914) 450 9598listen@lehmannandlehmann.com CASE STUDY: HOW PUBLIC RELATIONS ADDS TO THE BOTTOM LINE FOR AN ART SCHOOL Craft Museums Stores Community Colleges Growing Art School with New StudentsBuilding and sustaining meaningful relationships with “industryinfluencers” is an essential part of a successful offline marketingstrategy.Creating and sustaining long termrelationships with peoplewhere everyone has a chance and/or reason to “play” is the key to thisstrategy. 1
  2. 2. L&LC2(914) 450 9598listen@lehmannandlehmann.com jewelry design school located in Fairfield County, CT contracted us toprovide public relations/building community awarenessfor three monthsin their first year of business.The results of the below three month strategy were done without anemail or social media campaign and/or a compelling, e-commercedriven website.We carefully selected community alliances and in all cases but one, coldcalled them to set up meetings.Community Alliance’sAlliance Set up ContributionBy L&L C To Our Client’s First Year GrowthLocal and popular craft Offered a one time use of their mailing list ofstore in business 15 years over 2,000 to promote the new school. This is marketing gold and for “free” Besides “monetizing this relationship,” we were pleased with a meeting which brought awareness from the very successful craft store.Nationally Offered our client to teach a jewelry makingRecognized Museum course at their museum’s monthly “Maker’s Night,” a do-it-yourself workshop series. L&LC2 client can “convert” these one time students to take a class at the school.Regionally One time use of their mailing list over 1,000 forRecognized a “studio visit” to promote the new school.Museum Invitation to use their gift store to display jewelry. Students can be motivated to sell their 2
  3. 3. L&LC2(914) 450 9598listen@lehmannandlehmann.com Alliance’sAlliance Set up ContributionBy L&L C To Our Client’s First Year Growth work.Senior Citizen Center Client teaches 8 week course to 40 students for “free” These students can either convert to enrolling at the school; they are also a prime referral source.Community L&L C initiated meetingand chose not toCollege attend.Jewelry Design Accreditation were not addressed by schoolDepartment owner. Still and yet, L&LC2 encouraged meeting and explored how school could get accredited. Owner not interested.Fashion Institute of L&LC2 client not interested in pursuingTechnology, New York relationship.CityCommunity College L&LC2 Client not interested in pursuingJewelry Design School relationship.State government L&LC2 set up a conference call, but again“Culture & Tourism” client not interested in alliance.CommissionCalculating rate of return (ROI) on any marketing investment is a trickyproposition. How can we quantify relationships, anyhow?If we look at the seven relationships we initiated for our client in a threemonth period – which ones of these will be truly fruitful over time?We used the traditional ROI formula = (profit-investment withL&LC2)/investment with L&LC2.The art school will make over 200%on their investment with us if they can convert only 1% of the qualifiedart student prospects delivered to her through the seven relationships.* 3
  4. 4. L&LC2(914) 450 9598listen@lehmannandlehmann.com*This calculation does not take into account “time” or “operational costs”(besides marketing expenses). 4