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How Data Supported A Transition to a Mobile Friendly Website


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By comparing data points from year over year, L&L Transmedia proved to its client that it made the right investment in making its website render properly across multiple platforms and operating systems.

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How Data Supported A Transition to a Mobile Friendly Website

  1. 1. Ettinger Law Firm Analytics Report Mobile Adaptation with Justia Completion May 2015 L&L Transmedia 1
  2. 2. Tested site as of 6/22, renders well on iOS 5/6, iPADs, Androids, Laptops and PCs L&L Transmedia 2
  3. 3. L&L Transmedia worked with Justia and Ettinger Law Firm from September 2014 to May 2015 • With approximately 180 emails and over ten phone calls to Ettinger Law Firm, their vendors, Justia/web developer, www.trustlaw was adapted to “look and feel” like the branded original site and to function well on mobile devices. • These emails also included fresh and new content as platforms freed up space. Staff photograph as new banner, “Q&A” Ask Attorney Michael Ettinger. • Navigation had to be adjusted and additional offices added. • Other content had to be repurposed – map and video. L&L Transmedia 3
  4. 4. Data Report Comparing May 2014 to May 2015 Estate planning blog is an almost 90% increase in sessions (525/May’15 vs. 276/May’14) EP Blog top content in May ‘15: First blog post (SEO is working – but this platform is not optimized for mobile) 1. PROs vs. CONs of dynasty trust 2. Owners can be buried with pets 3. Establishing gun trusts 4. Inheritance Trusts L&L Transmedia 4
  5. 5. Data Report Comparing May 2014 to May 2015 EL Blog Top Content - These blogs need to be “mobilized”; demonstrated by average time on post (which is not an accurate metric, but other benchmark key performance indicators show that the blogs should be adapated). 720 v. 403 (up 78%) Most recent EL post 1. Medicaid asset protection 2. Spousal refusal 3. Senior financial exploitation 4. Medicaid homecare programs 5. Medicaid eligibility 6. Irrevocable trust 7. Protecting assets from nursing home costs L&L Transmedia 5
  6. 6. 5,206 v 4.895 sessions Home Page 2674 v. 1505 (2014) Top Pages 1. Medicaid asset protection trusts 2. Upcoming seminars 3. Contact us 4. Trustee duties upon the death of the grantor 5. Practice areas 6. Elder Law Estate Planning (Why Choose ELF) 7. Spousal Refusal 8. Mission Statements 9. Michael Ettinger L&L Transmedia 6
  7. 7. Data that Supports Mobile Adaptation Desktop traffic (April ‘14 vs. April ‘15) is down 15% because of the increase in mobile. Mobile traffic is up 35% for the same period. Tablet is down 14% (not sure what this means). 77% New Visitors 22% Returning Visitors Bounce Rate is down to 65% Acquiring most traffic (64%) by organic search. Only 16% of direct traffic are putting in browsers Your ad/website link with 27 East is working to refer traffic to your site L&L Transmedia 7
  8. 8. L&L Transmedia 8 Most interesting data from your website. Information on visitor demographics = Boomers and Seniors are the same (those recorded)
  9. 9. May 2014 - 113 email confirmations via site May 2015 - 122 This is a really important metric that correlates with the amount of home page visitors. Only .05% of visitors convert. Please contact Alexandra Lehmann at (914) 450-9598 with any questions. L&L Transmedia 9