Mount Prospect Public Library


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Champagne Dreams on a Minimal Budget: Cost Conscious Library Space Designs
ALA Annual 2009 (Chicago)
July 11, 2009

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Mount Prospect Public Library

  1. 1. Mount Prospect , Illinois NW Suburb of Chicago Population: 56,000
  2. 2. Mount Prospect Public Library Architect: Meyer, Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. Contractor: The Meyne Company, a Division of Bulley and Andrews, LLC Owner Representative: Owner Services Group Space Plan: Library Planning Associates, Inc.
  3. 3. Expense Category Budget Pct. Bond / Finance Costs $ 286,000 1.3% Professional Service Costs 3,878,000 18.1% Building & Site-Related Costs 13,375,000 64.0% Fixtures/Furnishings/Equipment (FF&E) 2,190,000 10.2% Contingency 1,361,000 6.3% TOTAL $ 21,450,000 100% Project cost
  4. 4. Cost savings Non-monetary benefits 1976 building designed for Center of village future expansion Anchor for a revitalized Saved 30% construction downtown business area cost versus new Close proximity to other Eliminated costly site studies municipal buildings Eliminated need to Pedestrian friendly purchase land Easy walking and biking Found temporary location Shared parking with Village requiring minimal upgrade Hall Kept space plan current by updating every few years Staying at same location and re-inventing building re-
  5. 5. Then Now 50,000 square feet 101,000 square feet Dark brown interior No dark interior brick brick Painted walls Dark almost black floor Mix of flooring tile types/colors Long dark entry Large windows and Narrow windows natural light Heavy oak paneling Interior is bright and Orange carpet reflects light Technology “unfriendly” Larger openings/doors Technology flexible 1976 and 2004
  6. 6. 1976 and 2004 - Meeting Room
  7. 7. 1976 and 2004 - Entry
  8. 8. CONSTRAINTS: Could not afford the third floor schemes Could not afford to move the entry to face Village Hall DECISION: Maintain the same building “footprint” Keep essentially the same travel patterns and layout
  9. 9. 1976 and 2004 Entry Design
  10. 10. 1976 and 2004 Entry Design
  11. 11. Light box
  12. 12. Etched glass wall
  13. 13. Upper lobby area
  14. 14. Stairwell to second floor
  15. 15. Windows Natural Light
  16. 16. Ceilings Visual Interest
  17. 17. Add picture Ceilings - •Added height on the second floor •Barrel lighting (alternate in construction bid) •Result – dramatic change and a very different feel than the first floor
  18. 18. Teen Zone “Our” Space
  19. 19. Teen Zone
  20. 20. Faux stone Eucalyptus wood contrasted with makore (color similar to mahogany) Textured carpet on second floor Colorful carpet in Youth Services Terrazzo and cork flooring Lighting - brightly lit service desks Using color and texture
  21. 21. Jewel Box – 1st floor Light Box – 2nd floor Strong rich colors Muted colors Green, blue, purple Texture based Fun Higher finishes Energy Calming Using color and texture
  22. 22. Youth Department
  23. 23. Brightly illuminated desk draws patrons to the service area. Carpet colors, light boxes and painted walls. Youth Services desk
  24. 24. Family Place / Early Literacy
  25. 25. Preschool area
  26. 26. “The Portholes”
  27. 27. Youth color boxes provide interest and fun to the room. Youth Color Box
  28. 28. Monty the Duck
  29. 29. Fondly called “the caterpillar”
  30. 30. Perimeter study areas
  31. 31. Adult Business Grade School
  32. 32. Delayed purchasing art Delayed putting in a snack/drink area Installed infrastructure for fiber optic and WIFI but didn’t implement until a few years later Other cost savings
  33. 33. Plan now, save later. You can re-invent an outdated building if the structure is sound for renovation and expansion Tight design of the work and public space. Use - mix of color, texture, materials In conclusion
  34. 34. Marilyn Genther, Executive Director Cathy Deane, Deputy Director Public Service Tom Garvin, Head of Building Services Tim Loga, Head of Computer Services (847) 253-5675 Contacts at MPPL
  35. 35. Thank you