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Craniofacial surgery Dr Milan Knezevic


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Craniofacial surgery Dr Milan Knezevic

  1. 1. When thisangel comes tothe world hiswonderfulaspect is thenicest imagewe can feel…
  2. 2. However, inearly stagesafter birth, itmust bechecked outa state ofcranialsutures andwe know thatthey are….
  3. 3. Cranial deformity is produced when the bones of the skull fuse too early
  4. 4. From 2001 to 2008142 patients operated 46 females 96 males
  5. 5. Ages of treated patientswere from 6 months to 32months with mean age atthe time of surgery of 12,7 months
  6. 6. 142 primary surgical procedureswere performed26 secondary surgical proceduresneeded to be done (as correctionor as scheduled second phasesurgery)
  7. 7. 77 cases of Scaphocephaly25 cases of Trigonocephaly16 cases of diverse craniofacialsyndromes(6 Crouzon´s; 5 Aperts; 3 Pfeifers;1Seathre-Chotzen and 1 clover-leafskull)15 cases of Anterior Plagiocephaly9 cases of non syndromic multiple-suture synostosis
  8. 8. Complications after first Surgery:16 postoperative hyperthermias11 cases of infection7 subcutaneous hematomas7 cases of Dural tear2 cases of CSF leakage
  9. 9. Complications after secondary surgical procedure 23 cases of Dural tear 19 cases of CSF leakage 15 cases of infection
  10. 10. Patient´s (Parent´s) Respond toSurgical Outcome:119 defined them as GOOD23 Conclude that they were BAD