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Electronic Portfolio


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Electronic Portfolio

  1. 1. Electronic Portfolio Linda Carlisle 2009
  2. 2. Section 1: RR Donnelley Logistics January 2001 to August, 2004 Served as Director, Brand Development at RR Donnelley Logistics, overseeing all aspects of internal and external communications and market research for the $1.1 billion division.
  3. 3. Sample Clients LL Bean Collin Street Bakery Sundance Union Bank of California Lillian Vernon J Crew JC Penney Harry & David Franklin Mint Starbucks QVC  HSN
  4. 4. The Challenge Establish a brand identity for the Logistics  Division that leveraged the positive brand  equity of RR Donnelley the Fortune 500  Printer… But which could establish the Logistics  division in the market as a Trucking,  Warehousing and Distribution Powerhouse.
  5. 5. The Strategy Position the company as  ECONOMICAL, RELIABLE, and EASY TO USE… …a thought leader in the logistics industry.  Plan and implement a marketing program that integrates the messaging for 6 distinctive  service groups: ‐‐ package logistics ‐‐ print logistics ‐‐ expedited freight Create a distinctive look and feel and  internal/external positioning for the new division.  Campaign components included…
  6. 6. Tactics Increase Visibility ‐‐ In order to raise awareness and establish desired  perceptions as Economical – Reliable – Easy to Use Advertising Trade Shows PR/Publicity/Editorial  Web Direct Mail Educational Events Speaker’s Bureau Sales Support Internal Communications ‐‐ Align enterprise around the brand Market Research ‐‐ Understand perceptions of RRDL vs Competitors Satisfaction/Loyalty Employee Satisfaction Brand Awareness/Perception Channel Co‐op Marketing
  7. 7. Results Established Package Logistics brand as cost  leader in the consumer direct package  distribution market Became major media resource on Postal  Logistics, UPS postal strategy and Postal  Reform Facilitated seamless integrated of  acquisition targets through managed  organizational change communications Grew Logistics division from $300 million  to $1.1 billion
  8. 8. Trade show  graphics Design by DKY Campaign Slogan
  9. 9. Design by DKY Trade Ad Position RRDL as thought leader on Postal Reform
  10. 10. Trade Ad  Emphasizing that  the RRDL  Package  Distribution Solution was  the low cost leader. Design by DKY
  11. 11. Trade Ad  Emphasizing that  the RRDL  Package  Distribution Solution was  the low cost leader. Design by DKY
  12. 12. Trade Ad  Emphasizing that  the RRDL  Package  Distribution Solution was  the low cost leader. Design by DKY
  13. 13. Trade Ad  & Direct Mail  Holiday Premium  Emphasizing that  the RRDL  Package  Distribution Solution  was the low cost leader. Design by DKY
  14. 14. Trade Ad  Puts a human face on the RRDL Service as a result of  Customer Satisfaction  research findings that  indicated that service  responsiveness was an  area for improvement Design by L. Carlisle
  15. 15. Design by DKY Direct Mail
  16. 16. Sales Presentations Design by DKY
  17. 17. Design by Alexander Marketing Sell Sheets
  18. 18. Educational campaign : white  paper, webinar & promotional ad Designs by L. Carlisle, B. Patnaude
  19. 19. Section 2: Client Projects dba The Marketing Department, LLC. August, 2004 to Present Started The Marketing Department, LLC in August 2004. Served as Business Development, Account Services Leader and Creative Director for all Accounts.
  20. 20. The Small Business Marketing  Department, LLC A full service marketing firm supporting the needs of  entrepreneurs in the greater Chicagoland area. Services include: Strategic Brand Development  Marketing & Communications Planning  Marketing Research  Advertising & Sales Collateral  Web Development  Public Relations
  21. 21. Sample Clients Bensinger DuPont US Cellular The Appraisal Institute AV W.A. George Insurance Dennis Keith Experience Fiberoptic Studio Black Tie Draperies Merchant Payment Options Island Girl Salvage Everett & Associates Financial CFO‐Pro Lakeshore Consulting Encore Performance, LLC
  22. 22. Design by D. Karson Sell Sheets
  23. 23. Design by L. Carlisle Ad Series
  24. 24. Design by L. Carlisle Self Mailer Brochure
  25. 25. Design by L. Carlisle White Paper
  26. 26. Design by L. Carlisle Newsletter
  27. 27. Design by L. Carlisle Case Studies
  28. 28. Design by L. Carlisle Tri Fold Brochure
  29. 29. Design by L. Carlisle Seasonal Ad
  30. 30. Brochure Exterior Spread Design by L. Carlisle
  31. 31. Design by L. Carlisle Interior Spreads
  32. 32. Design by L. Carlisle Postcard Mailer
  33. 33. Design by L. Carlisle Website
  34. 34. Design by L. Carlisle Newspaper Ad
  35. 35. Pocket Folder/Brochure with Individual Sell Sheets Design by S. Wachtel
  36. 36. Design by L. Carlisle CD Cover Self‐Mailer
  37. 37. Brand Guidelines and  Marketing Plan Design by L. Carlisle
  38. 38. Brochure – Self Mailer Design by D. Karson
  39. 39. Design by D. Karson Pocket Folder
  40. 40. Design by L. Carlisle, D. Karson Stationary and Templates Ad
  41. 41. Design by M. Klug Website
  42. 42. Design by L. Carlisle Magazine Ad
  43. 43. Design by L. Carlisle Stationary and Templates
  44. 44. Market Research and  Marketing Plan Logo Designer unknown
  45. 45. Design by L. Carlisle Brochure
  46. 46. Design by L. Carlisle Website
  47. 47. Design by L. Carlisle Self Mailer Brochure
  48. 48. Section 3: Sawgrass Technologies May, 2007 to December, 2008 Served as Director of Marketing (communications) and Creative Director through major re‐branding initiative.
  49. 49. Clients Original Client Base :  Small mom‐and‐pop entrepreneurs working in  the t‐shirt and novelty gift industry. Target Client Base : Maintain and grow original market. Establish cohesive corporate brand identity in order  to attract commercial and industrial customers
  50. 50. The Challenge Establish a corporate brand identity for  Sawgrass Technologies that unified all of  the individual product brands. Develop a brand architecture that  leveraged & built upon the corporate brand. Improve the perceptions of the company in  the existing markets. Establish brand awareness in the target  commercial and industrial markets.
  51. 51. The Strategy Position the company as  CUSTOMER‐CENTRIC, RELIABLE, and GREEN… Plan and implement a marketing program that builds awareness, controls perceptions and  drives sales, while integrating the messaging for  distinctive product lines: ‐‐ desktop products for the entrepreneur ‐‐ mid‐level products for the mid‐tier business ‐‐ commercial productions products for  commercial/industrial businesses Create a distinctive look and feel and brand architecture  for corporate level and product  level brands.  Campaign components included…
  52. 52. Tactics Increase Visibility ‐‐ In order to raise awareness and establish desired  perceptions as Customer Centric – Reliable – Green Advertising Trade Shows PR/Publicity/Editorial  Web‐based Promotions and Events Direct Mail Educational White Papers and Events Speaker’s Bureau Sales Support Develop Professional Image and Brand Identity that  unifies Packaging Design Trade Show Properties Advertising, Collateral, Website Market Research ‐‐ Understand pain points of Distribution Channel
  53. 53. Results Established Corporate Brand Architecture Designed cohesive brand identity and  packaging design for product brands Created award‐winning trade show booth  featuring new brand identity Combined 6 separate websites into a single  site based on Content Management System  Architecture  Wrote Green Ink positioning paper and  executed  Green publicity campaign
  54. 54. Design by D. Taylor Ads
  55. 55. Website  powered by  Content  Management  System Design by Bluekey Web Design
  56. 56. Design by D. Taylor Company Brochures
  57. 57. Design by D. Taylor Trade Show  Booth Properties
  58. 58. Design by D. Taylor Packaging Redesign
  59. 59. Design by D. Taylor Sell Sheets
  60. 60. Branding Architecture covered packaging collateral, and usage  of all brand properties  of the company Design by D. Taylor
  61. 61. White paper describes how  Sawgrass water‐based ink Technologies are better for  the environment and Workplace safety than  competitive solvent based  inks. Paper was leveraged as  basis for speaking ops,  media outreach/editorial  ops and as a sales tool. Design by D. Taylor
  62. 62. Thank you for your consideration Please contact Linda Carlisle with questions. 630‐886‐3629 –