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Where’s the land of opportunity for self-driving cars?


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Our new Infographic shows that the countries testing self-driving cars aren’t the countries with most appetite for them.

Almost a quarter of professionals worldwide would consider buying a self-driving car – but the countries with most enthusiasm are those least likely to get the chance.

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Where’s the land of opportunity for self-driving cars?

  1. 1. Openness to buying an SD car when they become available drops off sharply among members over 27% 18-24 YEARS 36% 25-34 YEARS 25% 35-44 YEARS 22% 45-54 YEARS 16% 55-64 YEARS 10% 65+ YEARS ARE MOST OPEN TO SD CARS More than 4 in 10 members from India and UAE are open to buying an SD car UK sits at the bottom, just below USA and Australia 37% 30% 30% 28% 26% 23% 22% 16% 16% Half of all members that are open to buying an SD car are also in market for a VR headset in the next 12 months GLOBAL AVERAGE These respondents are also slightly less concerned with the rise of Artificial Intelligence Global Ave.32%28% VS SELF-DRIVING CAR WILL YOU PURCHASE A WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE? 28% DON’T KNOW 48% NO 24% YES 34+ DEVELOPING MARKETS 47% 44% 13% ONE MORE THING... 2x 50%