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What Should Marketers Really be Measuring?


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There has never been more pressure on B2B marketers to demonstrate their impact on driving pipeline and revenue results. But are we measuring the right things? Does click-through rate even matter? And have we seen the end of last-click marketing attribution? Is the key to effective B2B lead generation… fewer leads?

These are all questions we’ll be exploring in this presentation.

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What Should Marketers Really be Measuring?

  1. 1. Welcome and thank you for joining LinkedIn’s Live Broadcast • We will start the Live Episode at the beginning of the hour • Please note that the audio portion will stream through your PC/Laptop speakers. There is no separate dial-in option. Be sure to check your speakers to ensure they are turned on and that volume is at an audible level. • Please enter questions into the Q&A module • Check out the Resources module for the slides and related content • If you have any technical difficulties, please click on the Help widget BEFORE WE GET STARTED
  2. 2. What Should Marketers Really Be Measuring?
  3. 3. LACEY MIYAZAKI Insights Manager LinkedIn AJ WILCOX LinkedIn Agency Founder B2Linked PATRICK CHEN Group Manager, Demand Generation, Sales Solutions LinkedIn
  4. 4. AGENDA ➤ When to use ROI to make decisions ➤ Do top of funnel metrics matter? ➤ Qualified leads ➤ What metrics to use for each marketing tactic ➤ Biggest mistakes in measurement ➤ Full funnel marketing story ➤ How marketers are finding ROI on LinkedIn
  5. 5. “Marketers making headway on measuring their effectiveness to the business are taking an outcome-based approach to their metrics. Operating in this fashion allows Marketers to tether their measurement data to key business outcomes and drive the organization’s financial goals.” -VisionEdge Marketing
  6. 6. Defining ROI Return on Investment = Ad-Sourced Revenue ⁒ Ad Spend
  7. 7. “If you shut down all digital channels… you’re still going to see some sales. Sales won’t disappear… marketing is...incremental.” -John Lin, Sr.VP of Strategy andAnalyst Science, Epsilon
  8. 8. 8 EFFECTIVE MEASUREMENT happens when you can track your marketing campaigns through the sales funnel Landing page conversion Marketing qualified lead Opportunities created Closed won opportunities/# new customers Closed dollars/revenue
  9. 9. CTR (Click-through Rate): The amount of clicks in your campaign divided by the number of impressions or sends. CPL (Cost Per Lead): The amount of money you spend to acquire a lead. MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead): A lead that meets marketing’s benchmark for being considered a strong prospect. Usually qualified through analytics and/or a lead scoring system. Lead Score: The methodology marketing uses to identify MQLs. SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): A lead that Sales has vetted and qualified as a prospective customer. Marketing Automation System: Technology used to automate marketing actions to improve engagement and efficiency. CRM (Customer Relationship Management): Technology used to manage and analyze interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. Attribution There are 3 models for marketing attribution: first touch, last touch, and multi-touch. MEASUREMENT GLOSSARY
  10. 10. Two Case Studies show LinkedIn drives ROI for marketing through quality leads Though quality can mean something different to everyone Leads from LinkedIn (vs. not from LI) were more likely to become closed won opportunities, in less time Small and Mid-size Deals for Customer Opportunity Win Rates 5% more likely Median Sales Cycle 18% faster Leads from LinkedIn (vs. not from LI) took longer to close, but also contributed to ~3x larger closed won opportunities Enterprise Deals for Customer Median Sales Cycle 18% longer Median Deal Size 3x larger
  11. 11. Quality not Quantity Means Sales and Marketing Both Win Measure quality of marketing impact through the entire customer journey Sales Win: Sales spend less time on lower impact leads Marketing Win: Marketing receives revenue credit for attracting higher quality leads MQLs, SQLs ClosedWon Deals Opportunities LifetimeValue Vanity Metrics • can’t be linked to meaningful business goals • used for short term objectives and optimization Percentage of leads converting to…
  12. 12. LACEY MIYAZAKI Insights Manager LinkedIn AJ WILCOX LinkedIn Agency Founder B2Linked PATRICK CHEN Group Manager, Demand Generation, Sales Solutions LinkedIn Q&A
  13. 13. APPENDIX
  14. 14. Visitors Leads Opportunities Sales Satisfaction Retention Upsell Evangelism CUSTOMERS FULL FUNNEL MARKETING APPROACH
  15. 15. TACTICS METRICS Email Marketing open rate, returning visitors, form fills, MQLs, retention rate Search Marketing leads, cost per lead, form fills, MQLs Display Ads leads, cost per lead, form fills, MQLs PR Leads, cost per lead, returning visitors Paid Social Media leads, cost per lead, returning visitors, MQLs, form Gated Long-Form Content Form fills, MQLs, SQOs, SAOs Webinars Form fills, leads, cost per lead, SAO, SQO, close revenue, retention rate Demos / Trials Form fills, leads, cost per lead, SAOs, SQOs, close revenue, retention rate Your Metric Guidebook
  16. 16. Defining of ROI Marketing investments into three categories: ➤ Brand marketing ➤ Acquisition marketing ➤ Customer marketing
  17. 17. 17 MARKETING Leads MQLs SQLs SQO FUNNEL New Customers