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What LinkedIn Data Reveals About Modern Marketers


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More than 3.1 million active marketers around the globe are LinkedIn members. As you can see in the new infographic, “What LinkedIn Data Reveals About Modern Marketers,” LinkedIn profiles show that these marketers have a variety of responsibilities. They are marketing managers, social media planners, marketing communication managers, community managers, content marketers, demand generation managers, and digital marketers -- to list just a few.

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What LinkedIn Data Reveals About Modern Marketers

  1. 1. 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% EventM arketing/M arketing C oordinator D igital-D irectResponse W eb M arketing ProductM arketing M arketing C om m unications Brand M arketing C ontentM arketing M arketing Intelligence/Strategy SocialM edia M arketing Field/C hannelM arketing M arketing O perations Em ailM arketing D em and G eneration Agency Speaker,Influencer,Thought-Leader What Is the Breakdown in Marketing Roles? Today, marketers have specific roles and responsibilities that didn’t exist years ago. Based on data gathered from marketers' LinkedIn profiles, here are the most common marketing functions. What Are the Most Common vs. the Most In-Demand Marketing Skills? 3.1 Million+ Active Marketers on LinkedIn Currently there are more than 3.1 million active marketers on LinkedIn. These folks have LinkedIn headlines that read “marketing managers,” “social media planners,” “marketing communication managers,” “community managers,” “content marketers,” “demand generation managers,” and “digital marketers” to list just a few. Marketing has evolved. With technological advances, many marketing skills along with marketing functions have changed. For instance, building a brand and creating demand is not confined to PR and brand marketers. In fact, this responsibility is shared among all marketers, and this is reflected in the skills section of many profiles of marketers on LinkedIn. The skills marketers list in their LinkedIn profiles, such as “social media marketing” and “marketing event management,” do not necessarily match the marketing skills that are in the highest demand by companies doing the hiring. A report by LinkedIn and HubSpot, “The Marketing Skills Handbook,” found that the most in-demand marketing skills were not uniform across industries. Analyzing recruiter data on LinkedIn, HubSpot and LinkedIn showed that only “digital and online marketing” is both a highly common and in-demand skill. Database and Direct Marketing Social Media Marketing Digital & Online Marketing / Strategy Market Research & Insights Marketing Event Management Marketing Demand Generation SEO/SEM Marketing Digital & Online Marketing Channel Marketing Marketing Campaign Management More and more marketing functional roles of marketers now require digital skills. Currently (in 2015), “Social Media Marketing” and “Digital and Online Marketing” are the top two skills that marketers list. More than 360K marketers on LinkedIn list at least one of these two skills in their profiles. About 590K marketers have “Direct Response” or “Digital Web Marketer” in their title on LinkedIn. These titles are quickly catching up to the number of “Event” or “Field Marketing” titles. This doesn’t even include other more specific online marketing roles, such as “Demand Generation,” “Email Marketing,” and “Marketing Operations”. More than 930K marketers have “Online” or “Digital” in their titles. Increased Demand For Digital and Online Marketing Expertise Marketers on LinkedIn list at least “Social Media Marketing” or “Digital/Online Marketing” as a skill 360k 590k 930k Marketers have “Direct Response” or “Digital Web Marketer” in their titles on LinkedIn Marketers have “Online” or “Digital” in their titles The Most Common Skills in Marketers' LinkedIn Profiles The Most In-Demand Marketing Skills Based on Recruiter Searches on LinkedIn MODERN MARKETERS What LinkedIn Data Reveals About