Webinar: The Consumer Marketing Opportunity on LinkedIn


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Think LinkedIn is just a B2B platform? Think again. Seven out of ten consumer marketers now use LinkedIn to distribute content, including brands like Mercedes Benz, Fruit of the Loom, and Delta Airlines.

Understand what makes LinkedIn an ideal place for consumer brands to build trust and loyalty with their customers, and how your brand can engage them with the right content on LinkedIn.

This webinar presented exciting new research that revealed:

- How receptive LinkedIn members are to marketing messages from consumer brands
- Why the professional mindset on LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity for consumer marketers
- How opinions from professional peers influence personal buying decisions

Start building stronger connections with professional consumers on LinkedIn.

Watch the presentation here:

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  • Because this is a younger less senior audience, they are more likely to experience success. Build relationships now.
  • Which words would you describe the following content publishers?
  • If anyone asks, these are desktop only numbers until Comscore creates different data tracking.
    If your obective is to reach the most in one place, use LinkedIn because it is bigger.
    If your objective is to reach ALL the audience, LinkedIn gives you access to a NEW group of people not on any of these sites.
  • Highlighting thought leadership with Company Pages

     Raise the profile of the ADP brand
     Highlight company expertise beyond payroll and benefits administration
     Increase engagement and viral reach

     LinkedIn Company Page
     Targeted Status Updates
  • Delta Innovation Class is a mentoring program at 35,000 ft. Delta selects leaders in innovation on their way to events around the globe for the program. They’ll be sitting in the mentor seat. The seat next to them will be open. This is your chance to sit in that seat. We’ll fly you to the event, get you in to the event, and, most importantly, give you one-on-one access you might never otherwise get. The first passengers of Innovation Class were James Patten, CEO of Patten Studio and CEO of Pebble Technology, Eric Migicovsky,creator of the Pebble smartwatch, the most successfully crowd-funded Kickstarter project to date. And the site promises other equally compelling mentors on future flights. The program is a partnership with LinkedIn and contestants vying for these coveted seats use their LinkedIn profile to enter.
    While Delta continues to invest “ billions of dollars improving everything from booking to baggage claim” (source: Delta “Up” TV spot), this idea gives the brand credibility that they at least believe their claim, “ We are raising the bar on flying.”

    Each mentoring program resulted in more video content to continue the campaign conversation.
  • Because great-fitting underwear is the best way to start a fresh gig, Fruit of the Loom decided to surprise LinkedIn members starting a new job with free underwear.

    Global underwear and casualwear company Fruit Of The Loom will be sending free pairs of cotton underwear to LinkedIn users who have gotten jobs or changed jobs within the last 30 days.
    This is for the company’s “Fresh Gigs” promotion, which is part of their “Start Happy” campaign. The campaign has a theme that is based on the idea that putting on well-fitting and comfortable undies can lift the spirits and, thus, help people start their day in a great mood.
    For the Fresh Gigs promo, eligible LinkedIn users will receive a message that says the company is sending them a complimentary pair of underwear to help kickstart their workday at their “new gig.” The recipients will be able to select the style and size of their free men’s or women’s underwear. They will also be asked if they would like to share the promotion on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. The free pair of undies, which comes with a $5 coupon for a multipack, will then arrive in a gift box after a couple of weeks.

    To date, FOTL has provided 25,000 new hires on LinkedIn with “fresh fruit for your fresh gig” as part of their quest to help America “Start Happy.”
    The Fresh Gigs landing page has loads of interesting info, including:
    Where the Fresh Gigs are (broken down by state)
    Who’s getting the most Fresh Gigs (broken down by industry)
    The gender breakdown of Fresh Gigs
  • Recommending a colleague or peer on LinkedIn is nothing new. Winning them a two-year lease on a Mercedes-Benz is.
    We believe that great performance deserves great performance. So tell us about someone who exemplifies the "the best or nothing” work ethic that went into the all-new 2015 C-Class. You might earn them the performance bonus of a lifetime.
  • Webinar: The Consumer Marketing Opportunity on LinkedIn

    1. 1. The Consumer Marketing Opportunity on LinkedIn ™ Dial-in: 866-469-3239 Access Code: 926 370 258 Password: areyouin Twitter: @LinkedInMktg #LIprosumer
    2. 2. Ira Amilhussin Sr. Marketing Manager LinkedIn 2 #LIprosumer Forest Baker, PhD Head of Global Insights LinkedIn
    3. 3. Understanding professional consumers on LinkedIn Respondent ages: 18 - 45 Respondent seniority: Manager and below 50% / 50% Gender split Country Sample Size United States 608 Canada 307 Brazil 308 United Kingdom 311 Australia 307 3
    4. 4. Professional consumers on LinkedIn are… In an aspirational mindset Opportunity for marketers to align their brands with members’ professional success A premium quality audience Brand loyal, not price sensitive, with more buying power than other social platforms Influenced by their professional networks Opinions from their professional peers impact personal buying decisions A unique audience from other online publications More unique visitors with little duplication compared to other business and social sites 4 #LIprosumer
    5. 5. Premium quality audience A prime audience for high-consideration consumer products 5
    6. 6. of LinkedIn members 18-45 make household decisions 92% 6 #LIprosumer
    7. 7. They are also brand advocates willing to pay more “When I find a brand I like, I stick to it” “I’m typically willing to pay more for high-quality items” 86% 78% 7 #LIprosumer
    8. 8. Quality and benefits are more important than price % most important customer purchase factor Fulfills my needs Quality Price Trust it will perform as advertised Is new & different 45% 28% 14% 9% 3% 8 #LIprosumer
    9. 9. LinkedIn professionals have more buying power than other social platforms 251 185 160 128 111 LinkedIn Pinterest Twitter Facebook Tumblr comScore Buying Power Index 2013, Data. US only. U.S. Buying Power Index #LIprosumer
    10. 10. In an aspirational mindset Opportunity for marketers to align their brands with members’ professional success in a trusted environment 10
    11. 11. Professional success drives their large purchases 76% 66% 58% Consider a vacation Consider a new car Reward themselves 11 #LIprosumer
    12. 12. LinkedIn allows brands visibility around content that consumers feel is worthy of their time and innovative Worth My Time Wastes My Time Less Innovative More Innovative Size of circle indicates usage 12 #LIprosumer
    13. 13. Influenced by their professional networks Shared content among peers on LinkedIn impact personal purchase decisions 13
    14. 14. Now more than ever, LinkedIn members influence purchase decisions 1in4 25% “My LinkedIn Network is sharing more information about consumer brands than this time last year” “I seek out product information from my LinkedIn Network for personal purchases” 14 #LIprosumer
    15. 15. Now more than ever, LinkedIn members influence purchase decisions 51% “Trust information about consumer products that you see on LinkedIn” 58% “If someone on LinkedIn shared an update about a new product, I would be more interested in the product” 15 #LIprosumer
    16. 16. 2x more likely to trust the information provided by LinkedIn than other social networks and this drives purchases 51% 23% 14% LinkedIn Twitter Facebook % that trust the information from listed publishers* LinkedIn Twitter Facebook % personal purchases are influenced by the information published by these sources* 31% 25% 20% * Top 2 box 16
    17. 17. A unique audience Reach a distinct audience from other publishing platforms 17
    18. 18. LinkedIn reaches more professional consumers than most other key business sites 77% of LinkedIn users do not Visit NY Times.com 82% of LinkedIn users do not visit Forbes.com 85% of LinkedIn users do not visit WSJ.com 89% of LinkedIn users do not visit Cnet.com 13.7M Unique Monthly Visitors 8.8M Unique Monthly Visitors 6.9M Unique Monthly Visitors 9.9M Unique Monthly Visitors Apr’14 ComScore Cross Visitation data for the US. Base: 18-44 yr. olds 2.1M 2.8M3.5M 4.5M 19.2M Unique Monthly Visitors #LIprosumer
    19. 19. LinkedIn also reaches a unique audience among social media sites 13% of LinkedIn users do not Visit Facebook 58% of LinkedIn users do not visit Google+ 83% of LinkedIn users do not visit Pinterest 66.9M Unique Monthly Visitors 23.4M Unique Monthly Visitors 13.8M Unique Monthly Visitors 20.3M Unique Monthly Visitors 19.2M Unique Monthly Visitors 7.8M 3.3M8M 16.7M 59% of LinkedIn users do not visit Twitter Apr’14 ComScore Cross Visitation data for the US. Base: 18-44 yr. olds #LIprosumer
    20. 20. Consumers view LinkedIn as one of the most innovative publishers with increasing quality 2.5xMore likely to be called innovative than NYT, WSJ or New Yorker 2xMore likely to have improving quality than any other publisher Over 20 #LIprosumer
    21. 21. So what does this mean for marketers? Engage a prime audience of influential consumers with relevant content on LinkedIn ? 21
    22. 22. Why should consumer brands promote content on LinkedIn? 47% Read news or information from consumer brands on LinkedIn at least once a month 22 #LIprosumer
    23. 23. All Industrie s Auto CPG Retail Travel Upcoming innovations from the company 59% 59% 60% 60% 58% News about the company 55% 56% 55% 64% 45% News articles about the industry 54% 55% 59% 54% 49% Information about new products or services 50% 50% 53% 50% 49% General company information 46% 50% 47% 50% 39% Promotions and special offers 44% 37% 37% 45% 56% Over half the LinkedIn audience is looking for news, information & innovations from consumer brands 23 #LIprosumer
    24. 24. Across all industries, LinkedIn’s youngest members are demanding the most content. Especially about innovation. Topics of Interest Across ALL INDUSTRIES Male Female 18 - 24 Years Old 25 - 34 Years Old 35 - 45 Years Old Upcoming innovations from the company 63% 55% 68% 55% 54% News about the company 56% 54% 58% 56% 51% News articles about the industry 55% 53% 53% 59% 51% Information about new products or services 53% 48% 53% 45% 53% General company information 46% 47% 50% 50% 39% Promotions and special offers 45% 42% 46% 40% 45% Commentary from industry experts 48% 31% 46% 42% 43% How a product or service can improve your life 40% 39% 46% 34% 39% Updates on company social responsibility 34% 37% 40% 36% 30% Ways the company is considering the environment 33% 38% 42% 37% 28% Invitation to participate in company sponsored groups/polls 31% 37% 37% 26% 33% 24
    25. 25. In summary, consumer marketers on LinkedIn can... Align their brands with members’ professional successes Reach a prime audience of high-quality brand advocates Leverage an innovative platform for consumer product launches Raise consumer brand awareness in a trusted environment 25 #LIprosumer
    26. 26. 26 #LIprosumer Case Studies
    27. 27.  8,270 foursomes created.  32% Sponsored InMail open rate.  1,500 new followers.  83% lift in positive sentiment on social networks. 27 Brand awareness with API campaign “The LinkedIn platform helped us create a modern take on the classic vision of the golf course as the premier place to network. Since our goal is to be the most engaged and social brand in golf, LinkedIn was the perfect fit for our digital engagement campaign.” - Scott Goryl, Senior Manager of Global Communications, Callaway Golf
    28. 28.  Sign up via custom LinkedIn API using your LinkedIn account  Sponsored Updates promote program in members’ feed  Nominated connections receive an inMail 28 Mentoring at 35,000 ft. Powered by LinkedIn “The great thing about the program is you can get really deep in so many professions with so many different professionals.” - Sean McLaughlin, Creative Director, Wieden+Kennedy New York
    29. 29.  To date, Fruit of the Loom has provided 25,000 new hires on LinkedIn with “fresh fruit for your fresh gig”  Landing page features interesting data on industries, genders, and styles for the winners 29 Aligning the brand with career success on LinkedIn
    30. 30.  Recommend colleagues through LinkedIn API  LinkedIn’s success-driven mindset aligns with performance and work ethic of Mercedes-Benz 30 Professional accomplishments meet sophistication “We’ve developed a program that really thrives on the ecosystem of LinkedIn and really leverages the behavior of its users.” - Mark Aiken, Department Manager of Digital Marketing and Customer Relationship Management, Mercedes-Benz
    31. 31. 31 How can you reframe your product?
    32. 32. Questions?™
    33. 33. Thank You!™ Learn how you can reach this audience: http://lnkd.in/contact