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The Best Recipe for Marketing ROI on LinkedIn

Your buyers’ expectations for personalization and excellent content experiences have changed. A recent study by Verint Systems showed that businesses and consumers are both more likely to switch brands after a bad experience than because of a bad product. If your marketing strategy seems like it needs a kick, spice it up with these tips from the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions team.

This infographic will outline:

- What we’ve learned from dozens of A/B tests

- How we drive personalized messages at scale with LinkedIn Sponsored InMail
- How we see the best conversion rates with audience range and bidding best practices

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The Best Recipe for Marketing ROI on LinkedIn

  1. 1. The Secret Sauce How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn For Marketing Get your hands on our “Secret Sauce: How LinkedIn Uses LinkedIn for Marketing” and you’ll have the formula you need for tasty results on the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn Sponsored Content HERE’S WHAT WE LEARNED Learn the best recipe for marketing ROI on LinkedIn, from the very people who live it every day. Deliver the right content to the right people and drive quality leads on the world’s #1 social network for lead generation. A Sponsored Content post with a statistic included saw: higher CTR How We Do Content: Always Be Testing KEEP UPDATES SHORT • 150 characters or fewer • Posts with fewer characters saw more than an 18% boost in engagement rate.more impressions37% LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail Deliver personalized messages at scale. How We Do Sponsored InMail: CONTINUALLY A/B TEST FOR OPTIMIZATION • Subject lines • CTAs • Target Audiences LinkedIn Campaign Insider Tips DETERMINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Build your brand, raise awareness, and generate leads by getting your content in front of the audience that matters most to your business. How We See the Best Conversion Rates: FIND OUT WHAT’S WORKING ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE DIRECTLY BID AGGRESSIVELY When we set bids 10% higher than the maximum suggested bid, we saw: MAKE IT PERSONAL Use a dynamic macro to pull the member’s name in the greeting. We sent a personal InMail message to raise awareness about a blog and drive subscribers and saw: higher engagement rate when we directly addressed our audience185%audience range of our most successful campaigns60K–400K ATTRACT WITH VISUALS higher CTR on our rich media image than a linkshare update with a thumbnail image preview Test different headlines, post lengths, images, and content mixes. • We A/B tested “eBook” versus “guide” to see which resonated better with our audience. “Guide” saw a 100% increase in click-through rate. • We received 5x the amount of ad clicks when headline read “Download the Research” versus “Download the eBook.” TEST, REFINE, REPEAT higher CTR more conversions15% 27% KEEP IT CONCISE AND CONVERSATIONAL Fewer than 1,000 characters LAYER YOUR CAMPAIGN When we used Sponsored Content and InMail together, we saw a: increase in Sponsored InMail open rates 25% 95% increase in CTRs 38% 162% • Test 2–3 ad variations per campaign • Let it run for at least 3 weeks • Turn off what isn’t performing 1,240 blog subscriptions (6% of total conversions)