Technology Community Engagement: Hits & Misses


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IT & Business Leaders are flocking to social media for robust and deep conversations about technology, but communities are not always meeting their needs. LinkedIn will share feedback from recent research about ITDM expectations and case studies of technology companies who are doing community engagement well.

Presented at TechConnect:13 by Mike Weir, Global Head of Category Development, Technology Industry at LinkedIn and Natalie Malaszenko, Vice President, Global Digital Marketing at Hewlett-Packard

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  • Let’s take a specific group, a key group that is in many ways exemplary of the situation: ITDMs. Over 40% of business technology decision-makers indicate that support forums, discussion forums, and professional social networks influence them throughout their online journey. They’re looking at real world vendor events and trade shows, online blogs and technology sites, and as they move closer to purchase, they are exploring message boards to see if experience matches the sales pitch. These online discussions shape perceptions about brands. As such, companies need to progress beyond mere “likes” and adopt a strategy of engagement. Increasingly saturated social channels require personalization and a willingness to engage buyers where the buyers are, where they learn, and where they go to make their decisions.
  • Communities play an increasingly vital role in the health of online networks, the success of brands, and the cultivation of ideas and content. A community takes a list of different individuals and makes of them a collective, united by interest or purpose, and empowers those in the community to contribute to and learn from the knowledge of others. Brands need to be part of a community in order to stay current with customers and to contribute to the conversation in a trusted environment.
  • The way this works for marketers on Linked in is through LinkedIn Groups. With groups, marketers can organize their communities around explicit marketing goals and brand values. In addition, they can connect to company micro-sites, bringing the content closer to the group environment. Rich content, thanks to LinkedIn slideshare channels, offers a robust way to demonstrate thought leadership and to encourage sustained engagement with overall brand messaging. To round it all out, robust company pages can integrate recommendations and shared material from company followers, provide a clearing house for company and brand content, and link to larger networks and recruiting practices.
  • traditional lead generation needs to be blended with social's approach to it... earning leads by participating and adding value. we'll help you find the hand raisers!Traditional lead generation: Cold callsBlocking content with lead formsLittle lead scoringBuying leads
  • Q26. Which of the following factors would prevent you from connecting with a potential vendor on any social network?
  • Technology Community Engagement: Hits & Misses

    1. 1. Technology Community Engagement: Hits & Misses
    2. 2. Mike Weir Global Head of Category Development Technology Industry, LinkedIn @MikeDWeir #inTC13Natalie Malaszenko Vice President, Global Digital Marketing Hewlett-Packard @NatalieMalas
    3. 3. Data Helps Us Move from “I think” to “Data suggests” Architect wants people to walk here Data suggests people want to walk here
    4. 4. What does the IT Committee want? LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved discussion forums support forums message boards blogs trade shows reviews news
    5. 5. Intro 5 It’s About Community Making individuals a global collective to learn from peers, experts and brands
    6. 6. How to align with customer’s preferred ways to learn & engage Company Page 1,366,954 followers Group 12K members Slideshare Social sharing Advertising Targeted audience
    7. 7. Community requires a different approach to lead generation…. Community helps you earn leads Sweet Spot Social Relationships Valuable Content Traditional lead generation
    8. 8. Don’t fall back on old ways of communicating or your community may revolt Source: commissioned study conducted by comScore in the US on behalf of LinkedIn, Q3 2013 8 Top 5 reasons the IT Committee doesn’t connect with a vendor on a social network 05 Talk too much about themselves 02 Don’t believe would provide any credible information 04 Don’t believe would provide any info that is relevant to my job 01 Don’t want to receive a lot of marketing materials 03 Not thought leaders in the category Source: commissioned study conducted by comScore in the US on behalf of LinkedIn, Q3 2013
    9. 9. 1st Brand to Reach 1 Million Followers on LinkedIn HP’s 1M Connected to over ¼ of entire LinkedIn Population
    10. 10. 2 Key Learnings • Power of relevance • Leverage Natural Behaviors
    11. 11. Power of Relevance
    12. 12. Right Content, Right Story, Right Time
    13. 13. Right Content Produces Strong Results 4x Higher Engagement 6x More Shares 7x More Comments
    14. 14. World’s Fastest Printer….
    15. 15. …Meets World’s Fastest Businesses
    16. 16. The Natural Behavior…
    17. 17. HP Business Accelerated Social Campaign Share. Accelerate. Win. Combined power of HP’s 1M+ LinkedIn follower base with the expertise and natural behavior of BDMs and ITDMs; fueling, and incenting conversation via questions on how to move faster in business
    18. 18. Business Accelerated Results  Generated positive sentiment, that drove significant uplift in engagement and successfully connected HP Officejet Pro X to how businesses move faster  Nailed the targeted, connecting with ITDM, BDM in a quality, relevant conversation  Innovatively connected with HP’s 1M+ LinkedIn fans; total reach of 10M  Bridged the journey for potential customers, hosting and increasing traffic on the HP OJPX product showcase site by 45%. 53% increase in time spent on time. 1 2 3 4
    19. 19. Quality of Conversation The quality of conversation was positive, and relevant with heavy participation from our target demographic of ITDMs, and BDMs. Many of whom are LinkedIn super users, with 500+ connections. How to keep everyday tasks from slowing you down? Mobile Apps that help you move faster? What Industry news do you follow to keep up-to-speed? What new trends will help advance your business? What do you want your business to win a Guinness World Record for?