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Meera Bhatia, Head of Product Management for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions gives an exclusive view into the latest and greatest LinkedIn tools for marketers that enable you to leverage social networks to better influence IT Decision Makers.

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  • Brand awareness, customer acquisition, and lead generation remain the top B2B content marketing goals.   Compared with last year, more B2B marketers are using content marketing to achieve all of these goals, with one exception: Slightly fewer are using content marketing to generate sales. Similar research has shown that 86% of B2C are using Content
  • ITDMs are heavy users of LinkedIn – 50% more active than the average LinkedIn member
  • Decision makers around the world are increasingly relying on social media as a go-to resource for their due diligence. (eMarketer). When we survey our users, we hear that content from Brands is the second most expected piece of content.60% are now active users, up 41% from 2009 (Global web index).Source/s:Global Web Index, Social Strategy for B2B Marketing, Oct 2011. Global dataUM, The Business of Social, Social Media Tracker 2012, Wave 6
  • We’ve heard the conversations about inbound marketing as the way of the future. Go where your audience is.
  • Go where people are receptive to receiving your content.
  • A consumer electronics company in the mobile space. Goal: Establish relationships with LinkedIn members before and while they’re in-market for a new mobile device.To achieve this goal, they built out a Company Page on LinkedIn and populated it with engaging, informative content.They then bought Followers from LinkedIn, acquiring just the right type of company followers and acquiring them fast. They then created a stream of status updates to engage these followers and attract new ones for free through the viral nature of the LinkedIn social network. Check out the results: <Read results>Now, these are the results for their active Followers. Pretty awesome, but I know what you’re thinking. How does that compare to similar professionals who weren’t following this company? So we compared their followers to people who followed the competition, but not our client. <next slide>  
  • Followers are informed and connected.Not only do followers get the information they need, they feel closer to the brand.
  • LinkedIn Product Spotlight: Marketing Solutions

    1. 1. LinkedIn Product Spotlight:Marketing Solutions
    2. 2. Meera BhatiaHead of Product Management,Marketing SolutionsLinkedIn #inTC12@meera_b
    3. 3. B2B Marketers are Using Social to Distribute Content
    4. 4. An influential audience, open to your content187M+ Members Worldwide1M+ ITDMs/3M+ CXOs Meera Bhatia $83K Average Income 71% Graduates
    5. 5. LinkedIn is the Site Used Most by B2B Marketers
    6. 6. Members expect content from brands 2nd Most Expected Content Type
    7. 7. Start by establishing your company presence 2.8M+ Active Company Pages
    8. 8. Send targeted updates
    9. 9. Create brand advocates “ Through LinkedIn, we are working to identify and empower influential brand advocates to increase word of mouth and “ awareness of our products. Heesun Kim Director of Media & Digital Marketing, Samsung
    10. 10. Samsung Mobile Follower Results 47% 37% 33% Increased Awareness of Increased Likelihood to Increased Purchase Samsung Products Recommend Consideration
    11. 11. Samsung Followers are informed and connected I am more up to date 76%I have learned more about products/services 69% I feel closer to the brand 51%
    12. 12. Content flows across screens
    13. 13. Now you can tie your Groups and Company Pages
    14. 14. Community through content and conversation 82K Total Members 2.5x More EngagementFastest Growing Group in 2012
    15. 15. Content that matters most
    16. 16. Online and offline relationships
    17. 17. Product Roadmap
    18. 18. Highly targeted content that fuels relationships Awareness Consideration Retention Preference Groups Paid Media Purchase
    19. 19. Content Data Integration Stay tuned…
    20. 20. Making the World’s ProfessionalsMore Productive and Successful
    21. 21. What will you do?
    22. 22. LinkedIn Confidential ©2013 All Rights Reserved