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Measuring and Optimizing Employee Advocacy

  1. Maximize Your Results
  2. Speakers Katie Levinson Product Marketing Manager LinkedIn Phyllis Welsh Social Media Specialist 3M Andrea Bledsoe Digital & Social Media Community Manager Elanco
  3. What we’ll cover What is employee advocacy1 What to track in an employee advocacy program2 How to track the key metrics3 Best practices and success stories from 3M and Elanco4 How LinkedIn Elevate can help you measure and optimize your program5 Q&A6
  4. What is employee advocacy? Empowering your employees to share content with their own social networks Employees build thought leadership and their professional reputations Companies extend their reach and engagement, and connect more authentically with their audiences
  5. There are three key areas to track in an employee advocacy program Employee metrics Understand whether you’re getting the participation you need to be successful Content metrics Understand the reach and engagement your content is driving Outcomes Measure the value of your program to your business
  6. Adoption How many of your employees have registered? Engagement How often are your employees sharing? Employee metrics: adoption and engagement
  7. Reach What’s the increase in reach you’re seeing with employee shares? Engagement How many likes, clicks, comments and reshares are you getting? Audience Who is engaging with your content? On average, an employee share has 2x the CTR versus the same content shared by a company On average, employees collectively have 10x larger networks than a company has followers Content metrics: reach, engagement, and audience
  8. Outcomes: traffic, leads, and followers Traffic What content topics or types drive the most traffic to your site? Leads What content is driving the most leads, and how many? Followers How is your content influencing new prospects to follow your page?
  9. Phyllis Welsh Social Media Specialist
  10. Equip employees to be social sharers Build brand awareness for 3M Help salespeople connect with customers and drive leads 3M goals for employee advocacy
  11. We tracked employee engagement, audience demographics and downstream outcomes Employee share rate Who is engaging with the employee-shared content Impact on traffic and leads
  12. 5,000 shares Employees are sharing 6x more than before, resulting in: 1.5 million impressions 2.5% engagement rate on shared content 2x faster employee connection growth
  13. Reaching key decision makers is key to our employee advocacy program It’s not just quantity we care about, it’s quality of shares too Are we reaching the right audience? Which content is helping us make those connections?
  14. Tracking site traffic and leads helps us understand the impact to our business Lifted the professional brand of our sales rep Increased trust and expertise with current and potential customers Sharing content has: Resulted in conversions for the sales team
  15. Identify your goals before you start Regularly share your results with internal stakeholders Be flexible so that you can continually optimize your program What to keep in mind for your employee advocacy program
  16. Andrea Bledsoe Digital & Social Media Community Manager
  17. Make employees comfortable with sharing Improve employee engagement Broaden our reach with our target audience Our goals for employee advocacy
  18. Rate of active employees External engagement with content External engagement with our company page We look at three key areas to understand program performance
  19. Weekly • Track top sharers • Track changes in the leaderboard Monthly • Track who hasn’t shared, and email them some encouragement • Track top sharers and highlight them in our newsletter We encourage employee sharing through regular tracking and communication
  20. Review engagement with various topics Add in content to the most popular topics Adjust content in the less popular topics A solid content strategy has been key in keeping employees engaged 75% of employees are active on the platform
  21. 2.4% engagement rate We track how we’re reaching and engaging a broader audience 4x more Company Page views 2x more Company Page followers ~1 million Employees are sharing 7x more than before, resulting in: impressions
  22. Start with your most social employees Set growth goals that align with business objectives Recognize your most active employees each month What to keep in mind for your employee advocacy program
  23. LinkedIn Elevate makes it easy for employees to share content, and for companies to measure results Step1 Step 2 Step 3 Find content and suggest to employees through Elevate Employees share content to their social networks Then, see the impact your employees have driven
  24. Elevate includes the insights companies need to maximize their success Maximize Employee Adoption Launch with your social stars and drive adoption Easily Find the Right Content Get smart content suggestions and surface employee posts and company page content Know and Optimize Results See who you’re reaching and know the full impact of your program
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Editor's Notes

  1. Why tracking is important
  2. Talk about what you use in Elevate/via customer support to get to these metrics In Elevate: Reach and engagement Number of shares and broadcasts Can get granular by topic and/or curator Customer success: Pre/post metrics, possible because of LI data Engagement rate Connection growth -- can see that it’s helping our salespeople make more connections than they were able to before because of their increased sharing
  3. Some anecdotes about how salesperson was able to connect with right decision-maker because of sharing Elevate allows us to do this through audience demographics
  4. integrations with Salesforce and Sales Navigator
  5. Background on your role and Elanco Regulated industry, not typically allowed to share, can’t share product-related news Goals
  6. Include mention of Elevate as formal EA solution that allows you to track these and other metrics; why you chose it
  7. Provide some color and anecdotes on how you track this, any interesting findings, how having this info allows you to tailor the emails/newsletters and get better performance, etc
  8. Amazing given regulated industry that over ¾ of employees are active on Elevate Give more detail into how you track topic engagement and work with curators
  9. data is all from past 6 months Anecdotes from employees Anecdotes about who you’re reaching and the impact you’re seeing
  10. Elevate provided list of social stars