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Mann vs. Funnel: How LinkedIn Lead Accelerator Helps Marketers and Salespeople


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LinkedIn Lead Accelerator, which helps marketers nurture leads with display and social advertising, is, of course, designed for the marketing department. But it also helps sales, too.

On the marketing side, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator is designed to help marketers adjust to changes in the buyer’s journey. “The (buyer’s) investigations are starting online -- searching on Google, going to vendor’s sites, downloading content, reading white papers, watching videos -- and this is all done before they ever talk to a salesperson or ever share their personal information,” Chris Mann said. “And usually these prospects are doing as across multiple vendor sites while they self educate.”

Because LinkedIn Lead Accelerator enables marketers to deliver display and social ads to anonymous website visitors, it helps marketers stay in touch with a broader array of prospects – not just the ones who have shared an email address. “What lead accelerator is doing is it’s helping marketers win this battle of keeping their brand and their conversation going with their prospects wherever they are online,” Mann said. “It’s an always-on conversation.”

LinkedIn Lead Accelerator also helps the sales team get in touch with prospects, even in a world where potential buyers ignore phone calls and delete emails. By boosting brand presence among a marketer’s target audience, LinkedIn Lead Accelerator “dramatically increases the odds that those decision makers and influencers will pick up the phone or respond to an email from your sales organization,” Mann said.

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