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Live Webinar: The Content Sweet Spot: Define Your Unique Content Proposition in a Crowded FS Market


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Many FS organizations appreciate that they need ‘hero’ campaigns to go with their ‘always-on’ hygiene content. However, there is little differentiation – many are branded simply ‘perspectives’ or ‘insights’. So, how do you ensure your content brand has sufficient cut-through to go with the not-insignificant investment in content?
For LinkedIn, a distinct value proposition for content lies at the intersection of three distinct forces: client need, your wider brand proposition and the competitive environment. We call this ‘the content sweet-spot’.
This session looks to some of the most recognizable FS brands in the market, sharing their secret sauce for creating stand-out content and their methodology for balancing the different content needs of their audiences within a proposition that sets them apart.

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Live Webinar: The Content Sweet Spot: Define Your Unique Content Proposition in a Crowded FS Market

  1. 1. Why do we need a unique content proposition?
  2. 2. American Express OPEN Forum
  3. 3. A Community of Small Business Owners 4
  4. 4. 2 Drives Everything We Do in Content Disruption 3 Development 1 Distribution 5 Content that connects a community of like-minded business owners and experts, with the support and inspiration to grow their businesses. “Connective Content” A Customer-First Content Strategy
  5. 5. Development1 6 Showcase the voices of small business owners and experts.
  6. 6. Distribution 7 2 Focus on engagement, not clicks.
  7. 7. Disruption3 8 Continue to test newthings.
  8. 8. Finding the Sweet Spot in the Approach to Content Marketing Jennifer Mercer Director, Brand Marketing & Advertising, Prudential Financial
  9. 9. Content marketing is not new. Today’s buzz just signals a shift in approach.
  10. 10. Start with your objectives. Then establish a framework that will allow you to deliver that. Brand Business(es)
  11. 11. Within that framework, consider… • The key decision makers and players • The story your brand is trying to tell • The audience(s) your brand is trying to reach • The correct channel mix to reach those audiences • How to establish a culture and content marketing infrastructure that allows for information sharing within and across groups • How to measure success against the original objectives 12
  12. 12. BNP Paribas Corporate & Institutional Banking (CIB) Objective: increase engagement, support brand 13 Client business Brand identity Client engagement Thought Leadership
  13. 13. Bank 7 Bank 2 Bank 4 Bank 1 Where we were: behind peers 14 Bank 5 + Visual appeal Bank 6 Bank 3 Bank 8 BNP Paribas CIB Relevant content + Improvement needed
  14. 14. What our peers were doing: sample content 15 Can AIFMD Act as a Catalyst for Growth of the European Hedge Fund Industry? With Europe’s pension and insurance sectors increasing their allocation to fund products, there is reason to be optimistic about the future growth of AIFMD structures. The Potential USD Bubble: The Potential USD Bubble: Analysis & Outlook for Corporate Treasurers: All signs point to an over-valued dollar and the likelihood of a sharp reversal in 2016 Report – a look at liquidity: Dwindling liquidity is a rising concern in the market. In a recently released edition of ‘Top of Mind’ we discuss what is causing the decline and proposals to restore market liquidity. Climate Change: Investing in Extremes: Disruptive weather events need not all be on the cost side of the ledger, for those who can see opportunities, as well as risks
  15. 15. End result: thought-provoking content 16
  16. 16. The Content Sweet Spot May 2016
  17. 17. What is Bond Street? • Vision: Bond Street is transforming small business lending through technology, data and design. • Mission: We aspire to be every small business owner’s financial advocate.
  18. 18. Filling the Gap Borrower Type Experience Credit Decision Interest Rate Loan size Duration Banks Larger businesses with collateral Opaque, paperwork Weeks / Months Competitive Large > 5 Years Distressed businesses with urgent need Hidden fees, brokers Days Expensive Small < 1 Year Alternatives Established businesses investing in growth Simple, transparent 48 Hrs 6-22% $50K-$500K 1-3 Years
  19. 19. Stories on Bond Street • Goal: own actionable to aspirational • Two main content hubs: • Stories on Bond Street • Resource Center • Content types: • Interviews • Guides / White papers • Podcasts • Videos
  20. 20. How we stand out • Build the brand through the lens of our customers • Editorially driven, high quality content • Unique voice • Differentiated within financial services
  21. 21. Goals • Brand development • Lead gen: • Distribution partners • Search • Social • Paid • Community building
  22. 22. Discussion Points?How do you uncover unmet audience needs? Competitors: who are your competitors for attention, and how do you stay ahead? Cut-through: how do you ensure your content cuts- through the noise? How ‘on brand’ should your content be? Measurement and ROI Your questions?