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LinkedIn Demo Day: New Reporting Experience for LinkedIn Ads


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As a marketer, you’re often tasked with running multiple campaigns and trying to understand which campaigns are delivering the best ROI. Diving into the data to understand performance and making optimizations can become time consuming.

We’ve heard you - and have recently redesigned our Campaign Manager to be cleaner, faster and more intuitive. Join us to learn tips and best practices on how to take full advantage of the new experience.

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LinkedIn Demo Day: New Reporting Experience for LinkedIn Ads

  1. 1. Welcome and thank you for joining LinkedIn’s Live Webinar: • We will start the live webinar at 11am PT | 2pm ET • Please note that the audio portion will stream through your PC/Laptop speakers. There is no separate dial-in option. Be sure to check your speakers to ensure they are turned on and that volume is at an audible level. • Please enter questions into the Q&A module • Check out the Resources module for the slides and related content • If you have any technical difficulties, please click on the Help widget BEFORE WE GET STARTED
  2. 2. Title (Renee to add) LinkedIn Demo Days: New Reporting Experience for LinkedIn Ads
  3. 3. Presenters Jeff Weiner Chief Executive Officer Arjun Desai Associate Product Marketing Manager LinkedIn Jessica Cassell Senior Media Operations Technical Support LinkedIn
  4. 4. Today’s agenda I What’s new with LinkedIn reporting? II What are the top three features? III What additional features are coming?
  5. 5. What’s new with LinkedIn reporting?
  6. 6. 6 Befor e New reporting experience What’s changing?
  7. 7. 7 A faster, more intuitive way to analyze your LinkedIn ads Work faster Tons of campaigns + ads? Scan a ton of campaigns quickly with faster loading, better search, and more. Personalize to you New pre-selected views to tailor your metrics that matter to you. Coming later: fully customizable columns. Analyze quicker Do analysis in seconds through new 1-click breakdowns, quick totals and hover-overs.
  8. 8. Work faster: Simpler Navigation o Tabbed structure allows navigation between Accounts, Campaigns and Ads quickly 8 o Expanded date filters give flexibility on how your view performance data o Pre-selected views to show the metrics that matter to you o Concise aggregation of Campaigns and Ads data through user selection
  9. 9. Work faster: Search + Sorting o Explore Accounts, Campaigns and Ads 9 o Search your LinkedIn marketing by unique line ID, product type, campaign name and even copy within the ad o Searches at the higher level filter through to lower levels o Sort metrics in ascending or descending order – this will also work for results across multiple pages
  10. 10. 10 o Editing your campaign will re- navigate you back to the previous design o We will be improving and expanding our design changes to wider Campaign Manager in the near future Work faster: Quick editing
  11. 11. o Choose singular or multiple Accounts, Campaigns or Ads to chart 11 o Chart multiple campaigns by selecting your campaigns and the Performance charting icon o Chart singular campaigns by hovering over the campaign and Chart or via the above option Analyze quicker: Easy charting
  12. 12. Analyze quicker: Demographic Charts o Charts populate in a separate URL making it easy to share charts with your team 12 4 o Switch from Performance to Demographics in one click o Explore a wide range of demographic data
  13. 13. o View Pacing and Bidding indicators on daily budget utilization to remain competitive 13 o Access this view by selecting View and Settings o Hover over a campaign’s lightbulb to see optimization suggestions o Pro Tip – These will only generate for “Active” campaigns Analyze quicker: Helpful Hover- Overs
  14. 14. Personalize to you: Pre-selected Views o View metrics that matter most to your business objective or ad format o Coming later: Fully customizable columns 14
  15. 15. Demo of New Reporting Experience
  16. 16. What additional features are coming?
  17. 17. 17 What’s coming later this year Customizable columns Automatic reports by email Enhanced charting History/ change log
  18. 18. Q&A