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LinkedIn Ads Platform Master Class

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This educational workshop is perfect for paid social practitioners who want to learn more about how to best reach LinkedIn members in their Feed or via Text Ads. Session will include hands on work with our platform, tools, and dashboards. Inquire with your Account Executive if you would like to attend.

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LinkedIn Ads Platform Master Class

  1. 1. Welcome to the LinkedIn Ads Platform Masterclass Afiya Addison Account Manager, LinkedIn
  2. 2. Introduce EDU AM Team DJ Shea Thea Castronovo Brittany Bass Katrina Lu Laura McKee Afiya Addison Geoff Marks Jasmine Hendriks
  3. 3. Today’s agenda • How to reach your target audience on LinkedIn – 20min • Jasmine Hendricks & Daniel Shea • Setting up sponsored content – 60min • Dashboard Set Up: Bids, Budgets, Audience – Afiya Addison • Content Recommendation – Thea Castronovo • Landing Pages and Conversion Tracking – Laura McKee • Setting Up Text Ads - 15min • Caitlin Morrison • Breakout to Groups Competition - 15min • Setting up Mock Campaigns • Q&A – 30min • Special Surprise
  4. 4. d Icebreaker Sentence goes here
  5. 5. Reaching your audience on LinkedIn Jasmine Hendriks Account Manager, LinkedIn DJ Shea Account Manager, LinkedIn
  6. 6. d Ways you can target on LinkedIn Introduction to Targeting Seattle, WA USA Boston University Communication Bachelor of Science 2011, 25-34 Simply Measured, 51-200, Internet Senior Marketing Manager, Marketing, Senior IC CMA, LEWIS, Social Tools SEO, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Blogging Location IP School Field of Study Degree Graduation Age Company Size Industry Job Title Function Seniority Groups Skills Danie
  7. 7. Don’t use too many layers of targeting • Best practice is 300,000+ members • Trust your audience to self-select and allow your content to do the targeting for you • Engagement increases with broader audiences and also allows for optimizations • Broader audiences tend to drive down your CPC Audience Size
  8. 8. z Limits your audience to a very specific target 21x larger audience and engages other potential candidates Remember: When you purchase CPC, only members interested in learning more about your program will engage with the content! Audience Size
  9. 9. YOE vs. Seniority Targeting Parameter Recommendation Years of Experience Based on work history in member profiles. Great way to test audience targets. Can be especially relevant for EMBA programs. Seniority Based on position names listed in members profiles. Can be added as an additional filter.
  10. 10. Age & Gender Targeting Age SeniorityYOE Targeting Parameter Recommendation Age Inferred based on member’s graduation year Use a seniority or years of experience filter instead of age. Gender Inferred based on member’s name Avoid gender targeting when possible
  11. 11. z Not using Bachelor’s inclusion targeting - by using this will be weeding out a lot of qualified members since many members don’t include this field (screenshots left). Differences in audience size can be seen by using the campaign manager and including/excluding degrees. Degree Targeting
  12. 12. 3 Key Takeaways Target broad audiences and allow the content to do the targeting for you 1 Age & Gender are inferred targeting parameters 2 Bachelor's inclusion can exclude individuals within your target audience 3
  13. 13. Setting Up Sponsored Content Afiya Addison Account Manager, LinkedIn Laura McKee Account Manager, LinkedIn Thea Castronovo Account Manager, LinkedIn
  14. 14. • Deliver content to targeted audiences in the world’s only professional feed • Reach just the right audience with comprehensive targeting options • Reach target on every device—desktop, tablet, and phone—with a variety of content formats, including rich media • Choose to invest on a CPC or CPM basis • Improve performance with real time analytics Deliver rich content across all devices via the LinkedIn feed
  15. 15. Three factors of Sponsored Content success Content Target Size Bids & Budget
  16. 16. ● Run 4 unique pieces of content ○ Frequency cap: Members can see up to 4 pieces of unique content per company page every 48 hours ○ Running 4 pieces concurrently allows system to optimize for best-performing updates ● Rotate in 1-2 new pieces of content per week ● Optimize towards best-performing content ● Align Content ○ Ensure your content is relevant and you are getting engagement which raises your relevancy score on LinkedIn ● Use DSC (Direct Sponsored Content) ○ Use DSC to test more copy variations and images (these updates do not live on your company page) Content
  17. 17. ● Broader = Better ○ Broader targets allow for gathering of statistically significant data to inform optimizations ○ Broader audiences tend to have lower CPCs than more niche ones ● Aim for audience sizes of 300K+ for scale purposes ● Layer Broad with Narrow Targets ● Use Audience Expansion when using manual targets Targeting
  18. 18. ● LinkedIn utilizes a second price auction ● Bids are a ceiling and rarely reflect actual cost ● Bid above the range ● Niche and premium audiences (<300K) exact higher bids ● Best practice is $100 daily budget per target ○ Low daily budgets result in morning delivery ● Larger audience, larger daily budget ○ 100K-500k: $100+ daily budget per target ○ 500k+: $500+ daily budget per target Bids & Budgets
  19. 19. ● No daily budget delivers as fast as possible ○ Set specific campaign (target) ● Best practice is $100 daily budget per target ○ Low daily budgets result in morning delivery ● Larger audience, larger daily budget ○ 100K-500k: $100+ daily budget per target ○ 500k+: $500+ daily budget per target Daily Budgets
  20. 20. Optimize the three facets of success: Bids & budgets Audience Content (operations and value) Key Takeaways
  21. 21. The Right Content Mix
  22. 22. Blogging Food Groups Categories of Content Content Specifics Raisin Bran content: The everyday content that you can dish out quickly because it is at the heart of what you do Course specific promo of program(s) Spinach content: The stuff that’s good for you, even if it’s difficult to chew Program(s) results, stats, and facts Main Entrée (Turkey): The valuable, time-consuming projects that leave your guests begging for more Business School: impact on students and the economy EMBA: ideas amongst international networks and global experience MBA: powerful ideas that are inspirational and impactful Open: addresses unique challenges Chocolate cake content: Everyone wants a second piece of this sweet treat Events and webinars Tabasco* content: Sometimes you just need a little fire on the tongue Faculty self publishing
  23. 23. d Starting Small
  24. 24. “I’m looking for students that want to learn more about my MBA program” Tip #1: Start with the what
  25. 25. Reframe the imagery and the copy already existing and create your teaser Tip #2: Take what you have
  26. 26. With small changes to headline, intro, and imagery - create 3 more versions. Tip #3: Create Variety
  27. 27. Build out a content calendar Tip #4: Build from there A/B Test Develop your content marketing strategy
  28. 28. Step by step to A/B test Primary testing 2 Are you clearly addressing the target audience this is for? Tactical: call out your targets specifically 3 Is there a clear call to action? Tactical: make sure audiences know what to expect, it clicks through and works 1 Are you answering a question on the members’ minds? Tactical: is there opportunity to rephrase in question form Choose 2 things you would change to compare and contrast
  29. 29. Step by step to A/B test Secondary testing 2 Are the images in the post and landing page consistent? Tactical: verify brand and visual consistency 3 Is the image compelling? Tactical: explore infographics, pictograms, et al. 1 Does the title and intro copy complement each other? Tactical: don’t replicate but complement with further evidence
  30. 30. Examples of Top EDU Content
  31. 31. Find the overlap of what you can talk about with authority with what your audience wants to hear about. Kellogg School of Management does a great job demonstrating their expertise around topics such as authentic leadership. Be audience centric
  32. 32. Infographics are still a very effective means to deliver a complex message in an easy to digest, engaging format. Simplilearn uses image posts to help explain the benefits of the certifications they offer. FIU uses text overall to call out key value propositions. Show…and tell
  33. 33. Take advantage of the fact that the graduate school admissions process is a finite timeline – Cornell University conveys a sense of urgency to apply and/or learn more about the process within their posts. Instill a sense of urgency
  34. 34. Use your proud Alumni to your advantage – Bryant & Stratton spotlights a graduates experience with their career support offering. Show off Alumni
  35. 35. 1. Decide on your milestones and repurposing efforts 2. You can start small, A/B Test, and build up over time 3. Be inspired by what your audience is reading and what you can bring to the table Key Takeaways
  36. 36. d What is conversion tracking?
  37. 37. Easily measure and optimize the business impact of your LinkedIn ads LinkedIn conversion tracking
  38. 38. Track all of your conversions right in Campaign Manager Record leads from your LinkedIn campaigns across desktop and mobile, whether members convert after clicking on—or even just viewing—your ads. Understand your ROI Measure the true value you’re getting from your Sponsored Content and Text Ads campaigns, including return on ad spend, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and more. Optimize for the results that matter most See which ads, audiences, and offers are driving conversions for your business. Use this data to improve your campaigns at every stage. Why conversion tracking for LinkedIn ads?
  39. 39. A conversion is an action that a member takes, like filling out a webinar registration form or downloading a white paper. Conversion tracking is the ability to measure conversions and then attribute it back to the source that provided the initial click or view. By tracking these conversions, you can more easily gauge the ROI of your campaigns. Conversion tracking defined Thank You! Your download should start automatically. If not, click here. +1 Step 1A prospect clicks on or views an ad Step 2Prospect lands on your site and submits a form. Step 3Prospect lands on “Thank You” page, gets counted as Conversion. Step 4Prospect is registered as a conversion in your LinkedIn campaign reporting.
  40. 40. Conversion Tracking Demo Getting Started
  41. 41. Landing Pages
  42. 42. Optimize landing pages for mobile - 85% of engagement comes from mobile Make your call to action (CTA) clear— Limit form fields (1-6 is ideal) Be informative, but concise with copy Make sure the offer in your LinkedIn Sponsored Content matches the offer on your landing page Always make sure forms are above the fold Use LinkedIn Autofill to increase conversions Always have a simple and short path to conversion Delight them with an experience that will convert Make sure your landing pages are optimized
  43. 43. Caitlin Morrison Sr. Ad Strategist, LinkedIn Setting Up Text Ads Right-click and choose “Change Picture” then choose the profile image you wish to replace this one.
  44. 44. What are Text Ads Generate quality leads with an easy, self-serve solution Easily create, manage and optimize well- targeted, customized campaigns in just minutes—on a budget that works for you.
  45. 45. Quick and easy setup What are Text Ads?
  46. 46. Why Text Ads? Start advertising to a premium audience in just minutes Get your business in front of the world’s largest professional network—fast Get started easily Build your own ads and advertise right away with no spend minimum commitments Target with precision Reach the people that matter most using accurate, profile-based, first-party data Generate quality leads Drive leads from a a premium professional audience of decision-makers and influencers
  47. 47. Targeting Precise B2B targeting Same targeting options as Sponsored Content Reporting Tracks clicks, CTR, impressions, CPC, and social actions Agility No minimum spend No long term contracts Pay as you go Pay with credit card or invoicing Start and stop anytime Self-manage Quick and easy setup Direct response/lead gen focus Why Text Ads? Text Ads have the same major benefits of Sponsored Content (targeting and reporting) but have a lot more flexibility around spend, timing, contracts, etc.
  48. 48. Text Ad Best Practices
  49. 49. Breakout to Groups Competition
  50. 50. Creating A Text Ad
  51. 51. Create Campaign Name, Language, and Conversions Pro Tip: Create a campaign name that easily identifies the target audience
  52. 52. Create Your Ad Send members to a customized landing page Speak directly to target audience Include strong value prop and CTA Include images of people rather than objects
  53. 53. Create Ad Variations Pro tip: include 3-5 ad variations to test and iterate
  54. 54. Set Up Targeting Pro tip: include 3-5 ad variations to test and iterate Pro Tip: Audiences should be between 60,000 and 600,000 members
  55. 55. Set up Bid and Budget Pro Tip: Bid $1 to $2 over suggested bid range
  56. 56. Q & A
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This educational workshop is perfect for paid social practitioners who want to learn more about how to best reach LinkedIn members in their Feed or via Text Ads. Session will include hands on work with our platform, tools, and dashboards. Inquire with your Account Executive if you would like to attend.


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