Zurich Insurance Group Case Study: Human Connection Brings Zurich’s Expertise to Life


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Inviting decision makers to connect with a recognizable thought leader has created a new channel for Zurich to reach its target audience and build the business pipeline. See more success stories at marketing.linkedin.com/success-stories

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Zurich Insurance Group Case Study: Human Connection Brings Zurich’s Expertise to Life

  1. 1. Marketing SolutionsHuman connection bringsZurich’s expertise to lifeInviting decision makers to connect with a recognizable thought leader has created a new channelfor Zurich to reach its target audience and build the business pipeline.As one of the world’s leading insurance providers, the ZurichInsurance Group is focused on raising awareness of its expertiseand enhancing its reputation as the brand of choice for financialinstitutions in the US. By focusing on an individual thought leader,LinkedIn’s strategy for Zurich has delivered strong growth inawareness, engagement and sales leads.Challenge■■ Raise profile of Zurich as an expert insurance provider for financialinstitutions■■ Increase awareness of Zurich’s range of solutions, productsand expertise■■ Drive sales leads and increase prospectsSolution■■ Thought leader campaign centered on Zurich’s Head of FinancialInstitutions, Commercial Markets, Chris Taylor■■ Sponsored InMail delivered direct to inboxes with invitation toconnect■■ Targeted display ads featuring Chris Taylor with “Connect” call toaction■■ Upgrade to a LinkedIn Premium Account to enable managementof leads pipelineWhy LinkedIn■■ Unique fit with target audience of senior decision makers ininsurance companies, banks, credit unions and other financialinstitutions or “money handler” business segments■■ Familiar channel for target audience to engage withthought leaders■■ Range of options for raising thought leaders’ professionalprofiles■■ Precision targeting capabilities and analyticsResults■■ During the three-month campaign period, Chris Taylor’sLinkedIn connections increased by more than 400■■ The display ad campaign delivered more than 900,000impressions, with a click-through rate 3x the LinkedIn average■■ Significant shift in perceptions towards Zurich’s leadership inthe financial institutions sector■■ Prospects making serious quote inquiries through LinkedInare redirected through Zurich’s Select Broker network■■ Zurich and LinkedIn are collaborating to develop the thoughtleader approach for other key sectors such as HealthCareand Real EstateZurich Case Study
  2. 2. Expertise with a human faceZurich and LinkedIn adopted a simple but unique approach toestablishing expertise, working with the company’s Head of FinancialInstitutions, Chris Taylor to build on Chris’s current LinkedIn activity,promote him as the face of Zurich’s offering for financial institutions,and invite senior decision makers within the sector to connect withhim directly.Sponsored InMails targeted C-Suites, VPs, Owners, and Partnerswithin the banking, insurance, and financial services industries,with an introductory letter from Chris, a topline overview of Zurich’soffering and an invitation to connect through LinkedIn. Targeteddisplay advertising then reinforced the “Connect” message for thisaudience, with creative using Chris’s LinkedIn Profile picture and anadditional option to access further information through the Zurichwebsite.Leveraging the LinkedIn dynamicFocusing the campaign on a high-profile individual within thefinancial institutions sector helped to reinforce Zurich’s credibilitywithin this area of insurance, while channelling potential sales leadsthrough the executive best suited to converting them. Chris was ableto use new connections as a starting point for dialogue both withinLinkedIn and via phone and email. And LinkedIn has also proved anatural channel for following up on sales meetings. Upgrading Christo a LinkedIn Premium account as part of the campaign will enablehim to manage the full length of the leads pipeline, including thosewho view his profile without completing a connection.Targeting and analytics for a long-termstrategyPrecision targeting has been central to the effectiveness of thecampaign, combining with the personalised approach to help deliverclick-through rates 3x the average for both display advertising andSponsored InMail campaigns. In the three months following thecampaign launch, Chris’s number of LinkedIn connections increasedby more than 400 in four months. And these inquiries often representa sales lead with a clear initial understanding of Zurich’s offer forfinancial institutions. The highly targeted approach is scalable andwill enable Zurich to extend the connection strategy to sectors suchas Real Estate and HealthCare. The benefit of this approach is thatit makes connections without overloading its target audience, andallows detailed analytics to track the different engagement levelsdelivered in each sector.Christoper A.TaylorHead of Financial Institutions,Zurich North America“ This has been a great channel for building humanconnections, while simultaneously building businessconnections more quickly. And it’s definitely something thatI could see working across different specializations at Zurich.LinkedIn has provided us with an efficient and effective wayto reach a target audience with a message and an offeringthat’s seen as valuable.”Jeff CasaleMedia and Public Relations Specialist,Zurich North America“ This campaign delivered over and above our expectationsand it’s been really effective at drawing new people to theZurich brand and establishing how we are plugged into aspecialist sector.”Copyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail, are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.Visit marketing.linkedin.com to learn how other marketers have successfully met their marketing objectives.01-LMS-05-EN 0413