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How to Integrate Employee Advocacy Into Your Marketing Strategy


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Marketers today can achieve more by expanding beyond one channel or approach to reach and engage consumers and prospects. One important tool is employee advocacy: empowering employees to share content with their social networks.
You don't have to start from scratch. Leverage the work you're already doing to set up your employee advocacy program.

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How to Integrate Employee Advocacy Into Your Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Wednesday, June 21, 2017 11:00am PT | 2:00pm ET
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Alana Stoltzfus Customer Success Consultant LinkedIn Katie Barmantje Senior Specialist, Social Media Marketing Aon
  3. 3. What we’ll cover What is employee advocacy1 How to align your marketing and employee advocacy goals2 Best practices for integrating content strategies3 Success stories from Aon4 How LinkedIn Elevate can help you reach your marketing goals5 Q&A6
  4. 4. What is Employee Advocacy? Empowering your employees to share content with their social networks Employees build thought leadership and their professional reputations Companies extend their reach and engagement, and connect more authentically with their audiences
  5. 5. 31% of high-growth firms have a formal employee advocacy program, more than double the percentage of all other firms. Greater than 20% Revenue Growth Companies with a formal program grow faster than those without one All Other Firms 14.7% 31%
  6. 6. Your employees have 10xthe connections than your company has followers Employee advocacy increases not only the reach of your content, but also the engagement with it Employees drive 2xhigher click through rates compared to company shares of the same content
  7. 7. You can use your marketing goals to inform your employee advocacy strategy Example goals: Build overall brand awareness Find the right audiences to engage Expand the reach of your brand message
  8. 8. Katie Barmantje Senior Specialist, Social Media Marketing, Aon
  9. 9. Social Owned Our challenge: telling one cohesive brand story External Media
  10. 10. Enable employees to be on brand and tell our story Amplify our messages in an efficient way Measure results and track back to ROI Our solution: Employee advocacy Employee advocacy would allow us to:
  11. 11. Launch with your most social employees Reduce friction with adoption Get results early Inspire advocacy throughout the organization
  12. 12. Leverage your existing content strategy to inform your employee advocacy strategy Materials and channels Current content themes Employee interests
  13. 13. Partner with other marketers in your org to leverage their materials There’s no need to start completely from scratch Corporate Communications HR/Employer Brand Team Public Relations Marketing (global & local)
  14. 14. Look to your core competencies as a company to create content topics for employees
  15. 15. But don’t make it all about you Employee interests are key to sustaining a successful program
  16. 16. Enlist employees from across the organization to help you curate content Allow employees to submit suggestions Give the most passionate employees curation access to your platform Empower them to create their own content
  17. 17. Keep the momentum going by growing your program Amplify results by onboarding more employees Use existing communication channels to spread the word about the program Share success stories from early adopters
  18. 18. Metrics we track for employee advocacy are similar to what we track in our other marketing programs
  19. 19. 4xmore engagements We’ve seen tangible results from our program 3xmore Company Page views Employees are sharing 3x more than before, resulting in: 43%increase in Engage with Insights Score
  20. 20. Tips for integrating your marketing and employee advocacy strategies Identify your sources of content upfront Spread the word about successes Partner with other departments
  21. 21. LinkedIn Elevate makes it easy for employees to share content, and for you to measure results Step1 Step 2 Step 3 Find content and suggest to employees through Elevate Employees share content to their social networks Then, see the impact your employees have driven
  22. 22. Elevate includes the insights companies need to maximize their success Maximize Employee Adoption Launch with your social stars and drive adoption Easily Find the Right Content Get smart content suggestions and surface employee posts and company page content Know and Optimize Results See who you’re reaching and know the full impact of your program
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