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How to Compose an Always-On Marketing Strategy Using LinkedIn

You could compose the world’s greatest symphony, but if it’s not heard by the right people—classical musicians, orchestra leaders, and music critics—nobody will know about it.

The same goes for your B2B content. Publishing isn’t enough. Finding, engaging, and converting the right people is more complex than ever, and crafting new ways to continually produce results can be a full-time gig in and of itself. But it doesn’t have to be.

Are You Playing the Right Venue?

LinkedIn is proud to call more than two-third of the planet’s professionals members. Our research shows that, more than any other reason, members come to LinkedIn to engage with content. That means reading, liking, responding, and sharing. So every time you publish content on LinkedIn, you have the potential to play the content marketing equivalent of Carnegie Hall.

To help you crank out hit after hit, and to ensure that you can prove, with data, that the right audience digs your sound, we've created this SlideShare.

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How to Compose an Always-On Marketing Strategy Using LinkedIn

  1. 1. `?V-m4++-o44-m4+-aHow to Compose an ALWAYS-ON Marketing Strategy Using LinkedIn
  2. 2. Build a Marketing Strategy That's Music to Your Audience's Ears Success at always-on marketing is like composing great music. Like in a symphony, you need all of the right notes and musical parts to work in unison, namely: 1 2 3 4 AUDIENCE INSIGHT CREATIVE STRATEGY DISTRIBUTION TACTICS HOLISTIC MEASUREMENT Know your audience Create great content throughout the buying cycle Make your content work as hard as possible Measure carefully and purposefully Here’s how LinkedIn empowers you to master each of these crucial elements...
  3. 3. 1. Audience Insight With 467+ million members, LinkedIn helps drive more potential buyers your way. Gain insight into who is consuming your content with LinkedIn tags that will identify visitors by job title, industry, company and seniority. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da-Identify Your Most Loyal Patrons
  4. 4. 74%of buyers choose the company that was first to add value as they are defining their buying vision Your company should be the experts on a certain topic. Own the conversation by setting its tone, pitch and timbre. You are the conductor of your own story. Determine a topic that’s top of mind for them and begin to build a content franchise around it. LinkedIn helps your company orchestrate thought leadership: 2. Creative Strategy `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da-Creating Content that Resonates Beautifully
  5. 5. Once you've recorded your masterpiece, promote it using LinkedIn Sponsored Content to reach LinkedIn members beyond your Company Page followers and ensure your content fuels your lead generation goals for quarters to come. 3. Distribution Tactics `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da-Play Your Content for Those Who Matter Most to Your Business
  6. 6. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- EXPERT TIP Your brand generates free impressions via its followers on LinkedIn when you share content via long-form posts, status updates, and SlideShare. The professional publishing platform on LinkedIn offers another opportunity to post your company’s original content. Give your content multiple opportunities to perform in places such as your Company Page, Showcase Pages, and employee profiles. Amplify the impact by calling upon a combination of organic and paid media. Sing Praises About Your Expertise Publish and Share Your Content on LinkedIn 3. Distribution Tactics
  7. 7. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- The content you publish is attached to and becomes a part of your LinkedIn profile and positions you as an expert and thought leader. You can create an always-on strategy with your C-level team, subject matter experts and employees by delivering your message with credibility and authenticity. LinkedIn automatically delivers news and updates that your audience wants to see reflected in their feed. Reasons to Publish Long-Form Content on LinkedIn 1 2 3 3. Distribution Tactics
  8. 8. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da-Expand Your Audience with Paid Media Publishing isn’t the only way to get the word out about your brand. Continue to play your content directly for your target audience by leveraging our product suite: LinkedIn Sponsored Content & Direct Sponsored Content   LinkedIn Sponsored InMail LinkedIn Display Ads LinkedIn Text Ads 3. Distribution Tactics
  9. 9. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- Encourage your employees to whistle their own tune by sharing your content and their own subject matter expertise. For this, use LinkedIn Elevate, an employee advocacy tool that encourages your employees to be social and share content across LinkedIn and Twitter. Expert Tip Leverage Employee Advocacy 3. Distribution Tactics
  10. 10. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- Don’t forget to capture leads in exchange for high-value content, using LinkedIn Autofill to streamline the process of filling out your landing page forms. Drive Leads with Content 3. Distribution Tactics
  11. 11. sfgasdfafadsfasdfczxcxzvzxcvzc `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- We have the richest professional data set of any social network. LinkedIn is an indispensable site for the world’s professionals. Take advantage of powerful capabilities that allow you to target just the right people among that audience of professionals and start influencing them to make a purchase. Why it Makes Sense To Choose LinkedIn EXPERT TIP A survey by Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs found that marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective B2B platform for reaching their audiences. 3. Distribution Tactics
  12. 12. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- Once you’ve given your content the stage on LinkedIn, use data from LinkedIn to validate engagement trends, website traffic and lead form conversions. This will help you track changes in perception and measure efficacy among those not engaging with your content. Conduct and Measure Carefully and Purposefully 4. Holistic Measurement
  13. 13. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da-Sing a Tune of "Test, Learn and Optimize" 4. Holistic Measurement Call upon these best practices to craft a testing strategy: Beta test new approaches to measurement using the LinkedIn Insights Tag Run a Sponsored Content Brand Impact Study, which will measure efficacy among non-clickers
  14. 14. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- Collaborate! Share insights around Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Marketing Impacted Pipeline and Marketing Impacted Closed Deals with your organization to help optimize the targeting and content strategy. Record and Share Your Insights 4. Holistic Measurement
  15. 15. Introducing Conversion Tracking for LinkedIn Sponsored Content and Text Ads We’re laser-focused on bringing you a harmonious advertising experience. That’s why we recently launched conversion tracking, a set of capabilities built directly into LinkedIn Campaign Manager that enables you to easily measure these metrics on your LinkedIn campaigns: Content downloads Purchases Leads Sign-ups LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  16. 16. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- With Conversion Tracking You Can: Track website conversions from your LinkedIn programs Understand your LinkedIn advertising ROI, conversion count, cost-per-conversion, conversion rate, and return on ad spend See which audience segments are driving the most conversions Track the Metrics That Matter Most LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  17. 17. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- Track conversions on your website from desktop and mobile; whether members converted after clicking on — or after just viewing — one of your ads. Record Every Conversion, Every Time LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  18. 18. `?V-t44-o44-m4++-a444-o4-EFD.4da- Monitor the specific campaigns, ads, and the nature of the audiences that are driving conversions. Use this information to improve your targeting and creative to maximize your impact. Optimize Your Campaigns to Drive More Harmonious Performance Cost Per Lead Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Qualified Leads Marketing Impacted Pipeline Revenue Per Opportunity LinkedIn Conversion Tracking
  19. 19. Ready to Unveil Your Content Concierto to the 467+ Million Professionals on LinkedIn? Get Started
  20. 20. Today, LinkedIn members number more than 467+ million professionals. That’s more than two-thirds of the 600 million professionals on the planet, representing the largest group anywhere of influential, affluent, and educated people. For more information, visit