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How Millennials Are Building Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn

It’s time to join the Millennial Movement. Are you in?

If you’re one of the 87 million Millennials on LinkedIn but you’re not sure if you’re getting the most out of the platform, this resource can help.

Research shows that Millennials are more tech-savvy, creative, and career-driven than previous generations. With insights backed by LinkedIn data, we have compiled LinkedIn's first guide for Millennials, filled with exclusive insights and best practices meant to support your success in the workplace.

- A Millennial’s influence on LinkedIn
- Top Millennial Occupations on LinkedIn and what Millennials Want in a Job
- What Content Millennials Engage with the Most on LinkedIn
- 5 Ways Millennials are Building Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn
- How Katherine Lisciani, Founder of Millennovation® Media, built her personal brand.

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How Millennials Are Building Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn

  1. 1. THE August 16, 2016, 11am PST / 2pm EST PLAYBOOK How Millennials are Building Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn
  2. 2. THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK Alex Rynne Content Marketing Manager LinkedIn Katherine Lisciani Founder & Marketing Strategy Consultant Millennovation® Media @amrynnie @millennovator #LinkedInMktg
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover A millennial’s influence 1 Millennials taking on the workforce by storm How millennials build their personal brands on LinkedIn Hear from a top millennial marketer: How Katherine built her personal brand Millennial Innovators Podcast Q&A 2 3 4 5 6 #LinkedInMktg
  4. 4. “We are not a generation of suits and ties, but rather creators and entrepreneurs.” PAGE WILLIAMS Senior Manager, Member Marketing & Communications, Social Media, LinkedIn #LinkedInMktg
  5. 5. millennials in the world 2 billion in annual purchasing power $1 trillion searches with the keyword “millennial” 16 million articles written about millennials 43,764 The Influence of Millennials THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  6. 6. Millennials make up 38% of LinkedIn’s global user base. 38% 11 million+ global millennial decision makers— about 12% of total millennials — are on LinkedIn. 12% 30% 2 million+ millennials on LinkedIn hold marketing roles. About 30% of them are decision makers. 677,000 millennial marketing decision makers are on LinkedIn. The Influence of Millennials on LinkedIn As of early 2016, there are 87 million Millennials on LinkedIn globally. THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  7. 7. By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. #LinkedInMktg
  8. 8. SA LESPE RSO N SOFT WARE DEVE LOPE R ADM INIST RATIVE EMPLOYE E MARKETI NG SPE CIA LIS T ST UD ENT / INTE RN PROJE CT MANAGE R CONSULTANT RESEA RCH / GRADU ATE ASSIS TANT BUSI NESS OW NER UN IVE RSIT Y PROFESSO R / LECTUR ER ACC OUN TANT 2,733,905 1,949,755 1,580,712 1,210,169 1,156,593 960,227 931,767 902,125 817,699 810,178 806,177 Occupations of Millennials on LinkedIn THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  9. 9. Advancement Opportunities 67% Better Pay 60% Challenging Work 51% What Millennials Want in a Job THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  10. 10. What Millennials Want in a Job Millennials extensively research companies online When it comes to compensation, they don’t settle. The job hunt is different for millennial men and women. 1 2 3 THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  11. 11. “Becoming known as a thought leader shouldn’t be your goal. It’s just the icing on the cake of creating something truly innovative. When you’re willing to take risks and do things that are unconventional, you’ll find others in your industry looking to mimic you and learn from you, and eventually you may earn the respect that labels you a thought leader.” LAUREN HOCKENSON Content Marketing Associate, Checkr #LinkedInMktg
  12. 12. Optimize your LinkedIn profile. Publish on LinkedIn. Create a LinkedIn SlideShare account. Make meaningful connections Customize your feed by following those who matter most. 1 2 3 54 How Millennials are Building Their Personal Brand on LinkedIn THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  13. 13. Authenticity is key Be consistent. Continuously add value1 2 3 Personal Branding Ground Rules THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  14. 14. Create a distinctive LinkedIn pro le headline. Add a professional profile picture. Make your LinkedIn background photo work for you. Customize your LinkedIn URL, and share it everywhere. Tell your story through your summary and experience. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile #LinkedInMktg
  15. 15. Keep your network fresh and active Strengthen your global connections. Know more about people you’ve met or are about to meet. Make Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  16. 16. “Your personal brand is your responsibility. Never before has there been more of an opportunity to use technology, social media, and common sense to tell your professional story, stand up, and stand out in an increasingly crowded digital space.” MEL CARSON Founder, CEO & Principal Strategy Consultant at Delightful Communications #LinkedInMktg
  17. 17. Publishing on LinkedIn 30% 45% Millennials represent 30% of all long-form publishers on LinkedIn of readers on LinkedIn are in the upper ranks of their industries Write about what you know best—whether that’s your professional expertise or experience, industry trends, or lessons learned. I N S I D E R T I P THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  18. 18. Marketing Social Media Recruiting Employee Engagement Recruiters Self-Esteem European Union Integrated Marketing Venture Capital Marketing Lean Manufacturing What Content Millennials Engage with on LinkedIn #LinkedInMktg
  19. 19. Tap on the control menu in the top right corner of any update in your feed. 1 Then tap on the option that says “Improve your Experience.” 2 You’ll get to choose from personalized recommendations of people, publishers and topics to follow, tailored to you based on your LinkedIn profile. 3 When you see an update from a connection that you don’t need in your feed, tap on the control menu in the top right corner. 4 Then, tap on the option that says “Unfollow [connection name].” 5 Customize Your Feed by Following Who Matters Most THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  20. 20. Customize Your Feed by Following Who Matters Most TOP 10 INFLUENCERS ON LINKEDIN IN 2015 THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  21. 21. monthly visitors 70 million monthly new content pieces 400,000 people visit LinkedIn SlideShare 7 million SlideShares to LinkedIn 20 million of traffic comes from organic search 80% Create a LinkedIn SlideShare account THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK
  24. 24. Why are you building a personal brand? POLL To gain the attention of recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn to receive new or better career opportunitiesA To win more clients for my companyB Grow my professional network and increase opportunitiesC Lay the foundation for future successD I don’t really think about myself, or my career, as “a personal brand”E
  25. 25. What’ s holding you back from growing your personal brand? It’s hard to find the timeA I’m not sure what to sayB I thought I should keep my image “buttoned up’ on LinkedInC I just haven’t figured out the perfect selfie angle yetD POLL
  26. 26. “I built a personal brand to blend in with the crowd”... said no one ever. The purpose of your personal brand is not to blend in. It is to STAND OUT. Identify what unique view of the world you are experiencing RIGHT NOW. Capitalize on it to show others the value your unique perspective can bring to the table. THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  27. 27. WHERE TO START THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg What characteristics, traits, beliefs, or experiences define you? STEP 1: FINDING YOUR UNIQUE VOICE What do you do well? What’s something that you could talk about forever and never get tired of? What sort of values help guide your path and the decisions you make? What are you are extremely passionate about?
  28. 28. WHERE TO START THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg What is the goal of your personal brand? STEP 2: FINDING YOUR WHY • Is it to build a reputation inside of your company? • Find your next job? • Win more clients for your company? • Grow your professional network so that you can open up more professional opportunities? PRO TIP: knowing your why will help lead you to your what and your who
  29. 29. STEP 1: MY UNIQUE VIEW OF THE WORLD • Millennial • Marketing Obsessed • Digital Experimentalist • Scrappy Startup Kid • Strategic Thinker • Avid Problem Solver • Storyteller • Passionate about understanding people, their stories & experiences, and finding out what can be learned from the data in- between STEP 2: MY WHY • To show both my peers and potential employers that age doesn’t necessarily equate to qualification or expertise.
  30. 30. PRO TIP Your LinkedIn Profile is the perfect opportunity to speak directly to your target audience STEP 3: THREAD YOUR BRAND MESSAGE THROUGH YOUR ENTIRE ONLINE IDENTITY
  31. 31. The 4 C’s of Personal Brand Building Seeding Your Network with Unique, Purposeful, and Personal Content CURIOSITY COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTE CONSISTENCY THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg STEP 4:
  32. 32. Start with a Genuine Curiosity and Willingness to Learn. “ ... all of your actions on LinkedIn should be focused on building and solidifying unique connections with those in, or adjacent to, your network.” KATHERINE LISCIANI Founder and Full-stack Marketer, Millennovation® Media Identify your industry “heroes” THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK Jason Miller Global Content Marketing Leader at LinkedIn Robert Rose Chief Strategy Advisor at Content Marketing Institute #LinkedInMktg
  33. 33. Leverage Content to Share Exactly Where You are in Your Journey Right Now THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK #LinkedInMktg
  34. 34. Show your heroes, and the world, that you are authentic, trustworthy, and reliable by continuously contributing to conversation, sharing honestly about your experiences and personal journey, and by demonstrating the determination with which you continue to chase your craft. #LinkedInMktg
  35. 35. Subscribe to the millennial innovators podcast Visit the Millennial Minute blog
  36. 36. Questions? THE MILLENNIAL PLAYBOOK
  37. 37. MARKET TO WHO MATTERS For the first time in the history of media, you can reach the world’s professionals-all in one place. More than 433M people worldwide gather on LinkedIn to stay connected and informed, advance their careers, and work smarter. Together they comprise the largest global community of business professionals. These are the decision-makers, influencers, and the leaders of today and tomorrow-precisely the people you want to target. For more information, visit